Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meet Baby Peanut!!!!!

Hiya Blogland!! I'm working with my sweet new Galaxy Note 0.1 tablet!!! I'm not able to upload my camera photos yet as I'm waiting for a back ordered cord!! I'm still learning how to maneuver around the tablet--I love it but I get happy fingers! I got a bluetooth keyboard which will help me with commenting and such.

Our daughter Julie finished grad school this month and received her MBA from the University of Maryland University College.  I think she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She has worked hard these last few years in school and I'm proud that she's such  smart and motivated young lady.

Our grandpuppy Noelle
But the big news is that these young people:
Julie and hubby Sean

Will be giving us a very special gift this October 5th!

Baby Peanut 3/21/2014 at 11 weeks  days

I would like to introduce everyone to Baby Peanut!! Baby Peanut is our FIRST GRANDCHILD!!!!! Mimi (me) and Pap-Pap (Lauren) are over the moon, as is everyone else in the family. The first grand and great-grand child will be entering a large circle of love. She will find out May 12th whether is Mister Peanut or Princess Peanut.

This was a HUGE SURPRISE!!! Sean and Julie invited us out to dinner for my birthday on Februay 23rd and we invited my mom along. Julie handed me a wrapped package and when I opened it there was a picture frame saying "sweet baby" on it and the message in pink & blue: Expected Due Date October 2014. I let out a shriek!!! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!!!!  I was so happy my mom could be there to hear about the news of her first great-grandchild.

I plan on being the coolest and hippest grandmother around! Once we know if it's a boy or girl I can gear up making stuff for the nursery. I'm already working on an afghan!

Julie and my niece Jackie in 1990
It's hard to believe that these little girls are both expecting babies today. Jackie is expecting baby #3 in August. It seems like yesterday they were plying with baby dolls!!

I'm linking up with everyone at Visible Monday as I'm gonna be one Visible Grandmother!!!

I hope to have the camera stuff figured out so I can share some outfits later this week!!



Saturday, March 15, 2014

The best laid plans can go awry.

Hiya Blogland!!! I'm here in the Craft Palace with the window open enjoying the wonderful Spring breezes. Before we get ANOTHER FREAKING SNOWSTORM tomorrow night. EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

I had it all planned to post on Wednesday but our modem/router had other plans. We had been having trouble keeping a stable internet connection for a couple of weeks and it just pfftted out on Tuesday. After many phone calls and much hair-pulling it was determined that the router/modem was bad. Hubster connected the new system up last nite so we are now good to go.

In time for me to take another min-blogging break after just returning!! But this is for a good reason-we decided to use some of the tax return to replace my laptop and Kindle with a super sweet Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet!! Since my back injury I have limited time I can sit at the desk using the laptop. The Kindle can surf the web (from the recliner or bed) but can't really do much else.  The new tablet will allow me to do all kinda cool stuff!!! It's supposed to arrive early next week. My laptop and Kindle will be finding a new home with friends. This is my last posting from the laptop but I'll be back next Sunday for Visible Monday with some SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!!

Since the injury my style choices have had to adapt to the new reality of not being in an office environment. I basically am homebound except for PT, doctor's appointments and church with an occasional meal outting with the hubster. I've had to get some athletic pants and casual t's to wear-especially for PT. A pencil skirt and blouse just doesn't work-LOL!!! I've had to re-evaluate my Spring/Summer wardrobe in light of this. I'm just going to leave stuff that won't work packed up.

I'm not really able to do much thrifting (and boy how I MISS it) so I've been ordering some stuff online to fill in the gaps. Thankfully I had thrifted some stuff at the end of the season last Fall for this year!

Here's my oh-so-inspiring outfits for a week full of PT and Doctor Appointments!
 Since I needed casual pants to wear with flats I ordered a pair of "skinny" jeans from Walmart to try out. They are Faded Glory brand and I was very surprised on how well they fit.  The shoes are my thrifted LizClaiborne pink loafer. The sweater is Sonoma from Kohls/gift. I got the scarf at ACMoore Craft store. They have a nice selection and they regularly go on sale for 2/$5. i loved the colors and the springy dogwood print. I've been wearing a lot of scarves like this lately. As you can see i got photo-bombed by cuteness!!

 I'm wearing a pair of jeans that I made into boyfriend skinnies. I had been wearing them tucked into taller boots all winter. The boots are my trusty thrifted Nine West ankle booties. The cardigan is Fashionbug/thrifted. The tshirt had no label but was thrifted last year. I have no idea why the picture quality is so blotchy but I will attribute it to my stellar photo editing skillz!!

 This is my "land" PT (in the rehab gym) uniform. Y'all ain't seeing the pool PT ensemble!! I'm wearing a thrifted green cardigan with grey Walmart athletic pants and a Walmart long sleeve glitter print tshirt I got for $5. Girl's gotta have some bling!! The shoes are some black slip-on sneakers I've had.

 There's my Walmart jeans again with a thrifted raspberry cardigan, grey graphic tshirt from Kohl's, scarf from Kmart and old ThomMcCan pewter moccasins.

 Oh look it's the pants again!! Actually this picture and the one above were taken the same day. I went to get a much needed hair-cut (hadn't been able to get one since November) before therapy so they could work out any pain issues sitting in the salon caused. Hubby was taking me for our weekly "get Tamera out in the human race" meal excursion.  It's good to be out but it involves some pain meds before and a heating pad afterwards and laying down!! I thifted the top last fall. It's a cotton knit and probably originally from the late 80's/early 90's. The style and color are right on trend now--proves what goes around comes around again!! The scarf is from ACMoore.

Here's a close-up of the shirt--it's a textured kind of print.  I had several compliments on it while out--even a teenage girl commented how cute it was.

And now for gratuitous cute doggy pix. They have been my constant companions the last few months- one on each side as we sit in the recliner!!

Little miss bossy-pants!!!
Sweet MrBill looking nervous. He REALLY is a happy dog despite his woeful expression!!
I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!!! I'll be back next Sunday blogging from the new tablet!!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Popping up outta my rabbit hole.

Queen Misty 1997-2014
Hiya Blogland!!! I've finally returned to the land of the living or something such. I just fell down a rabbit hole in the last few weeks. Between the never-ending cold and snow, my back issues, a nasty flare-up of the Fibromyalgia,  and the crapfest of dealing with the Workman's Comp folk I just lost my mojo to blog.

To be quite honest I have been in a nice blue funk. I finally started some physical therapy last month which helped the Fibromyalgia pain some although did nothing back-wise. I finally got an MRI and it shows that I have a slipped/bulging/herniated disc that is causing the sciatica in my left leg. I see a neurosurgeon this week to discuss my options for treatment.

Being housebound and somewhat immobile has made me slowly lose my mind I think. I only get out for doctor's appointments, PT and church. To say I have cabin fever is an understatement!! I have been getting lots of wonderful doggie loving. They are glued on my lap!

I've been slogging along with the dollhouse. I can only work maybe 1/2 hour at a time so it's been a slow-go. I hope to have the grand reveal around April 1st.

At the top I placed a picture of our Queen Misty. She was 17 years old on January 8th. She had been failing (kidneys, etc.) for some time and we had to help her over the rainbow bridge last month. She was undisputedly the QUEEN in this house. she also had a "thing" for fresh produce from the grocery store.

Anyhow, getting back into the swing of things!!! I have a few not-so-exciting outfits to post. I need to take a picture of my PT outfit as it's the one I'm in the most!

Going to the doctors--all is thrifted

Dollar Store Rainbow socks!!

Church today-Thrifted skirt, LaneBryant sweater, old boots
Church-Walmart skirt, thrifted cardigan, thrifted booties, kmart sweater

Thrifted booties and jeans, DIY top from pjs.
DIY dress and vintage beads.

thrifted cardigan andskirt, gifted top

Thrifted dress and cardigan, old boots.
Yeah, I'm not setting the style world on fire but any day that I'm not in yoga pants and an oversize fleece is a win!!

I'm linking up with the fabulous Patti for Visible Monday and Seeker at Tres Chic Style Bits!!!!

Everyone have a wonderful day and I'll be back on Wednesday with new cute doggie pictures!!