Sunday, October 27, 2013

Handsome Sweater Boy Bill

Hiya Blogland !!! I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!! I've spent mine puttering around the house and relaxing. Last week I was off the grid due at Installation Public Works Academy in training for work. It was intense but very interesting. I've been kept with y'all on my tablet even though I wasn't commenting (just too much of a pain on the tablet) I'll be glad to get back to my regular routine this week.

As you can see by the picture above MrBill has taken to wearing his sweater. He was shivering so much I put it on him yesterday. He hasn't tried to take it off and he's been walking around in it. I keep telling him what a handsome boy he is!!! I need to find him a couple of more for this winter!! Here's a picture of Gracie and MrBill in the Craft Palace. Gracie is chomping on a chewy.

Some students in the class dressed SUPER casual this week. I decided to pretty much dress as I always do because there were some fairly influential and important folks higher up the foodchain in the class and it didn't hurt to give a professional impression. Plus I felt better knowing I was dressed nicely.

Thursday I pulled out a thrifted SagHarbor mint sweater, It had a little bow on the collar that I removed and replaced with a vintage brooch. The skirt is LaneBryant and thrifted. The zebra belt I found on Amazon super cheap. The boots are thrifted NineWest that I dyed black from scuffed dark brown. I got a ton of compliments on this outfit from classmates.

Friday was only a half-day for class so I decided to wear jeans. The jeans are ones I thrifted and made into stirrup pants. The boots are from Kmart last year (gift from hubster) The tunic is Avenue and thrifted. I pinned on a bunch of art-themed brooches. The bracelets are DIY, thrifted and from Krista.

Sunday's outfit wasn't anything like I planned. I had planned to wear a cobalt sweater with this. I had thrifted it (Rafaela) over the summer. Now it's TOO BIG!! I didn't want to totally undress so I swapped out a thrifted DressBarn sweater. The skirt is LaneBryant/thrifted and it's going in the donation bag. It does this weird twisting and bunching around the waist and it drove me crazy. Hasta la Vista skirt!! The scarf came from $5 below. The bracelet was thrifted some time ago.

I came home from church and went through the sweater hoard. Nothing I wore last year fits--I have a huge pile for the Goodwill. I was sad to say goodbye to my ivory fisherman's pullover and the plaid Pendleton cardigan. But oh well it means I need to thrift some more sweaters!!  Cold weather is knocking on the door!

I'm glad to get back in the swing of things again this week. Be back on Tuesday with some weird Halloween cards!!

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Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

You are the amazing shrinking woman!

I love the first and last outfits. That mint really suits you.


Lynn Marsh said...

Better to have to replace because you are getting smaller instead of because you are getting bigger....:)

Shybiker said...

Great scarf in the last photo.

pastcaring said...

Oh Mr Bill - what an expression on his little face!
My goodness, your wardrobe is really changing, isn't it? Out with the too big, and in with the slim! Shame about that maxi skirt, you look very long and elegant in it, but if it's a bugger to wear then it's no good.
New sweaters for you and Mr Bill are in order, then! Perhaps that's why he looks sad - he wants a different colour! xxxx

Vix said...

Mr Bill is just the cutest!
Well done on the on going weightloss and how exciting to be able to go out and buy loads of fab secondhand clothes and not need to think up an excuse either! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Dang woman, you are banging that beautiful checkered maxi and looking absolutely gorgeous! I can tell by that smile you're itching to get out and grab a load of sweaters that will fit you this winter! Oh and BTW, it wasn't only the trolls that went to Melbourne, it took my favourite green silk scarf you sent me and wore it with 95% of my outfits! xoxoxoxoxxo

Patti said...

You look great in that mint sweater - and I love the new belt! Mr. Bill is so sweet, I want to give him a hug in his sweater. xo

thorne garnet said...

Mr. Bill looks so cute in his sweater. Somewhere I have a photo of one of my cats dressed as the Easter bunny.

All the outfits are sweet, I can't imagine what's more casual than jeans and a pretty sweater. Did your co-workers think they weren't still at work?

Two thumbs up for the bag of donations!

se├▒ora Allnut said...

you're looking very professional, and very You!, love your great attitude about dressing up and feeling better!
Really love your mint pullover, such a pretty color and shape!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Oh ! I'm in love with mrbill!
I knew you had Gracie but i never saw MrBill!
What a sweet kissable mooochie face he has
Adorable with his sweater
Tamara you did well dressing up, you should always dress up no matter what!
I. Love the. Maxi at the end and the first outfit
Too bad for the clothes that don't fit you, but great that you lost all tha weight!
I use a tablet to comment, i like it

Take care


Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

I think you're a smart cookie to dress "up" for class. Whether we like it or not people form impressions about us based on what they see.

I've got a bet going with the Mr to see who can lose the most weight by Thanksgiving. Keep it up 'cause it's good for you - and you get to shop MORE ;-P


The Style Crone said...

No wonder your classmates were impressed. You are looking absolutely fabulous. I'm loving the tunic with boots!

Megan Gann said...

Awwww~ Poor pitiful Mr. Bill.

I love your fence print skirt! I always dress up for class, even though everyone else dresses down.

Helga! said...

SQUEE! Mr Bill is such a wee darling!!!! Yay he's all snuggly!!!
You are looking bloody stunning, my darling! XXX

Penny-Rose said...

Loving all these outfits and Mr Bill is looking very dashing in his sweater.

Val Sparkle said...

All great looks, even Mr. Bill's! That scarf in the last photo is a perfect Halloweeny pattern and color - all the colors of a witch's eyes.

Jean at said...

Looking great. I especially love that last outfit, but then again, maxis always win as far as I'm concerned. :-)


Anne M Bray said...

Love your black contribution to 52 Pick-me-up. That scarf!