Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So what is sexy???

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone today??

This week's prompt for Jane of Flight Platform Livings Shiny T Tuesday is "Pin-up....Regardless"-which was inspired by this post by Bella of Citizen Rosebud. I've really been giving Bella's post a lot of thought lately.

What IS sexy??  I certainly can tell you what I think is totally NOT sexy.  Porn stars aren't "sexy".  Sexy is an attitude of self-confidence. It starts with your BRAIN. It doesn't involve bolt-on boobies, fake and bake tan, hair extensions and 10 lbs of make-up. I personally think Kim Kardashian is completely un-sexy.  The media tries to tell us that THIS is SEXY!!!

Now this is what  I think is sexy--confident, intelligent women who OWN who they are. I have always loved Jamie Lee Curtis (hence my hair). She's only a few months older than I am--she will be 55 this fall!!  She's allowed herself to age naturally and OWNS the body she has now. Jame Lee was known for her rockin' bod. Today she exudes self-confidence. 
Here she is recently in a bathing suit. She's not hiding her wrinkles, grey hair, menopausal pooch or flabby chicken arms.  She's thicker through the middle and the gals aren't as high as they used to be. But she's FAR more sexy than the plastic Barbie above could ever hope to be!!

Here she is looking amazing on the red carpet (I WANT that dress):

Another sexy lady is the fabulous Helen Mirren. Smart, talented and so completely herself! She's rocking this gown and displaying a bit of cleavage on the red carpet. Classy and sexy!

It's funny that most of the ladies I think are sexy are over 40!! Maybe with age comes wisdom and confidence that makes them sexy irregardless of the wrinkles, lumps and bumps.

If you want to see a listing of all of the FABULOUS, SEXY, BRILLIANT over 40 bloggers out there--check out Bella's new site  by clicking on the photo below!!

I really agonized on what a pin-up photo FOR ME would be. I have some modesty "rules" for myself that I'm certainly not going to break. I decided that outfit I'm wearing today is pin-up worthy. It shows off my legs and I feel POWERFUL and CONFIDENT in it!! And that is totally sexy in my book!
Gracie and I walked a new section of the Towpath yesterday. It's called the Mount Lock section and there is a restored Lock-tenders house there. It was very peaceful and quiet!

Today we walked on the Antietam Battlefield on the Burnside Bridge side. The Snavely Ford trail wound through woods, along the Antietam Creek and through fields. We saw lots of deer and Gracie found a toad. Gracie also found a deer bone!!! She becoming quite the little bone-collector!!

The tomatoes are coming in full-bore now and the garden is going nuts!! I'm off to harvest some more goodies. Chat with y'all on Thursday!!



thorne garnet said...

I've been blinded by silicone.

Gracie's is quit the gatherer.

Suzanne said...

I've been thinking about what is sexy too. I agree that it is in confidence and attitude.

Jamie Lee Curtis does look amazing in that blue dress. Also Helen Mirren...I think she is stunning. Look at Jane Fonda. They spend lots of time to look that fabulous.

Red would also be considered sexy and powerful and I see that is what you chose.

A smile is also important and great sense humour too.

Great to see you rockin' your own sense of sexy.


Megan G said...

Helen Mirren can GET IT! She is so gorgeous. I want to look like her any day.

As for Courtney What'sherface, I don't think she's "sexy" - I think many people think she's scary! She married a 50+ year old man before she was 18.

As for what's sexy - I never felt like that word could apply to me, so I try to rock 'cool' or 'edgy' with the occasional 'cute'.

I love your look, it's bold, it's visible. It shows off your own natural shape in a flattering way. And you exude confidence in it. THAT'S the important bit I feel like.

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd written this post! You are so right about sexy being confidence. And there's a certain look in the eye, knowing you can handle a situation and make it fun for all involved. In spite of modesty rules, I bet you are so much fun!

The place you live looks so interesting. I don't know anything about Maryland, but I'm intrigued.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

"I feel POWERFUL and CONFIDENT" ... Tamera, you have totally nailed it right there. A person is attractive when they feel fantastic inside. That feeling causes others to feel a magnetic pull towards them ... however that attraction is created, is completely up to the instigator and interpreted by the viewer. That's how I feel about it anyway. I've met the most quietly dressed people who can hold the interest of a room because of the thrill they can create in others. They don't need to have "blot-on" boobs (hahahahaaaaaa!!!) and the rest ... that's not even interesting. Confidence is fascinating. And indeed it's sexaaaaaaaaaaay!!! xoxoxoxoxo

SeƱora Allnut said...

you're absolutely right about how awful is all that fake sexiness!, and Helen Mirren is sexy just walking into a room, she's got the Attitude!
Love your red t-shirt and pretty printed skirt outfit, it's a joyful ensemble, and red is always sexy in my book!
Fabulous landscapes indeed!
besos & rojo

Curtise said...

Funnily enough, I had a post about sexiness brewing, also after thinking about Bella and Jane's posts (though Jane hasn't posted her link up..) But I think you have said the main point of it, which is that attitude and confidence are far more appealing that loads of flesh and fake tits. "Sexy" is such a culturally-loaded, subjective concept.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, and Tamera - all lovely, classy, strong women with personality and confidence. I like them all! xxxx

Krista said...

I thought this was beautiful for most of my 20's, hence my big ole fake boobies:). Thank God I have since left CA and discovered my inner beauty and once I found that the outside was easy. I think you are as beautiful as any of these women because I also see your insides.

I love it where you live, Peetee and I wanna go on walks with you guys!

Vix said...

How did I miss this?!
Sexiness is all in the attitude - give me a bespectacled Jarvis Cocker over some waxed and fake tanned Chippendale any day of the week.
I wonder if the men who claim to find those human blow-up dolls sexy really do or feel like they have to pretend to as it is the perceived norm.
You've got great legs and forget modesty, flash them at every opportunity!
Mount Lock looks like a bit of England! xxx

Unknown said...

Love the new blog look! I am also thinking of making the move. This summer has been crazy what with trips and kids moving in and out and computer issues now where I can't upload photos...oh, well. It will all work out in time. Trips will end, college terms will start and I'll have more than enough time to start posting again! Are you planning on importing your old blog posts or just starting new? Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

citizen rosebud said...

What a great post, T! You are so right- and what great examples of sexy- Helen Mirren was sexy young, is even sexier now! And I LOVE your pin up of sexy: smoking hot red (bold colors so become you!) and a sassy, confide

citizen rosebud said...

Confident stance- and that shy yet confident smart gleam in your eye = crazy sexy.

Unknown said...

you have it all going on! confidence is sexy! I agreee yes yes yes yes yes!!!! love everything about this post xxxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Sexy is a state of mind ... not a state of undress.
Love this post.

Unknown said...

I agree. Confidence is sexy. Silicone is not. Lovely post.