Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Neon, emerald, berry & gingham with a side of seahorse

Hiya Blogland!! Autumn has finally returned to Western Maryland. It's like 25 degrees COOLER today than it was yesterday morning!! YAY

I got recalled to work yesterday. Super. I'm not getting PAID (no budget for govt. yet) but I have to report. And basically do nothing as there is no one here on base. The DPW is considered essential to military operations now. So much for my plans to do stuff around the house!

Monday's outfit had a male co-worker say I looked like a colorful rainbow. I replied yeah--the colorful rainbow over crap island!! The outfit is thrifted except for the dollar store socks. The top is a very fine gauge knit--and was a size medium in JUNIORS--seriously--it's BIG on me-- a medium junior size gal would've been swimming in it. This is a great example of not being concerned with the size. I go thru all the racks and pick up stuff and decide if it might fit regardless of the label.  It's rather "trendy"--neon, striped and a sweatshirt type style. I just LIKED it. I'm not sure how well it worked with a pencil skirt but I know it will be cute with jeans. I stuck the socks on with the thrifted Ninewest booties as the ankles rubbed a bit. I liked the slouchy bit of color they provided. I slapped my "Keep Calm and Carry On" pendant as I went out the door as it was appropo for work!!

Tuesday's outfit was inspired by this outfit Sheila of Ephemera wore recently. I love the combo of emerald green, black and white!!

Everything is thrifted except for the boots-which I've had for years. The sweater is LaneBryant. I wear a lot of LaneBryant but their retail prices are INSANE. I recently had a gift card to burn there and had some serious sticker shock!! This sweater was probably $60 new and I paid $3. Funny story about the pants. I had bypassed them on the goodwill rack for about a month. They are a size I couldn't imagine wearing. Last week I decided why not try them on. To my astonishment they fit and fit really really well. They are a cotton/spandex denim. They had the original Sears tag on them for $26.99!!! LOLOLOL  I'm guessing by the tag (no bar code) and the tapered legs they are late 80's/early 90's vintage.  Not bad for $3!! They are right on trend with the narrow ankle pants that are popular--and great under boots!!  I decided that the perfect accessories would be my rhinestoned petrified seahorse pins and earrings.  Because everything is improved by petrified rhinestoned sea creatures!!

Wednesday's outfit is my Spygirl 52 Pick-me-up: Tone Poem inspiration. We were to mix a bright color with a darker shade of the color. I chose some bright pink tights(Merona/Target) with a thrifted darker raspberry cardigan.  I paired it with an aqua Lane Bryant tshirt and grey Avenue skirt (both thrifted).  My earrings and the ticket brooch are from sweet Desiree.

And the funny thing is this outfit was also inspired by an outfit of Sheila's:

This week is also Shoe Shine at Citizen Rosebud's.  I recently thrifted these Aerosole mary-janes for under $5!! I love the wing tip detailing and the lug-like soles. Plus they are SUPER comfy!!

We are expecting a lot of rain the next few days--which we desperately need. It's gotten rather raw and chilly (amazing considering it was 90+ on Sunday!!) so I'll need to put a sweater on Gracie. She was shivering in her dress this morning! I have tons of inside projects to do(CHRISTMAS!!) I'm hoping to get all the pictures I took of our friends fabulous home from this weekend edited and the post up on Friday.




Susan Partlan said...

You can never go wrong with neon. I love the purple tights too.

Megan Gann said...

I LOVE the socks with the first outfit. Love them!

Also houndstooth and green - awesomesauce!

I love Sheila inspired looks. Her closed is so yummy and colorful!

Val Sparkle said...

So many pretty colors, and they all look fabulous! I love the boots and socks in the first outfit - the boots are so like my favorites.

I don't know what DPW is, but it seems mean to require you to go in to work when they won't pay you. Or maybe they'll pay you back after China takes over, buys our country and pays our bills for us!

Vix said...

You're always like a rainbow, does that co-worker walk round with his eyes shut?!
Those dogtooth pants are a great find, I can see you getting loads of wear out of them and the pink tights and photo-bombing Gracie rock! xxx

Patti said...

Rainbow every day, like Vix said -- that's you! I love these cheery looks, and you really accessorize like a boss. Hi Gracie! xo

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Couldn't agree more about the petrified rhinestone seahorse pins. Now I know what I'm missing in my wardrobe. It should have been so obvious! Seriously I am jealous of those pins. Except I'd wear them as a cardigan closure like they used to in the 50's. On the top button.

You and I are feet twins today. I'm also wearing booties with striped socks ... and I too had a doggie photo bomber. Trend alert!!! Just know that it all started here with you and I Tamera. : )

You always seem to score big at the thrift stores.


seƱora Allnut said...

emerald green black&white is a fabulous combo and both you look fabulous wearing it, so glad that you recovered your pants, they've a pretty print!
And also love how you sport your berries shades, so autumnal!, and love that aqua color touch, it rocks!
Hope you would come back to work (as a govt. employee myself, I feel very supportive!)
besos & apoyo

The Style Crone said...

You endless creativity and wit always keep me coming back for more, more, more. I do agree. Sheila is a constant inspiration.

thorne garnet said...

now if they'd just pay you! Jerks!

I'm wearing a Lane Bryant blouse I thrifted for a couple of bucks. I found a ton of them at Goodwill awhile ago, someone must have lost weight as they were in great condition. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I too love Lane Bryant clothes, but I refuse to pay their crazy prices. I really love their jeans.<3
And I get all of them at Goodwill for $5.00 a pair or half off tag day. That's my trick for getting more, I only look at that color tag for that week and next week so I now when to get it for half off. :)

Happy thrifting Ann

Anne M Bray said...

Love your outfits here! The Sheila inspo is so fun! The Berry/aqua/pink mixture is very pretty. But I'm especially partial to the emerald/houndstooth -- on both of you!

Thanks for linking up!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Love that first striped shirt and the pink tights are gorgeous.

Helga! said...

I just love how much inspiration we all get from our fellow bloggers! Sheila does great colours, and so do you, so it's like a match made in heaven!
POOS to being called into work for NO PAY! Suck! At least you always look spectacular, that's pay enough for everyone else, I'm sure! XXX

pastcaring said...

Work? No pay? That's what being a woman's all about, isn't it?! It stinks though!
Love all the colour and contrast in these outfits, Tamera, and of course your extremely thrifty shopping! You look amazing in that bright emerald green, and the pink tights are fab!
Hope you and Gracie keep warm and stylish - of course you will.
PS. How's Mr Bill? We haven't seen him for a while. xxx

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Tamera

Your link didn't show again, so i took the liberty to link you!
What a drag that US Budget not settle yet -

Tks for linking up
Have a nice weekend

Ariane xo

Sacramento Amate said...

You look wonderful in every outfit beautifully accessorised by your smile.
Have a fabulous weekend, dear tamera.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, where have I been blogging for the past three years? I turned 50 last Sat and decided it was time to say goodbye to my last blog and hello to a new direction. Here I am a week later visiting fashion and 50+ blogs for the first time ever and every page I click to leads to more inspiration than ever before. You ladies are FEARLESS! I love it.
Stay fabulous!