Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Perfect Diva Tribute for Christmas

Hiya Blogland!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend!!! Anyone go shopping on Black Friday??? I'm crazy but not THAT crazy. I'm not interested in going to the mall on a good day, much less brave all the crowds!!

I had to stop in Michael's today to pick up a couple of crafty supplies (costuming some kid angels, Herod, Wisemen and assorted village folk). I strolled through the Christmas aisle to see what was interesting. Everything was 50% off and y'all KNOW I NEED more Christmas stuff.

Well I spotted an ornament that had to come home with me. It kind of brought a bit of a tear to my eyes. What could be a more perfect tribute to our beloved Diva this Christmas but a blinged out,
dress-wearing chihuahua ornament. She's even sporting a little glittery hat for Hat Attack this week. It's even captures her expression!!
Always the International Style Icon in black lace, leopard and glitter!!
I want to start sharing some of the Christmas Decor that I've gotten up!! This is the antique pie safe (my great-grandmom's) inside the front door. I thifted the Santa's and the garland.
This is handmade. I paid $1 at a yard sale!!

This was made by Eskimo's at the North Pole. $2 at the Goodwill!!
Here is our front door on the inside. I made the Santa from just stuff I had in my stash.

Close-up of face. The tree is vintage.

We have a niche that our TV sits in . I put the shelf up over it this summer. The garland was thrifted for $1 at the Salvation Army. It's meant to go on a mantle. The little churches were made by a friend as a trade for Santa's I made. This lady taught herself to sculpt with paper mache when she was in her sixties. She made the green trees on the right. The ones on the left were thrifted. The white trees are DIY. The deer on the TV is a DIY remake I did of a thrifted gold metallic paper mache deer.

 I had planned on taking photo's of Lauren's cousin's ultra=modern house but I totally spaced it. It was nice but  rather cold and empty. Definitely I'm not a minimalist type person. I dressed to be warm as the house was rather chilly. I'm wearing all thrifted--GloriaVanderbilt  plaid trousers, DressBarn black cardigan, Unlabeled wool turtleneck, Aerosole maryjanes and vintage dragonfly pin.

I was dressed in sweats on Friday as I was decorating so y'all can just use your imagination. Saturday I took my adopted grandson to a Junk Drawer Robotics class for his 9thbirthday at the library. Judah made a really cool marshmallow catapult. We then ate at Burger King (his choice) I enjoyed spending time with him. I'm wearing a thrifted Venezia sweater, my DIY Stirrup Jeans, DIY scarf and old boots. You can see some of our porch decor in this picture!
Today was a BUSY day. I had to measure some little angels for costumes and organize and start passing out costumes for the church Christmas program. I won a $50 gift card to DressBarn over the summer and finally got around to using it last month. I decided on something festive for the holidays. What can be more FESTIVE than emerald green snake print?? I despaired finding anything I liked until a spotted this sweater. I paired it with my swirly black maxi, thrifted Nine West booties and a vintage rhinestone brooch ruching up the hem of the sweater.

Today is Style Crone's HAT ATTACK #5. I'm wearing this cute boiled wool flapper hat I got at Ross. I have a big head so I have a hard time finding anything. This hat is lightweight but warm. I'm wearing it with my thrifted Lord&Taylor red car coat and a vintage deer pin. The blur is Miss Gracie. We couldn't get her to stay still!! She kept kissing me and wiggling.
I'm linking up with the lacy Patti for Visible Monday #118!! Come by and see the best style and fashion on the internet!!

Everyone have a fabulous beginning of the week!! I'll be decorating like a crazy woman!! Be back later this week!!



Patti said...

Oh the ornament is so Diva! I understand getting choked up when you saw it. Your house is looking very gooood, wish I could see it in person to really appreciate all the work you've done. Love your hat and that last pic of you and wiggly Gracie. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You are looking good, Tamera!! Love those first two looks on you! The cute!

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

You are a decorating Ninja! I'm going to have to take a nap now because just thinking about all you've done is making me exhausted.
I adore the diva ornament and that gorgeous green sweater is very you! ;-)


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You MADE that fab Santa on your door?? It's amazing!! And I love the little papier mache village on the tv shelf, I've got a "thing" for mini houses and buildings. The Diva ornament was waiting for you to dive on it and bring it home. You have such amazing Christmas decorations and I adore the Santa you found for a buck! Big hugs lovely, if anyone's gonna inject me with Christmas spirit, I would have to be you :) xoxoxo

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

You made that Santa??? Whaaaat? Crafty genius.

Also I love how the cotton baton makes it look like there is a fog with the trees and churches. Very magical.

That ornament is perfect. Really just made for you.

Your house is looking incredible. What fun..and what work!


Aya in Couturgatory said...

You have more decorations than I even knew existed for this holiday! Fantastic job finding so many of your treasures at thrift stores.

Normally my eyes glaze over at Christmas decorations, but I really like so many of your pieces. :D

Vix said...

That Diva doll is amazing, it's the image of the little darling!
Love your photo in your hat with canine accessory.
I've never seen so much Xmas stuff, I'm rendered dumb! x

Anonymous said...

Love the ornament! Great to save the gift card and use it for a holiday top!

The Style Crone said...

Your Diva ornament will sing amidst your holiday decor this December. Looks like you have a great start on your decorating!

As usual, your outfits are perfection! The boiled wool hat was a great find Tamera, and thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Tamera!

Love you so much, you are so real and warm!
You make me laugh with all your X-Mas decorations - I'm not a X-Mas Deco girl - We put up a big tree for the grandkids -
Love your maxi skirt Tamera with the snake top - Fabulous Darling!



pastcaring said...

Oh you really did have to buy that ornament, it's definitely the Diva!
HOW many Santas, Tamera?! You are Christmas crazy! And you look adorably warm and snuggly in your cosy sweaters and boots, and that fab hat.
Aahh, Gracie kisses - she loves her Mama! xxxx

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Hello, Pretty! You look GREAT. GREAT, do you hear me?!!! Love you in cable knit and filmy scarf, especially!
Diva ornament ... awwwwwwwww. That defines bittersweet.
Our Lizzy (white Chihuahua) donated the use of her bedroom-carrier-personal cave to Lucy, the kitteh who went to the Vet/Kitteh GYN for the you-know-what proceedure yesterday. When Lucy had to stay over night, poor Lizzy couldn't find her bed ... it was GONE! She cried and whined and had to sleep on the bed with us. So sad. Not my best logistical move, that.
Gotta get an extra carrier.
Enjoy preparing for your favorite holiday!

Megan Gann said...

Wooo! You look totally Christmas ready! I guess the benefit of dogs versus cats is at least they won't climb all over your decorations and eat/knock them over.

Silly Gracie!

Helga! said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH, you made my eyes water talking about the Diva!!!! O, yes, a pimped up ornament is a great tribute to the little darling!!!
Crikey, darling, Chrissy doesn;t stand a chance with you! You are so jolly and gorgeous! XXXXXXXXXXX

seƱora Allnut said...

oh yes, the little ornament is absolutely Diva!, so cute detail!
and your decoration is really great, I'm enjoying all that xmas spirit around you!, even though I'm quite minimalist and I still don't decorate our one and only tree!
And your green top is really elegant and festive, love your brooch and your smile is the best accessory!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

You are seriously an artist, Tamera. Your DIY stuff is really extraordinary. The little village on the shelf is so beautiful; I have a weakness for tiny houses and villages. Although if I put such things out I'm pretty sure Sasha Jane would eat them...

Wow, on the clothes and accessories. You really just keep getting more fabulous all the time, and is it okay to say, bolder and more outgoing, and yes, even sexier, with your style? It's like you are celebrating the beautiful woman you are, and it's wonderful to see and share.