Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Radio Silence

Hiya Blogland!!! I am still among the living! I'm going to be taking a brief blogging break until March 1st. I'm just slogging through the winter blues and have nothing to say.

I've been having some computer problems with the craptop and it's nigh impossible to post, or for that matter comment , from my Kindle. I'm jacking the hubby's laptop for a bit tonite while he's not using it.

We had about 28-30 inches of snow last week. Like it snowed EVERY OTHER FREAKING DAY!!!!
I am so over winter.  All of this snow has poor MrBill completely confused.

I'm hanging in here. I had an MRI yesterday and started PT today (FINALLY) I go to PT three times a week-two days in the therapy pool and one in the rehab gym. I am completely wiped out from the pool session today.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love is a Sausage

Yes, yes it is a sausage!!

Hiya Blogland!!! I hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend!!! It's SNOWING here again-LOL!!! I truly am OVER winter now.

Today I'll be sharing Valentine's cards featuring that oh-so-romantic symbols of everlasting love-the Sausage, the Hotdog and butcher's cleavers/meat. I'm not even going to try to fathom the card-artists mind process when designing these cards. Because my mind just doesn't go Valentines=Meat. So let's all enjoy a nice weiner and peruse these tokens of affection!!
Meat--the international symbol of LOVE

The words are pun-tastically awful!
A big knife and a dead chicken put me in the mood! The butcher is scary!
What is it with hotdogs for Valentine's Day?? My kisses are like hotdogs?? EEEEWWWW
MORE sausages of Love!
OOOOO--there's that big sex-ay knife again!!
Am I wrong to suspect that the hotdog in all these cards symbolizes something else???
Yup--nothing wink-wink about this....
Eating baby calves=eternal love.
That butcher is creepy--like he has human body parts hanging in his meat locker.
And yet another oh-so-innocent HOTDOG!!

Meat and and knives again.....

Love is a big plate of Sausages!!!!

Now that I've traumatized you-time for an outfit post!!! My big outing this week (was really housebound due to ice storm) was for the funeral of a dear friend yesterday. The car trip and sitting really did a number on the back even with happy pills. It was a terrible occasion to see many friends we hadn't seen in quite a time since we moved to Western Maryland. We've all decided to get together this summer.

Anyhow--my outfit consists of a thrifted SagHarbor sweater, thrifted glenplaid skirt and old boots. The necklace is DIY from the craft store. I admit there is nothing exciting going on here but it's not yoga pants and a fleece so I'm styling!!!

The skirt is going to go in the donate pile--it's a bit too big and spins around cockamamie when I wear it. i don't LOVE it so away it goes. I'm now thinking about SPRING and what I need.  I am going to need tops. Everything I had last year is WAY too big. Skirts I can take in (my summer skirts are all elastic waist maxi skirts) but the tops are just too big to alter. If I can only get out to the thrifts!!
 On the dollhouse front-it's been slow-going. I now need to shingle the roof. After that it's fill in holes, sanding and then it's time to paint. WHEW!!!! This takes a lot of time but it is fun!!

I've been nominated for a  "Shine On" award by the lovely Seeker at Searching the Inner Me. I'll be blogging about it later this week!! Along with some more Valentines!

I'm linking up with the fab Patti and the lovely ladies of Visible Monday and for Tres Chic Style Bits #14. Stop by and check out these lovely ladies! FAR better than the drivel at New York Fashion Week!!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Freaks of Love: Beastmaster Edition

Hiya Blogland!!! Wow have we had a craptastic week of weather here in Western Maryland!!!1 Snow on Monday and an ice storm on Wednesday and more coming over the weekend!!! COME ON SPRING!!!

It's that time of year when our thought turn to LOVE!!! I'll be sharing some of the whackiest vintage Valentine's cards out there. Evidently folks looked out symbols of love in a wholly different way than we do today. Today we will be featuring cards with critters on them, and I'm not talking cute bunnies, kitties, or puppies that you might think.

No--I'm talking about those ambassadors of amour--FISH.

This lovely creature is HUNGRY for a Valentine........
Herrings just ooze romance don't they??

Tuna just makes the heart go pitt-pat!!

We have here some kitty cats--but these aren't the cute fluffy type!
The Cannibal Cat

Those EYES freak me out!!

Mangy Alley Cat love!!!

And yet another wild cat wanting to feast on you!!

This cat looks like he's about to have the explosive diarrhea of love!
Here's some random animals:

The demon lamb of love!
What is this with biting or eating someone??
Beavers and love...snerk

Love piggy--at least it's not in sausage form....
Postal Squirrels
Love Ox
This fox looks shady!
Aside from it's a SKUNK there is SO much wrong with this!
I could make a joke but I'll let y'all make your own!!
I kinda like this one--so appropriate for the jerks in your life!!
I hope you enjoy these!! I have no outfits to share as I've been trapped in the house with the weather and such. I'll be back Sunday with some more of these heart-warming tokens of love.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

I think there's some kind of game tonite.....

This picture reminds me of Desiree!!

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone doing?? We are supposed to get more snow tonite into tomorrow. EEEKKK!!! We still have snow on the ground from last week!!  I'm sure y'all know tonite is the Super Bowl. I really don't care who wins--I'll watch the halftime show (Bruno Mars-LOVE) but am totally uninterested in the rest.  We are having a bunch of friends over. The guys will watch it whilst Andrea and I ( the only ladies) hang out in the Craft Palace and make a creative mess. I'm sure there will be glitter involved!!

I'm glad everyone enjoyed seeing the photo's of the Thirties movie stars. Such glamour and the clothes were so gorgeous. Today I will be sharing old advertisements and photo's of regular ladies from the Thirties!!

How stunning is the drapery at the back and along the hem?? I love the jacket!
The seaming at the waist and the sleeve detail is amazing!
I would wear any one of these.
I want the one with the dotty jacket!
The dresses had so much detail and trimming to make them interesting.
Look at the prices!!!  So elegant!
These fur coats are gorgeous!
Ladies out on the town.

I found these interesting charts that show the development year by year of Thirties styles.  I'm going to print them up and frame them--love their graphics.  Giving a shout out to Anne of Spy-Girl- I thought of your sketches when I saw these!!

I got out of the house once this week so -TAH-DAH- an outfit to share!!! We went to a friends house for Homegroup Friday nite. I had to take a pain pill to manage it but it was nice to be out among the human race.  I'm wearing a thrifted Avenue sweater dress, Aerosole boots, and WARM leggings. Gracie is rocking a purple paid sweater and natural chihuahua cuteness!!

Here I am in my hat for Style Crone's Hat Attack #7. I thrifted the polar fleece hat and added a DIY crocheted flower. I think it looks rather 1930's!! The pin was found at the craft store on the clearance rack.

Well I'm off to prepare for company. Ther hubster is doing all the cooking--I'm supervisory staff today!! LOLOL Everyone have a fantastic rest of the weekend and I'll be back later this week!!! It's about time to share WEIRD VALENTINES!!!

Isn't this gown so romantic??