Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unlighting a Christmas tree

Hiya Blogland!! I'm still in Christmas Decorating MODE here!! Every year I say I'm going to down-size and every year there is MORE STUFF. Here are views of some of the Santa's I've made. I started making Santa's about 35 years ago when I wanted to collect them but couldn't afford them.:
Santa's on desk. All but the 2nd from right were made by me.


I have one last tree to decorate-the big one in the living room that gets all of the vintage glass ornaments. I pulled it out of the box last night to set it up. It's one of the pre-lit ones (but getting a bit old) and this year several strands of lights are ka-put!!  I tried new bulbs and all that but unfortunately it looks like broken wires.

SO tonite I will be unlighting it. Ugh. My hands look like they've been through a shredder. I'll put strands of multi-color LED larger bulb lights on it when I'm done. (It originally had white mini-lights) It will give it a new look I think.

This week is Literary Stylings #6 at Fashion for Giants. This past month I finished up two more Miss fisher mysteries but that was last month's outfit. Other than that I've been reading Christmas Cookbooks from my collection and books from the library on vintage Christmas decor and such. Here's a couple I read. Great for information and spotting the "good" stuff at thrifts!!

Here's my outfit. I'm wearing a thrifted SagHarbor sweater,  thrifted trousers, a thrifted vintage Echo candy cane scarf, thrifted vintage holly earrings and thrifted Lifestyles loafers. That's a sneak peek of the trash tree behind me!

Wednesday's outfit is almost all RETAIL!!! The skirt is George and was brought on sale at Walmart. The sweater in LaneBryant and gotten with a gift card. I had to order it (none in my size in store) and it just came. The bracelets are vintage and the pin is thrifted. The boots are my thrifted Guess boots of Awesomeness!!

Thursday's outfit is for Spy Girl's 52 Pick-Me-Up:Layers Challenge. I decided to go a bit "punk". Couldn't layer too much as it is a bit warmer today before it plunges back into freezing!! I'm wearing a thrifted refashioned tiger cardigan (it had a built in shell I cut out), thrifted LaneBryant skirt, Blondie rocker T (LaneBryant gift card), Rhinestone Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory I got on clearance and fixed, two pair of tights layers, bracelets-thrifted and sweet Krista and thrifted Nine & Co booties.

This outfit got some eyebrow raising at work. LOLOLOL The Blondie T really threw them off!! Here's a close-up of the tight layers:

Well I'm off to pick lights off the tree while I watch the Sound of Music Live. Everyone have a fabulous weekend!!

BTW--I do read every ones comments. I usually like to comment back via email but life is crazy right now and I'm reading on my phone and it's craptacular to respond to emails on. I have trouble typing on a regular keyboard... much less that miniature one!! I appreciate each and everyone!!



thorne garnet said...

It's bounced back into the 80's here, my Christmas spirit is nowhere to be found. ( it's hiding under the bed, at least the trees are)

There's so much judging going on with The Sound Of Music. I know way too many people involved with musical theatre. Watch it , then judge

Patti said...

You are a brilliant Santa-Maker! I am enjoying all the varieties you've made. And I really like your looks, esp the punk-Blondie-tee one! xox

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh you are a darling Tamera! You've give my morning a desperately-needed boost ... beautiful Santas made by you, you in a KILT AND LACE UP BOOTS!!!!!! Gah, you are SOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! I'm desperately trying to work out what the last Santa is straddling ... is he surfing on a rocket? ;) xoxoxoxoxo

Anne M Bray said...

Oh you 80s tigress you. The last image of the double tights cracked me up. I used to do that with my fishnets in 6 - 8th grade. Back in the olden days!
I'm all for raising eyebrows at work. I get no success at it though.
Blondie tee fab. New stripey sweater with pink (and purple?) accents fab. YOU are fab!
Thanks for linking up to 52 Pick-me-up!

Vix said...

The double tights thing was how I dressed for most of the 1980s! Love the punk look! xxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I just love that double tights idea.

I want that Blondie Tee.

Your crafting talents know no bounds.


Krista Gassib said...

I love how you are the queen of creation! Your santos are sweet and each so different! I'm sorry about the tree save it she's a beauty! I adore your punk outfit and the fact that your coworkers did a double take makes me love it more!
Big hugs to you and the doggies from me and Peetee!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Tamera,

I love the punk look, you should dress like that more often! Who cares about raising eyebrows!I have been raising eyebrows all my life, hahaha!
I purchased a pair of double thights lately on e-bay, i didn't wear them yet - But i will soon - We have a boring office X-Mas supper tomorrow night, maybe it will raise an eyebrow or two!

Great Santas! you are the queen of Santas!



pastcaring said...

More Santas than you can shake a Christmas tree at! And you look so cosy in your sweaters, loving the zebra/Blondie/double tights action! xxxx

Lynn Marsh said...

Love those Santas. You have quite a gift.

Val Sparkle said...

Wow, you are talented! And so damn energetic, I feel like a real slacker.

Love your punk outfit - the zebra top and Blondie tee shirt are so cool!

Melanie said...

Your Santas are incredible. You are a crafting diva. I'm so glad you are not cutting back on your decorating. Not decorating myself, I am enjoying basking in the beauty of the loving touches you've added to your home.
Your outfits are all wonderful. I love your animal print cardigan with Blondie.
Your best holiday light is your AWESOME smile. Good to see you.

Sugar Lane said...

great decorations!
have a lovely weekend,

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Sacramento Amate said...

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Aya in Couturgatory said...

wow your Santas are gorgeous. Each has such a strong defined look. they're great!

I love what you've done with the garbage tree. It makes me smile to think it's been taken in and given new life.

Sheila said...

I remember buying unpainted figurines! My mom still has the ones I did. You have a gorgeous collection, Tamera!

Love love love the Blondie look! You are visible and awesome!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I hope it's okay to say you look totes badass in that last outfit. You rock!

How is Callie with vintage glass ornaments? lol

Your Santas are drop-dead wonderful - yours should be the collectibles on Santa lovers' lists!