Sunday, December 15, 2013

Too stupid for a smart phone

Buddies in matching Christmas sweaters!!
Hiya Blogland!! Greetings from snowy Western Maryland!!! We are living in a winter wonderland. MrBill is hating life right now-all of this snow confuses him. Gracie LOVES it!!

I've been hanging in there in regards to my slip last week and my back/hip.  I've got another doctor's appointment Tuesday morning. I've been spending loads of quality time in the recliner with my Kindle. I've been reading every one's posts even if I'm not commenting. Commenting from the Kindle is a pain in the butt. I can't sit in the chair too long to use the computer. The happy pills make me sleep alot. Gracie and MrBill have been enjoying lots of Mommy lap time.

In the spirit of keeping it real I've been rocking a variation of this lovely and flattering outfit all week. Knit pants, fleecy pullover, Tshirt, warm socks and slippers. The pants and pullover are from Goodwill though!!
Setting the fashion world ON FIRE!!!

Lauren and I got new phones as our Christmas gifts to each other. We've had Iphone 3's (HATE)the last few years and it was time to upgrade. Lauren decided on Galaxy Note 2's for us. They are really spiffy and so much easier to use than the Iphone. HOWEVER--it took me a bit to figure out how to answer the phone when someone called.  Lauren is a total techno-weenie and loves all the features. I'm spending my time just figuring it out.

I tried to do a Xmas photoshoot with Gracie and MrBill in their matching sweaters. Gracie is just too curious and busy and wouldn't sit still. I finally got pictures of them napping!!

The Diva LOVED to have her picture taken. The problem with her was her hogging the camera--she'd jump in front of poor Bill. It WAS all about her.

Christmas 2012 - RIP The Diva
Now that I've dazzled you with my styling togs--heres' some more Christmas deco pictures:
Close-ups of living room tree with vintage glass ornaments
The Santa tree in the dining room.
Santa's on dining room hutch. Some DIY and some thrifted.
Hanging Santa's I made.
Dining room decorations. The feather tree was thrifted at  a yardsale for $1 including the vintage ornaments!!
Candy/baking themed display in kitchen. Everything is thrifted.

The "Diva" tree. Amazing that this was in someones TRASH!!

The tree skirt was DIY from a vintage tablecloth. The ornaments are either DIY or vintage.
Close-up of vintage-look batting Santas I made. I want to do more for next year. These are based off a Victorian era Santa ornament
Newest Diva ornament I got at Hobby Lobby. Looks just like her!!

Although I've been a bit invisible this week style-wise I'm linking up with all of the far more fabulous ladies for Visible Monday #119 and Share-in-Style: Christmas. I'm standing next to a Christmas tree so that should count!! Plus Gracie and MrBill are sharing their Christmas sweaters!!

Everyone have a fantastic start to your week !! I'll be back later in the week even if it's to share another stunning pullover and pants and slippers ensemble!!



Patti said...

Of course you are visible - always! Sorry you're a bit punky though, and I hope your full gears are restored v. soon. I adore the pics of your doggies in their Christmas wear, even if Mr. Bill doesn't share the enthusiasm. Thanks for linking up, xox.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Ah! love you so much and all your wonderful posts Tamera!
Mr Bill and Gracie are so cute in their matching sweaters!
My yoga instructor has 2 little guys like yours, they are called Pixel and Mollie -
Never in my life have I seen so much X-mas decorations in one place- You should be featured in a magazine!
Hope your back feels better soon keep taking those happy pills!

Big hugs


Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Hope the back feels better soon. At least you have happy pills and puppies to keep you warm : )

That ornament really does look like your little Diva. I am sure you are missing her.


Jean at said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear you're not feeling well!!! Your house is a joy, however! I love every bit of Christmas. Your doggies look adorable in their little sweaters, too.


pao said...

You look adorably comfortable in your get well soon ensemble, Tamera. Almost as cute as the doggies in their Christmas sweaters. Is that three (3) Christmas trees I see?!! Well, of course, it's your house, isn't it?

Judy C said...

I quit putting up a tree when the kids weren't here at Christmas. Your trees make me wish I was there to enjoy them. And your babies are adorable in their sweaters. I hope you are feeling wonderful soon.

Beth Waltz said...

My furry housemates are of the claws-in-paws species: they don't do sweaters, they do adore Christmas trees laden with bright, sparkly swingy toys, however... My own thrifted ornamental decor is therefore of the white ceramic vessels filled with faux red white and green florals variety. I'm with you in snowy Maryland in spirit, dear Tamera, wearing my own layers of loveliness (it's darn cold here in Indiana!), and slurping hot cocoa whilst inspecting your treasures. Joy to the World and God bless us every one!

Vix said...

Hope you start feeling much better soon, stay snuggly and do get tripping up over fairy lights, tree stands or doggies in snazzy jumpers! xxxx

pastcaring said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear that you are still feeling unwell, Tamera. Comfy clothes are necessary for recliner duty, snoozing, and pup cuddling! Hope you feel back to your usual self very soon.
Your house is just the most Christmassy place in the world! Christmas jumpers for everyone! xxxx

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Being an utter fool for a white tree, the Diva tree has absolutely taken my breath away. It's not looking like we will have a tree this year, so I'll get my tree fix by admiring yours from afar :D

Giggled when you set the fashion world on fire. I have this utterly fabulous bathrobe from Goodwill that my family hates and admittedly "don't get it" that I'm thinking of sharing on the blog soon. The fashion world will die after laughing itself into an apoplectic fit ;P

Aya in Couturgatory said...

Your gorgeous decorations continue to blow me away! I'm glad you're staying comfy; take care of yourself until you're better!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That tree was in the trash! Crazy. All your ornaments are so pretty!!!

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you fell and hurt yourself :-(. I hope you feel better soon!
Have you considered auditioning for one of TLC's "Extreme Christmas decorations" episodes? I can't believe you have the energy to put out all of those decorations - and outfit the furbabies so stylishly!


Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Really ... you look so cute in pink, even if you're in your recovery clothes! Get well fast! The house looks lovely and the dogs look all nap-focused and sweet. NONE of my dogs like the snow. They're not confused, just resentful, and treat Dan and I like we made it happen. At the very least, we should make it go away!
Do you have a keyboard for your Kindle? I got one, and it's helpful. Don't worry about writing much. Let us come to you!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I love the traditional tree with the vintage ornaments. But that white diva is delicious, daaling!

The Style Crone said...

So sorry to hear about your fall and the injuries that you sustained. Hoping that the warm and cozy pullover will keep you in the pink.

Your decorating amazed and thrills me. Take care Dear Tamera!