Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Put A Bird On It!!!

The Diva enjoying some sunshine
Hiya Blogland!!  I'm still having connection issues with the camera and new tablet. The port thingy they just sent STILL doesn't work.  We are heading out this weekend to Best Buy to talk with a Samsung guy and get the right one. sometimes mail order isn't the best way!! Hubby has been using his laptop for final projects in school so I have to catch a moment when I can!
Last picture of the Diva and me taken April 12, 2013.
This week marked the one year anniversary of our beloved Diva's passing. Not a day goes by we don't miss her bossy, prissy sweet little self.  Gracie is a love bug and we adore her. Yet no one had so much personality and diva-tude rolled up in a blonde 8 lb chihuahua body.

Lame is so flattering to a Diva!!
Here's the links to the posts about her last year during this time:
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The Original International Style Icon
I'm going to apologize in advance for the large uncropped photos. The hubster needs to upgrade his Flashplayer so I can use Picmonkey!! This is what I wore to PT/Docs and a dinner out with hubby.

Thrifted bling, Top-Apt/Kohls, Jeans-Faded Glory/Walmart,Shoes-Merona/Target, Cuteness-Gracie Bomb!!
Necklace-DIY, Top-Walmart, Jeans-thrifted/DIY, Shoes-Skechers
Sweater-Kohls/clearance, Jeans-thrifted DIY, Scarf-thrifted, Shoes-Merona/Target
Top-Jaclyn Smith/Kmart, Skirt-Dressbarn/thrifted. Shoes-9West/thrifted

This is how I put a bird on it--LOLOL. I saw this sweater online at Kmart and fell in love. It's a nice silky cotton knit. The skirt is lace and still had the $59 tags on it.  This outfit reminds me of something sweet Patti would wear!!

Top-Apt9/Kohls, Jeans-Thrifted/DIY, Shoes-Merona/Target, Scarf-Thrifted       
Awesome purse I thrifted for $2. Ignore the chicken behind it!!!
I'm not able to do much thrifting these days. Thankfully I had put aside some Spring/Summer goodies last fall during my thrift-a-thons. A good bit of my wardrobe is still packed up and will remain so. Thank heavens for online shopping. The striped Apt.9 tops above were on sale and with some Kohl's cash I was given and coupons I was able to get them for around $8 each--which is thrift store prices in my area.

I plan on commandeering the hubster's computer again for Visible Monday if I must. Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!



Patti said...

Aw, thanks - and yes I would so definitely wear that bird sweater and skirt! Condolences on your one year anniversary of losing The Diva - she was indeed larger than life and full of personality. xox

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

LOL I love that you put a bird on it! Cause we all know everything is immediately better with a bird on it.

That purse is super fab! The chicken is eyeing it up though...

It is so sad when we lose a member of the family. They definately leave a hole in our hearts.

Have a great weekend! I hope you get all your tech issues sorted. Those are such a pain!


Megan Gann said...

I'm glad to 'see' you! And your pup. It's been awhile for me catching up. I'm loving your bright colors. I'm shifting more towards buying blue instead of red these days.

Sheila said...

Aw, a toast to our beloved Diva! You know she is frolicking beyond the Rainbow Bridge with Inigo!

Have you seen "Portlandia" (you can YouTube it)? They have a skit called "Put a Bird On It" - L and I always laugh when we see something with birds on it now.

pastcaring said...

Despite your health struggles, you always look bright and cheery and stylish, Tamera - you're amazing! And I don't mind the uncropped photos, it's nice to have a little nosy at your living room!
Ahhh, Little Miss Diva - much loved, much missed. xxxx

Vix said...

Stylish and fabulous despite the back problems, that's our Tamera - a shining example to us all!
Can't believe its been a whole year since our little Diva left Blogland. xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Chicken? What chicken?

It's also been a year since our Miss Kini died. Seems like yesterday.

Judy C said...

Three years since I lost my Shadow. Three long years without my best friend. I am sad for your loss. But I'm really enjoying your non cropped photos. You and your home make me feel happy. And your Diva was a doll.

Beth Waltz said...

That pix of the Diva smiling in the sunshine is a masterpiece of contentment in a garden! Be sure she is remembered fondly by your readers as an icon of style and attitude.

The bag is a splendid score at twice the price: well shopped!

Jean at said...

Love all that green and blue! I especially liked the outfit where you were wearing the rolled jeans/flats/blk-wht striped shirt, and green scarf. Cute bag, too.

I know you must miss your Diva. Thank you for sharing the pictures. XXOO

señora Allnut said...

so cute little Diva, I understand you miss her so much!
and you look lovely wearing your aqua and blue tops, so summery colors and pretty pieces!, I like your pics!
besos & abrazos

Heidi said...

Dein Hund ist ja goldig :)) Und die Tasche ist der Hammer . Genau mein Fall . Einfach super .Das gestreifte Shirt mit dem grünen Schal und der Jeans steht Dir fabelhaft ;))

LG und eine tolle Woche wünscht Dir heidi