Sunday, February 2, 2014

I think there's some kind of game tonite.....

This picture reminds me of Desiree!!

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone doing?? We are supposed to get more snow tonite into tomorrow. EEEKKK!!! We still have snow on the ground from last week!!  I'm sure y'all know tonite is the Super Bowl. I really don't care who wins--I'll watch the halftime show (Bruno Mars-LOVE) but am totally uninterested in the rest.  We are having a bunch of friends over. The guys will watch it whilst Andrea and I ( the only ladies) hang out in the Craft Palace and make a creative mess. I'm sure there will be glitter involved!!

I'm glad everyone enjoyed seeing the photo's of the Thirties movie stars. Such glamour and the clothes were so gorgeous. Today I will be sharing old advertisements and photo's of regular ladies from the Thirties!!

How stunning is the drapery at the back and along the hem?? I love the jacket!
The seaming at the waist and the sleeve detail is amazing!
I would wear any one of these.
I want the one with the dotty jacket!
The dresses had so much detail and trimming to make them interesting.
Look at the prices!!!  So elegant!
These fur coats are gorgeous!
Ladies out on the town.

I found these interesting charts that show the development year by year of Thirties styles.  I'm going to print them up and frame them--love their graphics.  Giving a shout out to Anne of Spy-Girl- I thought of your sketches when I saw these!!

I got out of the house once this week so -TAH-DAH- an outfit to share!!! We went to a friends house for Homegroup Friday nite. I had to take a pain pill to manage it but it was nice to be out among the human race.  I'm wearing a thrifted Avenue sweater dress, Aerosole boots, and WARM leggings. Gracie is rocking a purple paid sweater and natural chihuahua cuteness!!

Here I am in my hat for Style Crone's Hat Attack #7. I thrifted the polar fleece hat and added a DIY crocheted flower. I think it looks rather 1930's!! The pin was found at the craft store on the clearance rack.

Well I'm off to prepare for company. Ther hubster is doing all the cooking--I'm supervisory staff today!! LOLOL Everyone have a fantastic rest of the weekend and I'll be back later this week!!! It's about time to share WEIRD VALENTINES!!!

Isn't this gown so romantic??



Vix said...

You look gorgeous in your cloche and knitted dress (although Gracie looks pretty fab, too). So glad you managed a trip out, it must have done you the world of good!
I had no idea it was the Superbowl!

pastcaring said...

Every year, Simon takes the Monday after the Superbowl off work so he can stay up half the night to watch it. The kids are quite into American football too; it's not for me though, I'd be chatting with you and Andrea instead!
You look lovely in your knit dress and cloche hat, and how good to get out of the house, despite the cold.
The 1930s sketches are so beautiful, though you have to take the elongated shapes with a pinch of salt, those women's legs are unfeasibly long! xxx

Helga! said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I do love 30's frockage, but don;t think it would ever work on my figure! I do love how YOU are working that cloche, though! EEEP!
I do hope hubby was a great success! XXX

Paula Ruta said...

I love me some fashion history! Love the old pics and glad to hear you are out and about!
Love the hat. xoxo

Patti said...

Love your sweater-dress and cloche, T! Gracie is also fab, as per always. I agree the half-time show was the best part of this football game, too : > thanks for sharing those fantastic 30's fashion ads. Can you believe the prices? xox

thorne garnet said...

that games was so bad, at 9pm I turned to Downton Abby (The Doctor didn't even mind)

I just don't get Bruno Mars, I find him boring and unoriginal.

That dress with the smart chevrons? 89cents? I'll take 10 please.

Beryl said...

Ooh - Gracie loves the camera and the camera loves her back. You are definitely sharing the spotlight!
My husband is a native Seattleite, so he really enjoyed the game. It was the first time I'd seen Bruno Mars and he is so cute and talented. Looked like he was having fun.

Krista Gassib said...

Let me at that creative palace I could stay in there all weekend with you and the doggies :) Which room do they choose? I think you look so sweet in that for sure flapper style hat and of course you had to add your sweet touch! and those purple glasses me love!!!
Peetee and I are sending you guys warm snuggles! Thanks again for our matching scarves. They are awesome and warm like you!

Sheila said...

Wow, I love all those dresses! Such a romantic era, isn't it?

You look awesome in your sweater dress, and the look on Gracie's face just makes me laugh!

Val S said...

Love that sweater dress! It looks great on you, and the hat is the perfect way to top off that outfit.

Was there a big game or something recently? I enjoyed going out for a walk and then grocery shopping and to dinner - no crowds anywhere!

Kezzie said...

Oooh, what did you make with all the glitter?!! Sounds much more fun that football/baseball?
I like your hat- it's such a good idea adding pins to hats- makes them much more versatile and fun I've found recently and I love your dog's super purple sweater! I nipped over from Hat attack and am enamored by your liberal use of exclamation marks- I feel like I am reading me!!

Loved meeting your Tamera!x

The Style Crone said...

The 30's is one of my favorite eras for vintage. Thanks for showing a bit of the beauty that I have admired for years.

Your thrifted hat does have a 30's vibe and I love the addition of your crocheted flower. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack.

Beth Waltz said...

Remembering my mum's stories of 'making do' fashion of the 30s, your clever addition of a flower to create a dress-worthy cloche is definitely in the spirit of those hard times!

Haven't the figger for the slinkies; however, I do repurpose a set of fur clips to wear large scarves.

Ariane Lasalle said...

You are so adorable with your hat!
Great knitted dress, the color is perfect on you
Love your 30s pics, nobody dresses that way now, so sad!

Take care!


Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That hat is perfect for you. For a person in so much pain you have such a great smile.

So glad you managed to get out for a bit.

I loved looking at those images of dresses from the 1930's. Each one seemed to have some kind of embellishment up by the face. So feminine.

My girlfriend bought a magazine from the 1920's. I hope to do a post on it in the future.


Seeker said...

Ohhhh, you look so amazing in your cloche!!! Love your beautiful smile.
And this is a great post about fashion history, thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits.

Melanie said...

You look gorgeous in your knit dress and the hat is perfect on you - I love how this '30s retrospective has rubbed off. And your specs look great with it too. Glad you had some time with your friends, whipping up a creative storm. Weren't those dresses of the '30s dreamy?