Friday, October 4, 2013

Heart of Glass

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone doing?? It's HOT & HUMID here--like mid-July instead of October-UGH!!!

This weekend is Sheila from Ephemera's birthday. She's having a 70's themed party. I decided to recreate an outfit I wore frequently in the late 70's. I had a pair of thrifted Levi button-front jeans back then I wore to DEATH!!!  This pair I've had probably 15+ years-they are getting that nice aged look.  Black wooden sole clogs and a band Tshirt  was part of my uniform. back then. I recently found a Blondie tshirt at LaneBryant that I fell in love with. I added some punky jewelry, my black Earth Spirit clogs and a pink tiara(why not wear a tiara?) and I'm ready to party!!!
Miss Gracie of course had to join in. She's wearing her candy corn dress--perfect for an October birthday!
Quick updates: Uncle Bill is home now--he is so much happier being in his own environment than in the hospital or the nursing home for the end.

My sister had her hysterectomy this week. She only had to stay overnight and is home recuperating now. She says she's a bit sore and tires easily.

Curtis is still hanging in there. He's been enjoying getting outside in the wheelchair.

I'm currently furloughed from work due to the government shutdown. I've been taking advantage of the time off to get some stuff done around the house.

I had to go into town today for an eye doctor appointment (cool new glasses next week!!) so I HAD to stop by the charity thrifts.  My total bill today came in under $20!!

I found something that was one of my Holy Grail items. I've wanted a leopard winter coat FOREVER!!  I almost peed my pants when I spied this one!! It's by WhiteStag- machine washable, has a hood, AND reverses to a black waterproof taffeta!! Everything on my wish list!! Oh--and it was $6!!!
 Here's the rest of the goodies I scored:
Lane Bryant polysilk tunic

CRDaniels leopard sweater with lurex-still had original $59 tags

 Avenue knit skirt

LandsEnd cotton cardigan

Vintage leather purse.

It was so hot today I had to pull a maxi and sandals out to wear.

Busy weekend ahead--plus I'll be doing my hair again--purple AND hot pink!! Everyone have a fabulous time and I'll be back on Sunday!!



Helga said...

Woohoo, looking forward to the rainbow hair!!
Love that Blondie T, and the maxi and OMG that vintage purse!! EEEK!
I so understand about the leopard coat, I nerayl peed myself when I scored mine in May! I'd been after one for YEARS! Why they are so hard to find I do not know!!!
Darling Gracie! We're in love with a little schnauser at the moment, but our pookies would not be impressed if we brought him home!

Becky said...

Such fantastic scores!!! I also had a pair of vintage button fly Levi's that I thrifted and wore to death in the 90s... Still, wish those hadn't gotten away. They were perfection.

Patti said...

wow, that coat!! fantastic find. You look great in Blondie, too : >

Vix said...

Great coat! I have a glut of leopard coats, I'm hoping to make a killing at the next fair! They are a fab thing to liven up a miserable winter though, I just don't need 4!
Love the 1970s party outfit and Miss Gracie's too! That bag is gorgeous.
Great news on ill folk! xxxxx

Unknown said...

Purple and hot pink - who do you think you are, a Spashionista or something?! ;-)
I LOVE your Blondie shirt! I must secure one asap. I have a couple of Beatles Tees I never wear out because I don't like that boxy shape on me. I'm glad to see some graphic Tees are being cut with a woman's figure in mind.


thorne garnet said...

damn, girl, you bought my coat! White Stag is a strange line of clothes. Half of the stuff is cool while the other half looks grandma. Great scores!

Anonymous said...

Rock on with your bad self, girl! You look pretty hip in that first picture. You got that shirt at Lane Bryant - how cool! I want one!

I can't believe you got the absolutely perfect leopard coat - reversible, with a hood! Wow, wow, wow. I also love the polka dot top. Good score!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Tamera, I'm so late to the party, but you look like you'd be so much fun to party with! And thrifting vicariously through you is so much fun :) Congrats on the lovely, lovely coat.

Can't wait to see your hair.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

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Lynn said...

nice outfits. Sorry you are being affected by all the craziness that is all of our government. Hopefully the kids will learn to play together soon. We are finally getting some fall like weather. Of course that means rain.

Sheila said...

I am so envious of that fabulous coat, Tamera! What a find! I love your Blondie "Heart of Glass" outfit - just so much fun. Linking up to you for the 70s party today!

Krista said...

You look like a party in that blonde tee! Life sure has it's up and downs but I really wish you could get some relief from the heat! That 's why you found the jacket though:). Gracie is a love in her candy corn outfit!

jane said...

Every day I look forward to reading your blog. I love that big smile and your sense of humour. I read it to my husband and sons. Can you believe I thrifter a reversible leopard coat the same week you did?
Here in small town Canada, we don't find the brand names you do. But we have our own successes, and enjoy the process. I will think of you when I wear that coat this winter when it's -40 before the wind chill!,

Sue said...

OMG!!! I love the leopard print coat, how fabulous will you look in that for Winter!!