Monday, September 30, 2013

Hat Attack #3: Curtis rocks a turkey hat!

Hiya Blogland!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!! The weather here in Western Maryland is just glorious!!

Tuesday is Judith of the Style Crone's Hat Attack #3. I decided I wanted to share something special.
Whe I was buying the supplies at the party store for Curtis's Thanksgiving in September I spied a turkey hat. I asked Curt if he'd wear it. Curt LOVES props and hats and being a bit silly so he of course gave a resounding "YES"!!! I went back to the store a procured one for him.
Here he is rocking the turkey hat with his wonderful smile!! 
I wanted to share a photo of Curt from Monday. He is house-bound these days and his only view is out the window by his bed of the house next door. Hospice got a wheelchair for him and two friends helped get it outside so he could spend a
bit of time in the fresh air. This picture just makes me smile seeing how happy he is.
I also wanted to share a picture of me in the fabulous SassyVamp Desiree gifted me. I wore it during the Thanksgiving celebration and it was quite the hit.

Although I don't believe I rocked it as well as Pastor Rodney did!! It brought out the blue in his eyes!!

I've started meeting with my dear daughter/friend Andrea on Monday's after work for craft time and chat. Her hubby works Monday evenings so this gives us both a needed outlet!! I also bring a craft project for the boys to do. We get lot's of "ideas" that scare our husbands a bit!!

Everyone have a fantastic day and check out all of the fantastic hats over at Hat Attack #3!! I should be back on Wednesday to play 52 Pick-me-up and Literary Stylings.

I may have some unexpected free time this week. FYI I'm a Federal Govt. employee. No budget resolution so we have to show up for work tomorrow for 4 hours and then we will be furloughed. SUPER!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

The hits they keep on coming.....

Hiya Blogland!!!! How's it going?? I am SO GLAD this week is OVER!!

Thank you all so much for your sweet words of encouragement. It's really helped this past week!!!

Hallelujah,  the end of fiscal year insanity follies at work are over for another year. September is always a stressful month as the contracting office sits on projects we've designed and spec'd out for MONTHS and then tries to get them awarded at the last minute. Seriously, if you're a contractor bidding on a sidewalk repair job and I have to tell you the step by step directions on how to pour a sidewalk (technical details) than you probably shouldn't be bidding on the project. Just saying.......

Our friend Curtis is hanging in there. His body is weakening daily but his spirit and his smile are brighter than ever. He really is such an inspiration. Never complains or whines--he just encourages everyone else. People's lives are being changed watching Curtis and his wife travel this road.

I've felt a bit like an emotional punching bag this week. It seemed like every day more bad news.

My younger (by 14 months-LOL) sister had to be rushed to the ER earlier in the week hemorrhaging. She's been through menopause. It seems her body has decided to try to expel the benign uterine fibroid tumor she's had for many years. She will have to have a hysterectomy in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, because of the tumor size, she can't have the laparoscopy surgery but will have the major full incision type and be down and out for 6 weeks or so. Been there, done that and it sucks big time.

Next--our daughter Julie announced she will be having her left foot operated on October 14th. She has severe bunions and deformities in her big toes. They will have to break (eeek!!) the toe and put pins in. She will have the other foot done after the first of the year.  It's a out-patient surgery but she's still my baby!! She's picking up lots of cute flat shoes as she'll be wearing nothing but them for the next year.

And to ice the crap-cake last week, my hubby's Uncle Bill (his Dad's older brother) prostrate cancer has metastasized all over his body. He had a heart attack in mid-August and has been re-habbing in a nursing home whilst they built a new bathroom on the first floor of their home for him. They will be bringing him home to hospice care as there is nothing more they can do for him.

But life goes on. It's times like this I truly am grateful I have my faith and prayer to turn to.

Here's last week's outfitpaloosa!!!

Monday I pulled out my thrifted NineWest cowboy boots and paired them with a thrifted black pencil skirt and Native-American motif sweater.
I love the sweater's drapey front and "regular" back. This style reminded me of something SheilaEphemera would wear.

Tuesday I paired a thrifted mint tshirt with a thrifted glen plaid skirt and thrifted cardigan. The shoes are Aerosoles and thrifted.

Wednesday I paired a new blouse from Kohl's (on sale and a coupon so $6 out of pocket)my thrifted bias ruffle skirt, thrifted Easy Spirit wedge ballet flats with a thrifted zebra belt and thrifted bangle.

Thursday I was dressed easy and comfortable. I was helping serve the local high school football team spaghetti for dinner. (Our church youth pastor is their chaplain)  I paired thrifted jeans and a sweater tunic with the Aerosole boots I scored last year for like 90% off. 

Friday I'm thrifted head to toe again in Lee boyfriend jeans, Nine-West booties and afloral top.
It may be hard to see but the skirt is polka-dotted. The whole outfit is thrifted and was all of $11 total cost!! The shoes are Aerosole's and SUPER comfortable!! I had a ton of compliments for this outfit today. BIG HIT!!

Sorry for the picture quality--for some reason Blogger makes them crappy. Plus I STILL can't size them correctly. They are trying to help me figure this out!!

Well-I'm off to do some graphic stuff for Xmas ornaments!! Everyone have a fabulous week and I hope to be back on Wednesday!!!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm still here...

Hiya Blogland!!  Just a quick post--I'm still here. I just haven't really been feeling like posting the last few days. My heart's not in it right now-I need a little break. The situation with Curt has me re-evaluating alot of stuff these days.

I'm still cruising everyone's blogs and I'll be back very very soon!!

Love to all


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love while you have the chance

Curtis in his turkey hat!
Hiya Blogland. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
Curtis's Thanksgiving in September was a magical, wondrous time. Over 125+ people came by to spend time with Curt and share memories with him. It was truly a blessing to see all of the love poured out on Curt and Ronette.
 Desiree's gifted SassyVamp was quite the hit!! I accessorized my apron with some rhinestone pins to bling it up a bit.
I don't think I rocked the SassyVamp as well as Pastor Rodney did, though!!
I stopped by the charity shop on Friday to find a bell for Curt (his voice is getting a bit week). I found this adorable APT 9 dress for only $6. It's perfect for pairing with bright colored cardigans. the shoes are MichaelShannon wedges I thrifted and the cardi is thrifted. 
Gracie and I managed to log 11.75 miles this week walking. Here is her adorable self!

I'm linking up with the fab Patti for the first edition of the bi-weekly Visible Monday!! Check us all out!!

One last thing I'd like to leave with you that I was really impressed upon this weekend. don't hesitate to tell the ones close to you how much you love them while you can. We aren't promised tomorrow.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pumpkin Overload

Hiya Blogland!! I've been on pumpkin overload this week!!  I've made pumpkin black bean soup earlier this week and tonite I made 4 dozen pumpkin spice cupcakes with pumpkin cream cheese icing for this weekend. Pumpkin-o-rama!!!!

Yesterday I pulled a dress out to wear. I had to take it in a bit in the back.
The dress is Avenue--I got it a couple of years ago with Amazon credits. The bangles are vintage and the shoes Clark's Artisan that I dyed.
Today I dressed as comfortable as possible as I had to sit through several hours of mandatory training on Sexual Harassment. UGH
Everything is thrifted. The top is Cabin Creek, the skirt LaneBryant and the scarf is vintage. The pin was a gift from our circus Queen Desiree!!
I'm thinking of hemming this skirt to knee length. What do y'all think??
I'm letting the pink fade out in my hair as I want to try another color--purple or turquoise.
This is a short post today--I need to go ice those cupcakes!!
Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Petrified with Rhinestones!!!

Gracie & my view on the Towpath today
Hiya Blogland!! The weather here is gloriously fall-like!! I'm loving it!! Work is... still insane but it will clam down later this week-FINALLY!!

My first outfit is my outfit for Sacramento's monthly Share-in-Style:Animals. I spotted the brooch and earrings in the 50 cent box at a yard sale this weekend and SQUEED with delight!!! Here's a close-up of these beauties:

What's not to love about petrified seahorse that have been painted shiny black, rhinestoned and made into the most freakin' incredible jewelry??  The earrings originally were screw-on- DIY'd them into pierced. The lady at the sale said her grandmom got them in Florida in the late 1940's/early 1950's.  I just adore them and couldn't wait to wear them!!
I'm wearing pretty much head to toe thrifted. Foxcroft blouse, SagHarbor skirt, Easy Spirit pumps, kick-ass Seahorse Jewelry!!! I got some funny looks and loads of compliments on the outfit and especially the seahorses!!

Today's outfit wasn't exactly what I planned--I had another skirt lined up that FELL OFF when I put it on. I just grabbed my Jessica London thrifted knit maxi and went with the flow. This skirt needs to be taken in soon, too. The top is Cabin Creek/thrifted, bangle is Vintage/thrifted, brooch is thrifted, the scarf is Vintage/thrifted and the shoes are Skechers/retail on deep discount.
This is my outfit for SpyGirls 52 Pick-Me-Up: International Relations-wear garments from two different countries. I'll be linking up when her post goes live tomorrow.  My top was made in Vietnam, my skirt was made in China, my bangle was made in West Germany, and my scarf is Spanish. I am totally international!!!

I received a wonderful parcel of joy from our pink-tressed aussie goddess Desiree' yesterday. It was a ray of sunshine in a bleak week!! Here are the fabulous goodies she gifted me:
This is going to be worn for Curtis's Thanksgiving in September this weekend!!

 Amazing purse, gorgeous glass bead earrings and two cool brooches!

Awesome Australian tea towel, little wooden bobble-head doll
and really cool postcard!

Off to make some pumpkin black bean soup to take to a couple of friends tomorrow. I hope to be back around on Thursday!! Thank you again for all of your wonderful and kind words and encouragement!!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Laugh-in Flying Squirrel Dress

Hiya Blogland!!! It has been a glorious weekend here in Western Maryland!! Gracie and the grand-puppy Noelle were a hit at the town festival. Everyone ooohed and aaaahhed over them and wanted to pet them!!

I took some pictures of the outside Autumn d├ęcor to share. I love decorating for the seasons and holidays!!

A little story about the pumpkin tower. I saw some examples on Pinterest using real pumpkins and urns. I brought these "fake" pumpkins probably 15+ years ago at Target on clearance. They are actually jack-o-lanterns that lit up but we don't celebrate Halloween so I've always turned the face to the back. I used a large planter we had with a crack in it with a tall stake placed in it.  I cut holes in the tops of the middle and large pumpkin and glued the three together. Added some Spanish moss, a vine I had and some leaves. I put the pumpkins down over the stake for stability. Put some OLD fake leaves around the bottom and a sign I made from an old door. WAH-LAH---a pumpkin tower for FREE--and it's re-usable!!
More pictures of our porch.
I stopped by a yard sale down the street during the festival. They had a nice box of jewelry for only fifty cents each. I got some awesome vintage goodies!!

I wanted to share a picture of my friend and "adopted" daughter Andrea . She was STYLIN' at church this morning!!
I wore the dress I made from tracing my butterflies dress. I call this my Laugh-in (remember that show) Flying Squirrel Dress. It was absolutely a hit with everyone!! I got more complements on it than anything I've recently worn. The jewelry is vintage/thrifted and the shoes are Chaps.
If I become a bit incognito this week, I'm helping with a Thanksgiving in September dinner for a dear friend who is near the end of his journey with cancer.
Take a moment this week and tell someone you love them. You just never know when time may end.....

Friday, September 13, 2013

Monochromania in grey

Hiya Blogland!! This will be a short post. YAY it's FRIDAY and I can have some peace and quiet!!

Sheila of Ephemera has been during a monochromatic week this week and ask others to play along by wearing a monochromatic outfit one day.

Unfortunately I don't have the FABULOUS colorful shoe wardrobe she has!!! Plus all of my bottoms are now blacks and greys so that sort of limited my choices a bit.

It finally cooled down today so I pulled out a thrifted Sonoma long-sleeve T with a silvery design on the front. I paired it with a thrifted Jessica London charcoal knit maxi and some old Thom McCan pewter leather loafers. It was almost like wearing pajama's all day!! I ruched up the bottom of the T to give it some interest and pinned it with a vintage silver leaf pin. 

Here's my blingy. The pin is vintage and thrifted, the bracelets and earrings came from the clearance bin at Burlington Coat Factory.

Tomorrow our daughter, SIL and grandpuppy Noelle are coming to visit. It's the Sharpsburg Heritage Festival and Antietam Battle Anniversary this weekend so we'll be taking the princesses Gracie and Noelle out and about.

Everyone have a fab weekend and I'll be back on Sunday!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coffe Cups, Oceans & Shoes....

Hiya Blogland!! It's been another one of "those" weeks.  I will be glad when October 1st gets here!! I don't drink booze but I'm about ready to start!! I told my supervisor I'm gonna bake the most decadent cupcakes EVER and bring them in on October 1st. We can then eat ourselves into a sugar stupor!

I've been a bit incognito--I was off sick on Monday & Tuesday (nasty Fibro flare-up probably from being STRESSED) so obviously no outfit posts. I planned to make one last night but was just too whupped and irritated to turn on the computer. Today's post will be catching up on all of my challenge and linkys!! My hubby brought me home a little something last night to cheer me up:

First up: My outfit for Shiny T Tuesday: Ocean. I'm not setting a new fashion trends here, it's a tried and true. It's been unbelievably hot and humid this week so I'm dressing cool in oceany blues and greens.  Skirt & T are thrifted. I've had the turquoise jewelry forever and the shoes are Amerimark. i noticed that my tshirt is getting baggy again-I took this in about a month ago.

Next up is my outfit for SpyGirl's 52 Pick-Me-Up Challenge: Coffee Klatch Tea Party.  Most participants are matching their cup. I totally read that wrong and tried to match what was IN my cup. I drink a green smoothie every morning as opposed to coffee/tea. The black in the dress is the inside of the cup. The green is the kale, the blue are blueberries and the white is the almond milk. The cardigan is the celery, cucumber and green apple. The dress was gotten on super clearance at Kohls, the cardigan is thrifted, bangles thifted and the shoes are clearance from Kohls.

Last but not least--this week is Citizen Rosebud's SHOE SHINE!!!  I had been looking for a comfortable pair of black wedge sandals all summer!! These are Croft&Barrow from Kohl's and were on clearance from $70 to well under $20!! They are super comfortable and easy to wear.

Sheila of Ephemera is having MONOCHROMANIA!! and challenged everyone to get together a monochromatic outfit to share. I'll be wearing and sharing mine tomorrow!! Everyone have a fabulous evening and I'll chat with y'all later.



Sunday, September 8, 2013

Showing a Retro vibe

Hiya Blogland!! I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend. I've been busy getting my autumn decorating done. Seriously--I have 5 bins of autumn decorations. My fav season next to Christmas!! Pictures later this week!!

First up is today's outfit post. Everything is thrifted/gifted. I picked up the jacket at the charity shop whilst running errands yesterday for $4!! I believe it had a skirt with it originally. There's no tags in it. I wore it over an old black camisole for some modesty. It has shoulder pads and a rather 40's retro silhouette. I paired it with a thrifted ruffle hem skirt. The shoes are Clark's Artisan I thrifted for under $5 last spring. They were unworn, a beige color, and had a grease stain on them. I got some leather dye and made them black!! And of course someone had to get in the action!!

Here's a close-up of the bling. the earrings are vintage clip-ons I converted to pierced, bracelets were thrifted. The brooch is a vintage hair ornament I made into a brooch. The purse is my great-grandmother's from the 1940's. The ALG monogram stands for Anna Lillian Grimes. I treasure it!!
As I said I stopped at a couple of charity shops yesterday in town. I managed to find a few goodies!!
 Another view of the jacket. It's definitely polyester and the front zips.
Polyester "silk" Chaus blouse for $3. Chaus was a big brand in the 80's for "professional" attire. I just fell in love with this print/.. I had avoided this style/brand in the past but I'm thinking I may need a few more of these!!

Russ brand rib knit tshirt with the tags still on it for $3. The stripes are a veritable rainbow of favorites. Here's a close-up:

I found another awesome tartan buttondown blouse for $3!! It's JonesNewYork and is gorgeous in it's aqua, pink and apple green glory!!

The one charity shop in town always has the nicest vintage scarves and craft/sewing stuff. I scored some 1950s-1980's Workbasket craft mags for 10 cents each. I love reading about old handiwork!

Here are some scarves. Black & white polka dots are always "in" in my book and I love the vintage pale grey and floral of the silk chiffon one!

This next scarf was the fab find #2 of the day (next to the jacket). a glorious vintage silk scarf with a FLAMENCO DANCER and a BULL FIGHTER!!!!
 I'm off to take Miss Gracie a walk if I can peel her off Daddy's lap. They are watching football together!
I'm linking up with the always chic gals at Visible Monday!! and Monday Mingle!!
I'll be back on Tuesday!!