Thursday, October 31, 2013

Houndstooth and Halloween

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone doing??? I'm laying low for Halloween. It's dreary and rainy outside.

I wanted to get a photo of Gracie in her candy corn dress. She isn't the camera-hog the Diva was. She's always bopping around and moving and just busy. I have several shots like this:
This was a frequent view of the Diva when she disapproved of something. Talk to the BUTT!!!

FINALLY I got an adorable shot of her!!
So must cuteness!!
Here's a selection of vintage Halloween cards. Most are from the late 1890's through the early 40's. I love the exquisite artwork.
I adore the pumpkin car in the middle!
Dig the gal on the left's owl hat!
Oh look the terrifying Halloween parrot!!
The one on the left is some weird Halloween/Thanksgiving mash-up.
I'm going to have nightmares about pumpkin gal in the middle!
These are weird. Evil Halloween CABBAGES and Satan making a menu whilst being mocked by fruit.

I was inspired by Gracey of Fashion for Giants Harlequin & Houndstooth outfit this week so I pulled out my houndstooth.
Gracey looking fabulous!
Wednesday I wore a thrifted St.JohnsBay turtleneck sweater, thrifted Aerosole maryjanes, vintage scarf, and a ponte houndstooth skirt from Walmart. I was buying some kale, bananas and almond milk and spotted it. It was love at first sight--although I wasn't sure I could fit in that size. I could and home it came with me!! I haven't been in Misses sizes in YEARS!!!

Keeping with the houndstooth theme I'm wearing a thrifted ponte skirt, thrifted belt, thrifted NineWest flats, Target tights, DIY necklace and bracelet, thrifted hat and LaneBryant top. I had a gift certificate for months and finally found something I wanted to use it on. This was another love at first sight. I just loved the bold graphicness of the houndstooth.

 Here's a close-up of the hat. You can see my new purple glasses! I'm linking up with the always elegant Judith of Style Crone  for Hat Attack!!!
I'm awfully chipper looking for 5:30am!!!
I was looking through some old pictures from last year at this time. WOW--what a change!! The hair color, the size, the style. Last year at this time I only wore maxi skirts or long pants and wore baggy clothes still. now it's short(well, knee-length) and more form fitting tops. Here's what I wore around Halloween 2012:

I'm glad I have a 3 day weekend. I need to get the thanksgiving decor up outside and start organizing the Christmas hoard of decorations. I plan on being a homebody this weekend except for church!! Everyone have a fabulous weekend and I'll be back on Sunday!!


This is just ADORABLE!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Pin-up Gals

Hiya Blogland!! Today I will be sharing  some vintage Halloween Pin-up gals. I just love how classy these are! The artwork is just gorgeous.
Some pretty glamorous witches!!!
The center one in her undies reminds me of Desiree!
Gorgeous artwork!!
More gorgeous artwork!! I adore the center picture!
Starlets from the 30's
more starlets from the 30's and 40's
From the early 30's--and the center is from around 1920.
World's FAKEST cats!!!
40's era starlets
And now to the outfit portion of our program. I was off Monday so there isn't anything fit to show as I was schlepping around the house cleaning up after an over-flowing toilet. Fun!

Tuesday's outfit features my new to me Christopher Banks Cardigan ($3) and CJBanks denim skirt ($3) with my thrifted cowboy boots. I love the drapeyness of the cardigan. I'm with Sheila--I don't care if the cool kids aren't wearing this style of cardigan anymore--I like it and I'm gonna wear it!! The bracelets are DIY. The tshirt is from Kohl's with a gift card. Anyone notice my shirt IS TUCKED IN??? Oh yes--I'm starting to tuck them in when I wear a third layer. Haven't done that in YEARS!!!

Well--I'm off for my date with my TV boyfriend Mark Harmon. Everyone have a fab evening and I'll be back on Thursday with some vintage Halloween cards!!

BTW MrBill appreciates all the sweet comments about him. He still thinks the sweater is lame but warm. 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Handsome Sweater Boy Bill

Hiya Blogland !!! I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!! I've spent mine puttering around the house and relaxing. Last week I was off the grid due at Installation Public Works Academy in training for work. It was intense but very interesting. I've been kept with y'all on my tablet even though I wasn't commenting (just too much of a pain on the tablet) I'll be glad to get back to my regular routine this week.

As you can see by the picture above MrBill has taken to wearing his sweater. He was shivering so much I put it on him yesterday. He hasn't tried to take it off and he's been walking around in it. I keep telling him what a handsome boy he is!!! I need to find him a couple of more for this winter!! Here's a picture of Gracie and MrBill in the Craft Palace. Gracie is chomping on a chewy.

Some students in the class dressed SUPER casual this week. I decided to pretty much dress as I always do because there were some fairly influential and important folks higher up the foodchain in the class and it didn't hurt to give a professional impression. Plus I felt better knowing I was dressed nicely.

Thursday I pulled out a thrifted SagHarbor mint sweater, It had a little bow on the collar that I removed and replaced with a vintage brooch. The skirt is LaneBryant and thrifted. The zebra belt I found on Amazon super cheap. The boots are thrifted NineWest that I dyed black from scuffed dark brown. I got a ton of compliments on this outfit from classmates.

Friday was only a half-day for class so I decided to wear jeans. The jeans are ones I thrifted and made into stirrup pants. The boots are from Kmart last year (gift from hubster) The tunic is Avenue and thrifted. I pinned on a bunch of art-themed brooches. The bracelets are DIY, thrifted and from Krista.

Sunday's outfit wasn't anything like I planned. I had planned to wear a cobalt sweater with this. I had thrifted it (Rafaela) over the summer. Now it's TOO BIG!! I didn't want to totally undress so I swapped out a thrifted DressBarn sweater. The skirt is LaneBryant/thrifted and it's going in the donation bag. It does this weird twisting and bunching around the waist and it drove me crazy. Hasta la Vista skirt!! The scarf came from $5 below. The bracelet was thrifted some time ago.

I came home from church and went through the sweater hoard. Nothing I wore last year fits--I have a huge pile for the Goodwill. I was sad to say goodbye to my ivory fisherman's pullover and the plaid Pendleton cardigan. But oh well it means I need to thrift some more sweaters!!  Cold weather is knocking on the door!

I'm glad to get back in the swing of things again this week. Be back on Tuesday with some weird Halloween cards!!

Linking up with Anne for Spy Girl: Paint It Black this week!!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back in the classroom.

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone doing?? I'm spending the week at work in a class on Installation Public Works. My head is SWIMMING with all of this information!! This shall be bit of a quick post as I have homework yet to do. I've been trying to keep up with every one's blogs this week even if I'm not commenting (I'm checking y'all out on my phone during breaks in class-lol)

The classroom is COLD so I dressed for warmth on Monday. The cardigan is the new one I thrifted last week for $3. I exchanged it for another teal cardigan I had as this is more interesting with the ruffles. The skirt is my thrifted grey knit maxi and the top is StJohn'sBay and thrifted.  I'm wearing a pair of black boots I've worn many times before.

Here's is a closer look of my brooches. I thrifted these at the mission for fifty cents. A couple small blue rhinestones were missing on the mama turtle. I just used a bit of blue glitter glue to match to fill the spots in.

Tuesday I wore a new to me pair of LaneBryant trousers I thrifted last week for $2. The blouse is Foxcroft/thrifted and the cardigan is LaneBryant/thrifted. I'm wearing my thrifted Clarks maryjanes I dyed black. The necklace was gotten for $1.99 on the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory. It was broken and took all of 2 minutes to fix.

Wednesday is SpyGirl's 52 Pick-Me-Up Challenge. This week was Feline Frenzy-we had to wear an animal print. I thrifted this silver leopard Cathy Daniels sweater a couple weeks ago. I paired it with a thrifted SagHarbor tweedy skirt. I decided to add a jolt of color with orchid tights,earrings and bangle. The shoes are Michael Shannon/thrifted. The blur of Gracie is sporting a purple and grey plaid sweater

I will be glad when this week is over. I'm not used to sitting for such long periods of time. Hopefully I'll get caught up with the rest of the world this weekend!!!

Off to do my homework!!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Catching it all up....

The view of the battlefield on our walk today

Hiya Blogland!!! I'm catching up from a busy and crazy and emotional week. I'm definitely looking forward to a more peaceful future!! This week I'm stuck in classes all week on Public works. I'll have homework each nite so I may not be able to comment or visit everyone as much. I'm totally NOT looking forward to this--the pre-class stuff I had to review was deadly boring to put it mildly.

I was off for Columbus Day on Monday so Andrea and I decided to go thrift shopping. We had a load of fun--she got some FABULOUS bargains (I found a teal cardigan I'm wearing later this week). I intended to take pictures but we got so engrossed in what we were doing I totally forgot to.

Except I didn't miss photographing this lovely sweater. It's a shame it wasn't either of our size or we'd have been brawling on the floor over it.

 Bunnies, duckies, kitties, a peter pan collar.  So much fabulousness... NOT!!! Seriously--this is the ugliest sweater I have ever seen. Pure hideousness in pilled up, stretched out knit!!

We ran into this lovely lady in Ross. Her name is Tatiana and she is rocking the pirate look!!

I dressed for comfort and ease for trying on stuff. The sweater and boots are old, the pants are WhiteStag charcoal mini-wale corduroy that I got for $2 and put stirrups on. The t-shirt was $3--and is really a Cacique pajama top. I loved the black & white FABULOUS written down the front.

Tuesday I pulled out a dress to wear. This one will be returning to the Goodwill--it's too big and I can't alter it anymore.  The cardigan is thrifted. The necklace was from our rainbow gal Krista.

Wednesday I went all school-girl. Everything but the tights are thrifted. The plaid blouse is Chaps, the cardigan LandsEnd, skirt LaneBryant and the shoes are Aerosole. The total cost was only $12!!!

Thursday I dressed comfortable as I was leaving work early to travel to visit our daughter. Her foot surgery went really well!!! I stopped at a Michael's craft store on the way home to go to the bathroom and pick up some glitter. I was PICK-POCKETED and had my wallet stolen from my purse!! UGH!! Only had $4 and the credit card (which got cancelled immediately) plus driver's license. I was able to give the police a description of the person who distracted me with a bunch of questions. They are going to run the videotape this week to see if it caught her.

 My boots are old, the pants are LaneBryant/thrifted. The top is from LaneBryant and is another pajama top that I'm wearing as regular clothes.

On Friday I decorated the hall where Curtis's funeral repast would be held (I was doing hostess duties). Often, in America, people get together for a meal after a funeral. Friends and others donate pot-luck dishes for this.

Everything is thrifted but the shoes--which I got at Kmart several years ago.

Curtis's funeral was amazing. Approximately 500 people attended the service (only about 75 were at the meal) It was a true testimony to the mark he made in this world.

Another thrifted outfit. I wore black and gold in honor of Curt's favorite football team-the Steelers.  The heels came off when I was hostessing the meal. The jacket is getting it's last wear. I love it but it's too big now and I can't alter it to fit.

I decided to wear something FUN today. I pulled out my Laugh-In dress i made. Everyone always comments how much they love it. It just makes you SMILE!!
The booties beads and bangles are all thrifted.

I'm linking up with all the fabulous stylish chicks over at Visible Monday. Come by and check out the best fashion and style around!!

I'm off to try to catch up with everyone's blogs!!!



Some MrBill cuteness!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love while you can....

Hello Blogland.  My heart is heavy this morning. Sweet Curtis passed from this world into eternity at 5 am this morning. I'd like to share what his dear wife Ronette said:

At 5am Curtis went on to be with The Lord! Last night I was singing to him and he opened his eyes, then shut them for the final time! He died the perfect death! He experienced your love before he passed and he celebrated the holidays with family and friends! Thank you all for making his life so full and memorable! Please do not say that he lost his battle to cancer because cancer lost its battle t...o Curtis... Cancer cannot get the credit for the miracles that took place over the last few months. Families have been restored, souls have been saved and marriages healed.... Those are results of someone who won.... I love you all! I will be off my phone for awhile and not available for visits quite yet! Information on the services will be forthcoming!
He left this world hearing the voice of his earthly angel Ronette and woke to hearing choirs of angels in heaven. No more pain, no more suffering.
He leaves a legacy of love behind him. Anyone who knew Curtis LOVED Curtis. He always had a ready smile and a word of encouragement. The world, and my life, are truly a better for him being in it. He will be missed greatly by all who knew and loved him.

I'm going to be taking a bit of a blogging break until next week. My daughter's foot surgery went well yesterday and I'll be spending some time with her this week.

Take a moment and call someone and tell them you love them... while you can.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rain Rain go away!!

Hiya Blogland!! Greetings from soggy grey dreary Maryland!! WOW!! We've had 7 inches of rain since Wednesday and it's still raining!! MrBill and Gracie have been some unhappy campers!!

I wanted to share an easy DIY. I've wanted some skinny leg jeans to wear with boots. BUT...I hated the way any skinny jeans I tried on fit--and "jeggings" were a no go.  I found a pair of jeans at the Goodwill that fit well. They had flared legs but the side seams were "regular' and didn't have the top-stitching. I took the jeans legs in and hemmed them to my ankle. I then added a piece of 1 1/2" wide elastic at the bottom to make "stirrups". They worked PERFECTLY-my jeans stayed in my boots without bunching up.

The boots are from Kmart last year. The sweater is from Kohl's-gotten with a gift card. I've had the owl necklace and bangles for a bit. I think I may take the top in a bit--it's supposed to be loose and slouchy but this might be too loose.

Friday I pulled out some boots as I was wading through puddles all day!  The green sweater is Chico's/thrifted, the top Talbots/thrifted, the skirt is SagHarbor/thrifted. The boots are Aerosole from kohl's gotten at a 90% discount/sale.

Saturday I was running errands in the RAIN (ugh) Had to pick up my new specs! Wearing my DIY jeans, Aerosole boots, vintage purse and a thrifted sweater. My hubby thought it had tire treads on it!!!

Sunday I sported some serious pattern-matching!! I got a ton of compliments on this outfit. Everything is thrifted except the tights (Target)I'm wearing the new specs!

Here's a close-up of the prints. The skirt has a thread of teal in it.

And here's a closer look at the new specs. The are a translucent purple with black ear pieces. They are FUN and unexpected. If I gotta have them perched on my face I might as well make a statement!!

Tomorrow I'm off for Columbus Day. Andrea and I are having a Girl's Day Out. I'm taking her to Frederick (where I work) to check out the 4 Goodwill's.

Everyone have a fabulous rest of the weekend and I'll be back later this week!!