Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rain Rain go away!!

Hiya Blogland!! Greetings from soggy grey dreary Maryland!! WOW!! We've had 7 inches of rain since Wednesday and it's still raining!! MrBill and Gracie have been some unhappy campers!!

I wanted to share an easy DIY. I've wanted some skinny leg jeans to wear with boots. BUT...I hated the way any skinny jeans I tried on fit--and "jeggings" were a no go.  I found a pair of jeans at the Goodwill that fit well. They had flared legs but the side seams were "regular' and didn't have the top-stitching. I took the jeans legs in and hemmed them to my ankle. I then added a piece of 1 1/2" wide elastic at the bottom to make "stirrups". They worked PERFECTLY-my jeans stayed in my boots without bunching up.

The boots are from Kmart last year. The sweater is from Kohl's-gotten with a gift card. I've had the owl necklace and bangles for a bit. I think I may take the top in a bit--it's supposed to be loose and slouchy but this might be too loose.

Friday I pulled out some boots as I was wading through puddles all day!  The green sweater is Chico's/thrifted, the top Talbots/thrifted, the skirt is SagHarbor/thrifted. The boots are Aerosole from kohl's gotten at a 90% discount/sale.

Saturday I was running errands in the RAIN (ugh) Had to pick up my new specs! Wearing my DIY jeans, Aerosole boots, vintage purse and a thrifted sweater. My hubby thought it had tire treads on it!!!

Sunday I sported some serious pattern-matching!! I got a ton of compliments on this outfit. Everything is thrifted except the tights (Target)I'm wearing the new specs!

Here's a close-up of the prints. The skirt has a thread of teal in it.

And here's a closer look at the new specs. The are a translucent purple with black ear pieces. They are FUN and unexpected. If I gotta have them perched on my face I might as well make a statement!!

Tomorrow I'm off for Columbus Day. Andrea and I are having a Girl's Day Out. I'm taking her to Frederick (where I work) to check out the 4 Goodwill's.

Everyone have a fabulous rest of the weekend and I'll be back later this week!!




Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Wow I love your new glasses! Very much you. Funny, quirky and a little on the wild side : )

Your face is looking slimmer by the day too.


Patti said...

Great looks, Tamera! Love the "tire-track" sweater (sorry! it's a catchy name : > ) and the new glasses are fab. xox

Paula Ruta said...

Love all your outfits and yes rain can be a downer.
In the second pic you are a QUEEN! (LOOK closer!) xoxo

thorne garnet said...

love the glasses, they look like mine! We use that elastic stirrup trick in costuming, it really does keep pant legs in the boots.

Lynn Marsh said...

Nice specs. I like the sweater/topper in the last pic.

Helga! said...

It must be wet all over the world! It's been pissing down on and off here for almost a week! GAH!
You are looking just gorgeous! Those LEGS in those jeans and boots make me PURR! XXX

Shybiker said...

Nice glasses. Enjoy your day off.

Sheila said...

Wonderful looks! Hurrah, another woman with purple spectacles - it's the new tortoiseshell!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I love your "tire treads" sweater! :)

Vix said...

Sounds like we're sharing the same weather, it's hard to stay positive when its so miserable out! Fabulously colourful and chic outfits and glorious new specs! xxx

seƱora Allnut said...

great DIY, so easy and useful!!, and you're looking gorgeous!, love every outfit you're wearing, particularly that last one, love that grey mixed patterns with a touch of teal, really elegant and cool! and your new glasses are cute indeed, but your best accessory is your pretty smile!!

pastcaring said...

I know, I know, it's been raining endlessly here too...
Love your casual outfits with jeans and boots, Tamera, clever idea with the skinnies makeover. And your new glasses are wonderful, very flattering on you, you look lovely. xxxx

Megan Gann said...

You may be having rotten weather, but your outfits are really on point. The details, the colors, the layering! Making me wish quite heartily for just slightly cooler weather!

The Style Crone said...

I agree. Glasses are a daily accessory and why not have them speak for themselves, as you do, with your new specs.

Love your outfits, with my favorite being the pattern mixed composition. Looks like your boot inventory is getting a work out!

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Love, love, love those glasses! You look ten years younger and they are the perfect shape for your face.

You put us all to shame with your resourcefulness in finding such cute pieces for so little money.


Sacramento Amate said...

No rain her. It must have been last winter when it rained.
Great outfits, my dear tamera.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hey your pics are bigger so now I get to see all those wonderful details up close! Good grief, don't move coz your clothes are gonna fall off you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo