Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Powerful and confident!!

Hiya Blogland!! How are y'all doing on hump day?? Oh look !'m posting 2 days in a row!! I'm working on getting my blog roll done and putting more badges on the sidebar. Thanks to everyone who shared tips with me!

Seems yesterday's post on "What is Sexy" has provoked quite a bit of awesome commentary!! I think we bloggers--especially the over 40 bunch-are redefining what sexy is for the "mature" woman.

I see pictures of the "sexy young things" wearing their underwear as outerwear. Yet NONE of them could hold a candle to Desiree when she rocks her vintage lingerie. Desiree looks classy and sexy and unique. She OWNS it!!

The SYT's just look cheap and trashy. They put their sexy "on"--in clothes, make-up and stupid expressions meant to look come-hither(really--the mouth slightly open makes you look like a mouth-breather or a blow-up doll). Sexy should come from within!! Sophia Loren can look sexy in a bikini or a house dress. It's a part of her.

Compare the two:

Part of the reason I was so impressed by Jamie Lee in her bathing suit was there was no artifice. She was herself having fun on a beach. I read an article a few years ago where she talked about how the exercise and eating plan she had done in her230s & 30's to maintain her body were no longer working in her 40's. She said she realized she'd have to subsist on lettuce and exercise 6-8 hours per day to keep that body. And with a family, home, and career she had better things to do. She said she watches what she eats and exercises to maintain her health and has accepted that this is the body she now has. She has no intention of botoxing or having plastic surgery to achieve something that is unnatural for a woman her age.  Her sexy isn't put ON--it's coming from within.

And here we have Kim Kardashian on the beach with about 10lbs of make-up on, Botoxed face, fake tan and fake boobs/ass (you can't convince me she hasn't had surgery).  Porn-Star Barbie in the flesh!

Personally I think Helen is far sexier than Kim in a bikini. Helen is smart, powerful and confident that she doesn't need to put her sexy ON. It comes from within!

Here is Sophia Loren--who's freakin' 79 years old in this picture!! She is powerful and confident and has more sex appeal in her pinky than all the Kim Kardashian and their ilk of the world put together.

You can't buy sexy. You can't trowel it on. You can't liposuction or botox it. If you don't have it within you, if you're not confident and happy with who you are--be it short, tall, fat, thin, young, old, saggy, taunt, wrinkly or smooth--you're not really sexy. Sexy starts in your HEAD--not your CLEAVAGE!!

And to the outfit part of this post. This weeks SpyGirl 52 Pick-Me-Up prompt is "70's". As a teenager in the 70's I LOVE the hippy-boho stuff!! So this would've been EASY. Too EASY!! I decided to go the complete opposite way and wear what the "stylish" (snerk) middle-aged chubby lady would've worn. Curtise gifted me with this FABULOUS vintage dress last year. Upon doing some digging I found that the designer Richard Stump has been making frocks since the 60's to today in Britain.  I found a picture of this exact dress dated 1974 but the colorway was rust/gold/avocado/brown. 

Here's my "70's" outfit. I tossed on some bangles and comfortable flats. The dress is a soft jersey knit. It has a self-belt that just didn't work at all!! I am going to have to TAKE THE DRESS IN before I wear it again!!

Well--off for another jaunt outside with Gracie the bone hunter!! We enjoy our walks and are taking advantage of the nice weather!

Oh, not to toot my own horn or anything like that (ok yeah I'm tooting my own horn) but since January of 2012 when I started the Menopausel Supermodel blog to today
I have LOST a total of  63.2 freakin' lbs of blubber!!  That's why stuff I wore last year you don't see anymore unless I could've altered it. YAY ME!!!   Chat with y'all on Thursday!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So what is sexy???

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone today??

This week's prompt for Jane of Flight Platform Livings Shiny T Tuesday is "Pin-up....Regardless"-which was inspired by this post by Bella of Citizen Rosebud. I've really been giving Bella's post a lot of thought lately.

What IS sexy??  I certainly can tell you what I think is totally NOT sexy.  Porn stars aren't "sexy".  Sexy is an attitude of self-confidence. It starts with your BRAIN. It doesn't involve bolt-on boobies, fake and bake tan, hair extensions and 10 lbs of make-up. I personally think Kim Kardashian is completely un-sexy.  The media tries to tell us that THIS is SEXY!!!

Now this is what  I think is sexy--confident, intelligent women who OWN who they are. I have always loved Jamie Lee Curtis (hence my hair). She's only a few months older than I am--she will be 55 this fall!!  She's allowed herself to age naturally and OWNS the body she has now. Jame Lee was known for her rockin' bod. Today she exudes self-confidence. 
Here she is recently in a bathing suit. She's not hiding her wrinkles, grey hair, menopausal pooch or flabby chicken arms.  She's thicker through the middle and the gals aren't as high as they used to be. But she's FAR more sexy than the plastic Barbie above could ever hope to be!!

Here she is looking amazing on the red carpet (I WANT that dress):

Another sexy lady is the fabulous Helen Mirren. Smart, talented and so completely herself! She's rocking this gown and displaying a bit of cleavage on the red carpet. Classy and sexy!

It's funny that most of the ladies I think are sexy are over 40!! Maybe with age comes wisdom and confidence that makes them sexy irregardless of the wrinkles, lumps and bumps.

If you want to see a listing of all of the FABULOUS, SEXY, BRILLIANT over 40 bloggers out there--check out Bella's new site  by clicking on the photo below!!

I really agonized on what a pin-up photo FOR ME would be. I have some modesty "rules" for myself that I'm certainly not going to break. I decided that outfit I'm wearing today is pin-up worthy. It shows off my legs and I feel POWERFUL and CONFIDENT in it!! And that is totally sexy in my book!
Gracie and I walked a new section of the Towpath yesterday. It's called the Mount Lock section and there is a restored Lock-tenders house there. It was very peaceful and quiet!

Today we walked on the Antietam Battlefield on the Burnside Bridge side. The Snavely Ford trail wound through woods, along the Antietam Creek and through fields. We saw lots of deer and Gracie found a toad. Gracie also found a deer bone!!! She becoming quite the little bone-collector!!

The tomatoes are coming in full-bore now and the garden is going nuts!! I'm off to harvest some more goodies. Chat with y'all on Thursday!!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

We are all moved in!!!

Hello Blogland!!  Welcome to the Supermodel's new home!! We've gotten settled in, most of the boxes unpacked (where did all this stuff come from???) and we are ready to Celebrate!!

Miss Gracie and I took advantage of the fabulous weather and did our walk below the dam on the towpath Saturday. It's just so peaceful along there. We saw a couple of cranes and spotted a bald eagle swooping over the river!
 Gracie popped into some bushes along the path and came out bearing the bleached carcass of some long-gone rodent!! She was determined to take it home to show MrBill her awesome trophy. I finally got it away from her and threw it into the water. We didn't need that at all!!


I pulled out the black and white dress I thrifted a couple months ago for something easy to wear today. I thrifted these shoes never-worn a couple months ago also and these are the first and last wearing. They rub oddly on my one foot so away they go!!

Notice the cute little photobomber butt!! Sorry about the picture size craziness-I'm still working on that!!
I'm linking up with Patti at Visible Monday today!! I'll be adding more buttons and such as I decorate the new place!
Everyone have a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the spiffy new
Menopausal Supermodel digs!!
Please come back on
Sunday July 28th
for the housewarming party!!
We'll be having snacks, cocktails and loads of FUN!!!
I'm still at the old shack until then:
See you back here on Sunday!!