Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gracie in the snow!!

Hiya Blogland from snowy Western Maryland!! We've gotten about 7+ inches of snow so far today with more plus sleet and freezing rain to come. Gracie is experiencing her first snowstorm!!! MrBill is smart and won't even go outside (thankfully both are puppy pad trained)  Gracie went tearing out the sidewalk (which had been swept clear an hour before and came face to face with snow up to her neck. She plowed in, jumped about 3 foot in the air and kangaroo-hopped back on the porch. She doesn't like this one bit!!

I FINALLY got all the lights off the tree!!! Last nite I put the new lights and garland on. Today I'll put the ornaments on. I did find something rather fetching at the Goodwill to wear to decorate the tree. Pix to come later this week!!

I want to share some more of the Christmas hoard. I collect vintage figural planters and have amassed a collection of Christmas-themed ones in my travels. I display them on the top of the built in shelves in the living room:

I have a collection of Nativities that I display on the built-in bookshelves.  These were (except one) thrifted for $2 or less. You can see some of my cookbook hoard....I mean collection in the background.
The one with the greenery is my childhood Nativity. It's cardboard and plastic and still has the McCrory's 59 cent tag on the bottom.

Larger version of my childhood Nativity. This originally cost $1.29!!

Here's a couple of Christmas decor odds and ends in the living room.
Plastic Santa in sled with Santa in thrifted frame. These sit on lidded basket stack by front door. I've seen these Santa's for upwards of $15 at antique store. I got two for $1!!
Thrifted greens around end table lamp with Santa I painted.

Thrifted ($2) Santa
Side table vignette--thrifted greens, DIY candle pedestal, DIY glittered candle, Belsnickles
Belsnickles. I painted these. A craft store nearby about 25 years ago used to sell unfinished plaster stuff.
Front window. Greenery & Santa are thrifted, I made the star garland out of star ornaments I had made for the old front porch tree. You read that right. I used to have a larger primitive style tree on my front porch!!!

One of a pair of 50+ year old trees from my childhood. These were always on the mantle.

The last few days weather-wise have been COLD, plus rainy or snowy. I've been breaking out the boots and pants!!
Friday: Thrifted Cardigan, Aerosole boots, LaneBryant pink pullover, DIY jeans, Vintage (made in occupied Japan) scarf
Saturday: Kmart Boots, Thrifted Chaps Blouse, Vintage Xmas Scarf, DIY jeans
Thrifted cardigan, thrifted black T, thrifted pants, black boots, vintage Xmas pins

I'm off to finish decorating the tree and make some pumpkin gingerbread. I'll be back later this week with more decoration pix!!



seƱora Allnut said...

you own a really great collection, so many pieces and so many vintage cuteness!, and you look really warm and colorful, love that you're wearing green and red and that pretty scarf in the second outfit, and love the last outfit particularly!, so elegant cardi!
besos & smiles

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Aaaaaah heavenly Tamera! Snow, excited pooch, boots and a wonderful treat to see your beautiful decorations. Every wee nook and cranny looks so inviting with the amazing collection you've squirrelled away over the years ... so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing ... ooh and I have a request, a pic of your front porch in the snow please? I'm having winter withdrawals and you do it so well! xoxoxoxoxoox

thorne garnet said...

love all the Santas! I have a ton, mostly thrifted, too. In fact I have a whole Santa tree. I have to wait until after I finish a home project to put up Christmas.

Snow looks pretty. I'm siting in my den, wearing a tank top, with the ceiling fans going and the front door open. It's way too hot to be December.

Patti said...

Love the pic of Gracie in the snow! Brave girl (for the moment) : > and your collections are marvelous - so much love and care can be seen. xox

Beryl said...

What a delightful post - I love the joy you get from your collections! You are certainly a gifted painter. Those figurines are terrific. And very nice outfits this week. Thanks!

Hummingbird5 said...

You really are just a joy, and I enjoy every one of you posts. Your house looks lovely in its Christmas attire, and so do you! Thanks for the tour of your collection. Christmas Cheer from Linda.

Ariane Lasalle said...

We got snow as well! but it will turn into rain later - I hate that!
Awwwwww! Gracie is so adorable in the snow but she doesn't like it, i totally understand Gracie, I love to watch winter storms but don't like the snow!
So many X-mas decos, it's so amazing, i never seen so much in one place!
You look cozy, warm and colorful, i especially like your last outfit

Take care lovely Tamera



Vix said...

Oh no...snow and Christmas, two things I don't like one little bit!
Gracie looks so cute and tiny in the snow and you look fab in your boots and trouser combos.
Stay warm! xxxxxx

pastcaring said...

So much snow! You look warm and cosy on your trousers and knitwear, and you're working the vintage scarves, Tamera!

Oh poor Gracie, I bet she had the shock of her little life, landing in all that freezing snow! Mr Bill has the right idea - stay indoors! xxxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Your collection of all things Christmas continues to amaze me. What a treat.

So funny that Gracie doesn't care for the snow. Zoe doesn't mind it but hates the salt that they scatter everywhere. Very bad for her paws.

I love the boots and sweaters. I'm with you…boots are a necessity when there is snow on the ground.


Aya in Couturgatory said...

Christmas in your house looks so lovely and festive!

I'm in agreement with you about the boots. Yours do look fantastic. And a vintage made in Occupied Japan scarf? *swoon*

Mel-Bee said...

I love your Jesus-centered Christmas decorations! Thanks for sharing your nativity collection. You are living proof that fabulous like new clothes can be thrifted! Keep up your crafting genius.

The Style Crone said...

I see that we both have a 'collector's brain.' So happy to know that I'm not the only one. I enjoy your festive attitude and how you make the season bright. Which includes the ensembles that you have composed for the weather and the season. Gorgeous.

Helga! said...

O, the wee darling! I want to warm her up with some snuggles whilst I scoff all of your gingerbread........MMMMMMMMMM



The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Beeg snow. Wee dawg!

Aren't those square scarves fabulous? I can't believe I never wore them until the last year or so. They are some of my fave $1 Goodwill scores :)

Citizen Rosebud said...

My mom collects Snowmen for Xmas decorations and she would oooh and ahh for days over your Xmas collection. I am oooohing over your very warm looking and very festive color mix of green and red- love the freshness of the green! speaking of fresh- is that a new haircut or are you just having a TERRIFIC hair day?