Monday, September 30, 2013

Hat Attack #3: Curtis rocks a turkey hat!

Hiya Blogland!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!! The weather here in Western Maryland is just glorious!!

Tuesday is Judith of the Style Crone's Hat Attack #3. I decided I wanted to share something special.
Whe I was buying the supplies at the party store for Curtis's Thanksgiving in September I spied a turkey hat. I asked Curt if he'd wear it. Curt LOVES props and hats and being a bit silly so he of course gave a resounding "YES"!!! I went back to the store a procured one for him.
Here he is rocking the turkey hat with his wonderful smile!! 
I wanted to share a photo of Curt from Monday. He is house-bound these days and his only view is out the window by his bed of the house next door. Hospice got a wheelchair for him and two friends helped get it outside so he could spend a
bit of time in the fresh air. This picture just makes me smile seeing how happy he is.
I also wanted to share a picture of me in the fabulous SassyVamp Desiree gifted me. I wore it during the Thanksgiving celebration and it was quite the hit.

Although I don't believe I rocked it as well as Pastor Rodney did!! It brought out the blue in his eyes!!

I've started meeting with my dear daughter/friend Andrea on Monday's after work for craft time and chat. Her hubby works Monday evenings so this gives us both a needed outlet!! I also bring a craft project for the boys to do. We get lot's of "ideas" that scare our husbands a bit!!

Everyone have a fantastic day and check out all of the fantastic hats over at Hat Attack #3!! I should be back on Wednesday to play 52 Pick-me-up and Literary Stylings.

I may have some unexpected free time this week. FYI I'm a Federal Govt. employee. No budget resolution so we have to show up for work tomorrow for 4 hours and then we will be furloughed. SUPER!



seƱora Allnut said...

fabulous hats and fabulous heartwarming pics!, you're a star rocking that headpiece with your pretty smile!!
glad you're enjoying some free time!

pastcaring said...

How good for Curt to be able to spend a little time outside. Being confined to one spot must be so hard.
What ideas are you and Andrea scaring your menfolk with then? Are you fashioning them some sequinned pants or their own floral headpieces?
Time off? That's always good! xxxxx

Vix said...

Curt is such an inspiration. He's got a smile to melt your heart, loves dressing up and is certainly making the most of everything. His hat rocks.
Sounds like a fab plan, having a regular craft date, Liz and I get so much done at ours.
Enjoy your enforced day off! xxx

Patti said...

Thank you for sharing this photos of Curtis. He is inspiring with his wonderful smile. Love the idea of a crafting date with your daughter! Sorry about the furlough, hope it's v. short. xoxo

Tami Von Zalez said...

So fun! Ya gots to do silly things once in awhile ~

Popped by from Hat Attack #3.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

So nice that Curtis got to enjoy some time outside. I'm sure that brightened his day. So inspirational.

Crafts are fun. I need to do more of them.


The Style Crone said...

I am very honored that Curtis and his turkey hat were featured on Hat Attack. And you are looking great in your SassyVamp headpiece. Tamera, you are an amazing woman!

Jean at said...

Please tell Curt he's a STAR!! The shot of him in the hat is fabulous. :-) You don't look half-bad yourself, you know, and Pastor is keeping up pretty well too.

Love you and have a great week. XXXOOO