Sunday, July 28, 2013

We are all moved in!!!

Hello Blogland!!  Welcome to the Supermodel's new home!! We've gotten settled in, most of the boxes unpacked (where did all this stuff come from???) and we are ready to Celebrate!!

Miss Gracie and I took advantage of the fabulous weather and did our walk below the dam on the towpath Saturday. It's just so peaceful along there. We saw a couple of cranes and spotted a bald eagle swooping over the river!
 Gracie popped into some bushes along the path and came out bearing the bleached carcass of some long-gone rodent!! She was determined to take it home to show MrBill her awesome trophy. I finally got it away from her and threw it into the water. We didn't need that at all!!


I pulled out the black and white dress I thrifted a couple months ago for something easy to wear today. I thrifted these shoes never-worn a couple months ago also and these are the first and last wearing. They rub oddly on my one foot so away they go!!

Notice the cute little photobomber butt!! Sorry about the picture size craziness-I'm still working on that!!
I'm linking up with Patti at Visible Monday today!! I'll be adding more buttons and such as I decorate the new place!
Everyone have a wonderful week!!


Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Nice digs ;-)

I love the pattern on your dress and I'm sure once you get the hang of photo sizing I'll get to see it in all of it's glory.

I love your doggies! My little one tried to get to a turtle today. Luckily Mr turtle was just outside the fence LOL

Thanks for your unwavering support of my ramblings ;-)


Helga! said...

Welcome, sweets!
O, Gracie! Mr Bill probably wasn't interested, unless it smelt of poo!

Patti said...

Welcome to the new place, T! I love Miss Gracie's enthusiasm, if not her treasures : > And you look smart in your b-and-w dress, thanks for linking up!

Val Sparkle said...

Welcome to Blogspot!

I'm looking for the snacks and cocktails, but don't see them. Are they in the kitchen? Do you need help putting everything out? I think you'll get a huge turnout - I hope your neighbors won't mind the noise!

thorne garnet said...

haha on the bones. One of my cats drug a dead squirrel into the house once. It had been run over who know's when. Gotta love our pets!

Megan Gann said...

Awww! How cute of Miss Gracie. Personally I'm fond of a nice ratty skull. ;)

Very excited because I can follow blogger blogs so much easier!

pastcaring said...

Now that's better, I am allowed in to see you this time!
Hope you'll soon settle in to your new Supermodel home, Tamera - you'll get to grips with the layout, photos, and all that stuff very soon. I always reckon that if a total dimwit like me can manage Blogger, anyone can!
Good to see Miss Gracie out and about and rooting out treasures... And good to see you rocking the black and white, with additional doggie butt as an accessory! xxxxx

Vix said...

Miss Gracie's quite the adventurer! What a gruesome treasure, bless her!
Welcome to Blogspot! It's really easy to get to grips with, you'll be blogging like a pro in no time! xxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ooooooh welcome home Tamera!! I like the look of your new blog already and I feel so at home that I've put my feet up on the desk as thanks to your generous hospitality here. :) xoxoxoxox

Krista Gassib said...

Hi honey! I can't believe lil Miss Gracie why she's cray cray! Peetee would have been all over that too and probably fought hard to not give it up. Ew! The picture size select should give you three options, it all takes getting used too. You really do live in such a beautiful area.

Sending you all summer love!

Gabriala Brown said...

Hello Tamera, Dig your new digs! :-)
Total doggy cuteness, lol "bleached carcass", great pattern on your dress! xo!

Melanie said...

Hurrah on your new digs! Gracie seems to take digging in entirely the wrong way! But how sweet that she brought you home a prize. It must be a good omen.
Love your dress, and ba-bye shoes!

Paula Ruta said...

How did you manage to blog and move at the same time?? Good for you! Love the doggie butt....

his_girl_friday said...

Ha! Photobomber butt!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Welcome to Blogspot! I have tried to email you at your Yahoo account to let you know the yellow skirt is coming to you next, but the emails keep bouncing back undeliverable. Can you email me with a new address? I will need to contact you to let you know who to send it to after you're finished with it.


Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Pretty dress, even from a distance! I like the bright spots your necklace
and bracelet create, too. Such a typically-doggy dog bomb!
No matter how cute they are, they're always little scavengers, yes?

Sheila said...

You can change the picture size by right-clicking on the photo once you've uploaded it and it's in your post that you're writing - I always do extra-large so I can see them!

Hah, Vizzini finds staples, pins, bits of glass - he only wants to play with dangerous objects. Little bugger.