Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Petrified Seahorses...now with Rhinestones!!!

Gracie & my view on the Towpath today
Hiya Blogland!! The weather here is gloriously fall-like!! I'm loving it!! Work is... still insane but it will clam down later this week-FINALLY!!

My first outfit is my outfit for Sacramento's monthly Share-in-Style:Animals. I spotted the brooch and earrings in the 50 cent box at a yard sale this weekend and SQUEED with delight!!! Here's a close-up of these beauties:

What's not to love about petrified seahorse that have been painted shiny black, rhinestoned and made into the most freakin' incredible jewelry??  The earrings originally were screw-on- DIY'd them into pierced. The lady at the sale said her grandmom got them in Florida in the late 1940's/early 1950's.  I just adore them and couldn't wait to wear them!!
I'm wearing pretty much head to toe thrifted. Foxcroft blouse, SagHarbor skirt, Easy Spirit pumps, kick-ass Seahorse Jewelry!!! I got some funny looks and loads of compliments on the outfit and especially the seahorses!!

Today's outfit wasn't exactly what I planned--I had another skirt lined up that FELL OFF when I put it on. I just grabbed my Jessica London thrifted knit maxi and went with the flow. This skirt needs to be taken in soon, too. The top is Cabin Creek/thrifted, bangle is Vintage/thrifted, brooch is thrifted, the scarf is Vintage/thrifted and the shoes are Skechers/retail on deep discount.
This is my outfit for SpyGirls 52 Pick-Me-Up: International Relations-wear garments from two different countries. I'll be linking up when her post goes live tomorrow.  My top was made in Vietnam, my skirt was made in China, my bangle was made in West Germany, and my scarf is Spanish. I am totally international!!!

I received a wonderful parcel of joy from our pink-tressed aussie goddess Desiree' yesterday. It was a ray of sunshine in a bleak week!! Here are the fabulous goodies she gifted me:
This is going to be worn for Curtis's Thanksgiving in September this weekend!!

 Amazing purse, gorgeous glass bead earrings and two cool brooches!

Awesome Australian tea towel, little wooden bobble-head doll
and really cool postcard!

Off to make some pumpkin black bean soup to take to a couple of friends tomorrow. I hope to be back around on Thursday!! Thank you again for all of your wonderful and kind words and encouragement!!



Megan Gann said...

Oh my goodness!!! So cute!! Also I adore what you did with the second look. I need to try that with some of my brooches.

You are really glowing in cobalt, Tamera!

Meghan Edge said...


Sorry I'm shouting, I'm just super excited over those.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

okay those sea horses are cute! I love the two of them together.

also I love that brooch on your hip. I'm gonna steal that idea lady! : )


The Style Crone said...

The petrified seahorses with rhinestones! Very exciting find. Love how your blue top has a pin that creates a drape! The details are what makes an outfit!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Wow! Those Seahorses are very cool!

Val Sparkle said...

Real seahorses? I guess they could get away with that in the '40s. They're very cool, if a little tiny bit gruesome. You're lookin' good - blue is a good color for you.

You can bring me some pumpkin black bean soup anytime!

Sheila said...

Oh, I love the top all gathered and pinned - you are the mistress of this look! The seahorses are amazing!

Vix said...

What a wonderful parcel from the goddess! I can't wait to see you rocking that head band and that purse is something else!
I cannot tell you how much I love those seahorses. I bet you could be heard squeeing in the next state! xxx

Patti said...

So fabulous - these seahorses waited 70 years to fin YOU! Love these two looks, and your tea towel is yummy.

pastcaring said...

What amazing earrings! You look beautiful in blue, and Desiree's gifts are wonderful, that clutch bag is fabulous. You get more and more svelte and streamlined in every photo, Tamera, just be careful all your clothes don't end up falling off! xxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

love, love, love them, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
The next Share-in Style topic will be autumn and it will be th 4th of october. I count with you.
Good that you got those beauties.
Much love, dear friend. it is also slowly cooling down here too 30ºc, LOL

thorne garnet said...

2 thumbs up on the seahorses

señora Allnut said...

so pretty seahorses, such wonderful bijouterie pieces!!, and you look so elegant wearing them!, so cute!
Glad you've received one of that fabulous headpieces from Desiree, you're going to rock it!!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Tamara those seahorses are awesome, never seen anything like that -
Lucky you, what a find!
I love your first outfit, blue is wonderful on you, you look radiant, no wonder you got plenty of compliments -

Great gifts from Desiree!
I'm curious about your pumpkin and black bean soup, that must delicious, wanna share the recipe?


Ariane xo

Krista Gassib said...

The seahorses are all kinds of amazing! I never see sea horse jeweler ever, magical and meant for you! How wonderful to receive a parcel from Desiree and to have a crown of your very own, the clutch is a real beauty too.

That picture of your Dad with his sweet ride was awesome Tamera. Bigs hugs!

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Sea horse jewelry!!! Amazing. I'm squinting as I type because I left my laptop in airport security (yes they found it and it's being shipped home). So even though I'm struggling here, I can see beautiful colors and the fabulous floral headband from Desiree. You will wear it well. Love you!! Have a great weekend. Xxoo

Anne M Bray said...

You find such great things. I ADORED sea horses when I was a tween -- probably because they had "horse" in their name.
You must be very excited about your skirts being too big. All your hard work is, well, working!

Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up. You certainly are wearing lots of countries!

Dona Engman said...

I like your style, the outfit and the seahorse with beautiful rhinestones. You look so glorious wearing of that. Pretty nice model.