Thursday, December 12, 2013

Well this week could've gone better

Here's the porch in the snow for Desiree!!

Hiya Blogland from snowy, cold Western Maryland!! WOW--it's brutally cold and we've gotten 14 inches of snow since Sunday with more to come Saturday. I love winter and snow but this is getting ridiculous!!

My work opened late on Monday. I dressed for a snowy, cold day. Thrifted sweater, DIY stirrup jeans and my Aerosole boots with the nice sturdy sole.

Here's a picture of the leopard coat of Awesomeness reversed to the waterproof side:

I trekked into my office Monday amongst the ice and snow as carefully as I could. I managed to get in the front door and promptly slipped on the wet floor. I AM the Queen of Klutzlvania after all. My right leg slid out and my left stayed planted. I was able to catch myself before I hit the floor. I wrenched my left hip, knee and my back. So I've been vegging out in the recliner taking some awesome happy pills.

My sartorial choices are rather limited this week. I did get a picture of this STUNNING Sears polyester hostess gown I scored at the Goodwill Saturday for $3. I'm thinking it's from the 70's. It was perfect for decorating the Xmas tree. Lauren thought I'd finally lost my mind!!
My little helper in her Santa sweater.
I had a really cool plaid outfit planned for Spygirls 52 Pick-me-up: Mad for Plaid. I wore this outfit to a cookie exchange this weekend. The shirt is thrifted Chaps tartan. I guess this will have to work for this challenge!!

This week is also Shoe Shine at Citizen Rosebuds. I'm sharing these awesome Nine & Co. ankle booties I scored for $4!! Super comfortable--they have a little 1 inch wedge.

I want to share some more Christmas decor. This is our Master Bathroom:
I painted the little Santa. The large was thrifted for $1 at a yardsale.

Yes, I decorate the toilet!!!

I made the stuff on the wreath back when I did craft shows.

Yard Sale Santa for $1

DIY Angel tree

Here's some pix of the Hall/Guest bathroom decorations:
Thrifted garland and a DIY card garland
Christmas Charming Tales collection. Lauren get's me this figurines for different event.
Bleached and glittered trees, old candles and some Epsom salts
Thrifted Nativity, trees, and Epsom salts in an old pedestal dish

DIY Kitty Tree, Santa made by 90+ neighbor lady and thrifted vintage Santa & deer

DIY Bottlebrush trees, vintage angels and elves
Vintage ornament tree. The base is a block of wood with an extendable radio antennae to put the bulbs on.

Everyone have a fabulous day and I'll be back later this week with more Christmas decorations!!



Vix said...

Your Sears frock is tremendous on you, you should print off that photo of you in your maxi with the tree next to you, bext Xmas card ever!
Feel better soon! xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Soooooooooooooo lovely, Christmasy and warm, ahhhhhhhhhhh
I love snow and adore you.
Don´t forget to joing Share-in-Style: Christmas tomorrow

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

You are getting my vote for Style Blogger of th' Year, both for coordinating your pup's outfit with your stunning hostess gown, and for decorating toilets. (I mostly slam the lids down on mine to keep the cat out. She is also an enormous fan of toilet paper.)

I hope you are feeling better. That sounds like a rough fall.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Oh my I just love that last mantle! So pretty.

You guys did get lots of snow.

That is not good about "almost falling". You are lucky you didn't really fall and break something.

Both my husband and I have fallen in years past while walking the dog. There are always some hidden icy patches on the sidewalks. Zoe will be getting far less walks once it turns icy and snowy here.

Stay warm!


pastcaring said...

Oh my goodness, that vintage dress is amazing! And Gracie matches, how sweet is that?!
Ouch to the falling over, brr to the snow, and hurray for all your cosy outfits! xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I want one of those little multi-level shelves!!!! Your hostess dress is absolutely fantastic!!! So sorry you fell. I am a total klutz and it's the worst.

Patti said...

So sorry you fell! Yay for happy meds. I fall more than the average person too - it's a bit of a joke in our family : >

You look groovy in that hostess dress, and in plaid too. Have a safe and restful evening. xo

Beryl said...

Sorry you took a spill - but know what you mean about the happy pills. That green caftan is a total flashback. Who knew Epsom salts made such great snow? (Of course, you did!)

thorne garnet said...

I love that you put Christmas in the bathrooms, heck, why not? I'm stealing the epsom salt as snow idea,and now I want a groovy hostess gown. Somewhere I have a photo of one of my cats dressed as a reindeer. They don't dig sweaters( or reindeer costumes)

Feel better!

kate steeper said...

the hostess gown is to die for....

Aya in Couturgatory said...

Man, that kaftan is truly a Christmas miracle to behold. I love it!

I'm sorry to hear about your spill! I hope you are feeling better soon and that you have plenty of rest and hot water bottles/heat pads for your muscles.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Tamera!

Hope the back is better, you have to be careful!
The Sears gown is so perfect, what a score, i have a few that i don't wear much, accumulating dust in the closet!
We got the snow last night and still snowing, I'm sure we got about 10 or 12 cm or maybe more - Yesterday the temp were at -30, brutal - I want to move to Florida!

I see you have decoration in the bathroom, aren't you the queen of X-mas decoration! i see you a garland over the shower curtain! Do you have to remove the garland when you want take a shower? or is it a guess bathroom so you don't have to remover the garland every time you want to take a shower?

And OMG! the leopard coat! what a beauty! I'm so jealous!

Take X-Mas queen



Paula Ruta said...

Love the leopard lines coat! ugh the snow--we didnt get much--thank God! xoxo

Megan Gann said...

Ohno!! I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. At least you're taking it easy.