Sunday, May 18, 2014

What to wear to a gender reveal

Hiya Blogland!!! I'm still alive and sort of kicking! ! It's been a while since I've posted. I have limited time I can sit at a computer comfortably. I've been using the time crafting or sewing. I've finally got the tablet picture and posting thing worked out so hopefully I'll be more active. I have been reading and keeping up with everyone's b logs even if I'm not commenting.

Brief update on the back injury. I'm still out on disability workers comp (over 6 months-yuck). I have severe sciatica and back pain due to a bulging disc, discal cyst, discal protrusion and sprained, inflamed spinal ligament. They gave me a spinal steroid epidural about 2 weeks ago to see if it would help the pain. Unfortunately so far nothing. They may possibly try another next month pending the results of the nerve c induction test they did this week. I am becoming more resigned to having back surgery. Anyway...enough whining!!! Lol

The BIG news that has me over the moon is we are going to be grandparents in early October. For Mother's Day Julie and Sean had Linda (Stan's mom) and I accompany them to their 20 week doctor's appointment. This visit would involve an ultrasound and the revealing of Baby Peanuts gender. Lauren the hustler also was able to join us as he had to drive me.

It was AMAZING!! Seeing the heart beating and the baby moving. It was snoozing on it's tummy with its little legs drawn up under it and the little butt up in the air. When the tech would press the wand down, a little arm would come up and swat it away!!

And it was pretty obvious to see that Baby Peanut is........

A BOY!!!!

We are thrilled!! I've already bought him a little camo onesie!! He's the size of a cola can and weighs 11 Oz.  I call him Baby Cletus!!

And a nice this is a style *snerk* blog this is what I was wearing:
The sweater is thrifted and old. I ordered the maxi online from Kmart. It's Jaclyn Smith- I love her stuff. I wanted a couple more maxis as almost all of mine from last year were too big. Thank heaven's for online shopping as my thrifting days are very limited.

I'm coming out of hiding and  linking up with all all of the lively ladies at VISIBLE MONDAY !!!

Everyone gave a fabulous week!!