Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'll have a blue Thanksgiving!!

Happy 11th birthday to MrBill!!!! He's rocking his camo sweater and showing off a couple of his gifts!!
Hiya Blogland!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!! I intended to post last night but got caught up in this:
Some of the Christmas hoard awaiting placement.

More of the hoard. I think I have approximately 200+ Santa figurines
I have been busy decorating for Christmas. It's definitely a major undertaking but I love doing it. My Santa figurines are all DIY, thrifted or gifted. Detailed photo's to follow!!

Remember this from the last post??? My vintage tree DIY is done and I'm thrilled with the outcome. They came out really nice. The two tiny ivory ones were the ones that bleached out. I just glittered them with some mica glitter. I managed to get this photo about 2 seconds before our evil child Callie threw them on the floor and took off with one of the little ones.

It's been FREEZING cold here this week. Tuesday & Wednesday we had lovely 34 degree RAIN. It's been miserable. My office at work has been an icebox. I told them if the hot-flashing menopausal lady is cold then it's COLD!!!! LOLOLOL

Monday I pulled out a black and grey tweedy sweater dress from Avenue that I thrifted. I added warm leggings, a black tshirt and boots for extra warmth. Topped it off with some rhinestone bling for a dreary Monday!!! I'd love to find some more sweater dresses like this but all of them seem to have HUGE horizontal stripes which I'm not too fond of. I did see a lovely plain forest green one that I might snag with gift money this season if it goes on sale>

Tuesday's outfit is my Spy Girl 52 Pick-Me-Up: Blue Hues outfit. Anne's themes are always fun to try out!1 I highly recommend this challenge!! I've become quite enamored with cobalt blue lately. I've got 4 sweater, a tshirt and tights in this color. Patti of Not Dead Yet Style did a post about cobalt this past week, too. It seems to be the "IT" color this season.  I pulled out my thrifted CJBanks denim skirt, cobalt tights, thrifted sweater with cobalt & black pattern on body (it's hard to see in the picture), thrifted Nine West booties, vintage cobalt bangles  and DIY Queen Bee Pendant. I also have a bit of cobalt in my hair.

Wednesday I dressed for a cold, rainy day in thrifted LaneBryant pants, thrifted SagHarbor Cashalon sweater, thrifted Hush Puppy wedge booties and a leopard print scarf from the Dollar store.

I love these SagHarbor sweaters and look for them when thrifting. They are called "Cashalon" as it's an acrylic cashmere knit. They are very soft, wash and wear like a dream and easy to wear. I love the mock turtlenecks in winter because they lend themselves so well to scarves, necklaces or brooches. Plus they are thin enough to layer.  DressBarn carries something similar which I also look for thrifting.

I hope to get a majority of the decorating DONE this weekend!!! Today (Thanksgiving) we are off to Lauren's cousin's for dinner. I plan on taking pictures of their house--it's this really cool modern cantilevered house they recently designed and built. That's if I'm not in a turkey coma!!

Everyone have a fabulous holiday and weekend!!


PS--I know MrBill looks pitiful--but really he is one happy boy. He just HATES having his picture taken!!! Plus he knows how to work those soulful brown eyes/!!


Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! ;-)


Patti said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, Tamera - I really enjoy you sharing your decorations with us. . . and apparently with Callie too : >

Vix said...

Mr Bill looks very blue and Callie is as naughty as all cats can be!
Love that knitted dress on you!
Hope you're having a very happy Thanksgiving! xxxxxxx

Shybiker said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anne M Bray said...

That sweater dress looks super comfy + cozy!
Love your Blue look. I too have an obsession with cobalt and it's not recent either. I had cobalt legs on Tuesday too! You'll be seeing it on Sunday.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. One of the things I'm very grateful for this year is your dedication to 52 Pick-me-up. I really appreciate your participation!

pastcaring said...

Great sweater dress, and you really do suit cobalt.
Ahhh, Mr Bill - so happy but looking soooo sad! And my cats would do the EXACT same thing as Callie!
Happy Thanksgiving, Tamera! xxxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Cats are always so mischievous.

I love how your trees turned out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Paula Ruta said...

Good luck on your decorating! I'm a last minute decorator.
Love your blue this week--love that jean skirt and the blue stockings. xoxo

thorne garnet said...

Kitty whats to have her own tree.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Bad girl! Callie, not

You know I am lovin' the bling. I wanna see that bee pendant up close, girl!

Sweater dresses aren't as easy to thrift, so I broke down and brought a very classic well made one as one of My Last Purchases. They are a good investment for cold offices! (And hospitals and classrooms :)