Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter to All!!

My holiday tree dressed for Easter/Spring
Hiya Blogland!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!! A happy Easter to all who celebrate, too!!

Our daughter will be coming over for Easter dinner along with the hubster's parents. I'm anxious to see her little baby bump!!! She says she can feel the baby moving a bit.  There will be baby bump pictures later this week....LOLOLOL

I totally spaced taking pix of my holiday tree dressed for Valentine's and St. Paddy's days. I got the tree on clearance after Christmas and stuck it in a spray painted thrifted planter. I plan on adding some white mini-lights when I change it out for the patriotic season (Memorial day thru July 4th) The ornaments are from the Dollar Store and Christmas Tree Shoppe.

For my not-so-exciting life I wore this to go to the Motor Vehicles office to get a new handicap tag.  The sweater is Coldwater Creek/thrifted (I have worn this thing a lot this winter!!, Tshirt is Walmart, Jeans are Faded Glory/Walmart, Shoes-TomMcCann/Kmart (old). Walmart has these tshirts by Hanes every year. I got these online for $5 each. They have a nice design and some glitter to spice them up.

This is what I wore to church today. I stopped in a consignment store near the physical therapy place I'd never been in. It was really nice--adult clothes only and reasonably priced. This dress still had it's $78 tags on it and was priced at $10.99.  It's an airy chiffon fabric in my fav colors!! The shoes are my thrifted 9west  flats that seems to have become my "church" shoes.

I'm off to stick some funeral potatoes in the oven for dinner. I'm linking up with the ever-fab Patti and the gang for Visible Monday.

Everyone have a marvelous week!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Put A Bird On It!!!

The Diva enjoying some sunshine
Hiya Blogland!!  I'm still having connection issues with the camera and new tablet. The port thingy they just sent STILL doesn't work.  We are heading out this weekend to Best Buy to talk with a Samsung guy and get the right one. sometimes mail order isn't the best way!! Hubby has been using his laptop for final projects in school so I have to catch a moment when I can!
Last picture of the Diva and me taken April 12, 2013.
This week marked the one year anniversary of our beloved Diva's passing. Not a day goes by we don't miss her bossy, prissy sweet little self.  Gracie is a love bug and we adore her. Yet no one had so much personality and diva-tude rolled up in a blonde 8 lb chihuahua body.

Lame is so flattering to a Diva!!
Here's the links to the posts about her last year during this time:
Her Heart is Broken
The Diva Speaks

The Original International Style Icon
I'm going to apologize in advance for the large uncropped photos. The hubster needs to upgrade his Flashplayer so I can use Picmonkey!! This is what I wore to PT/Docs and a dinner out with hubby.

Thrifted bling, Top-Apt/Kohls, Jeans-Faded Glory/Walmart,Shoes-Merona/Target, Cuteness-Gracie Bomb!!
Necklace-DIY, Top-Walmart, Jeans-thrifted/DIY, Shoes-Skechers
Sweater-Kohls/clearance, Jeans-thrifted DIY, Scarf-thrifted, Shoes-Merona/Target
Top-Jaclyn Smith/Kmart, Skirt-Dressbarn/thrifted. Shoes-9West/thrifted

This is how I put a bird on it--LOLOL. I saw this sweater online at Kmart and fell in love. It's a nice silky cotton knit. The skirt is lace and still had the $59 tags on it.  This outfit reminds me of something sweet Patti would wear!!

Top-Apt9/Kohls, Jeans-Thrifted/DIY, Shoes-Merona/Target, Scarf-Thrifted       
Awesome purse I thrifted for $2. Ignore the chicken behind it!!!
I'm not able to do much thrifting these days. Thankfully I had put aside some Spring/Summer goodies last fall during my thrift-a-thons. A good bit of my wardrobe is still packed up and will remain so. Thank heavens for online shopping. The striped Apt.9 tops above were on sale and with some Kohl's cash I was given and coupons I was able to get them for around $8 each--which is thrift store prices in my area.

I plan on commandeering the hubster's computer again for Visible Monday if I must. Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting Our Animal On!!!

Hiya Blogland!! How is everyone doing??? It looks like Spring has finally arrived in Western Maryland!! Last nite a bunch of ladies came to my house for a get together to celebrate Andrea's birthday. She asked that we all wear animal print.  I pulled out the awesome leopard caftan that Misfit Sarah sent me.

Baby Peanut is 14 weeks and doing well. Mommy is tired a great deal and just starting to wear maternity pants.

Life is the same old , same old here. The back is still crapola. The MRI showed a bulging disc, cyst on the disc caused by a tear that leaked on one side,  a protrusion on the other side of the disc and the spinal ligament is inflamed and enlarged. Sigh.....  All if this is causing the pain and sciatica. Still doing physical therapy and stuck at home.  The orthopedic doctor had me take a massive dose of steroids this week to see if it will make the inflammation go down and ease the pain. If this doesn't work then it's an epidural shot. They want to prolong the inevitable of surgery. Ah well...........

I looked in the bins with the spring & summer stuff and pretty much left it all packed up. My lifestyle these days has no use for office attire. I had some stuff I thrift ed last year for this season that is workable now. I really am wearing more loose and  unstructured stuff that is easy to do PT in.

Here's some of what I've been sporting these days:

Nothing very exciting here. I bought the slouchy cotton knit sweaters on deep clearance at Kohl's. They were cheaper than thrift prices. I got a lilac nubby, mint nubby and pale blue basket weave one. I have been wearing them almost non-stop with jeans and a scarf lately. The ballet flats in the top picture are from Target. I beat my old black pair to death last year and re-ordered online to replace them. since they were on sale I also got nude ones and cobalt blue. I'm wearing them in the top pix. It's more of a navy blue than a bright cobalt.

The middle pix is what I wore to church. It's totally thrifted--top is SagHarbor, skirt Dressbarn and shoes Nine West. The sweater has a bit of lurex in it and itches me like crazy. It's going to Andrea as she loves it. The skirt is a nice light fabric--it was never worn as the pleats were still stitched down. A longer fuller skirt works for me now as I have to sit a bit awkward and unladylike and pencil skirts are too dangerous!!

I'm linking up with all the lovely and visible ladies for Visible Monday!!!