Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Sunday Nite....

Hiya Blogland!!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!! Mine has been super busy!!

Thursday's outfit was better in theory than practice. I had thrifted the sweater earlier this summer.  The sweater style would work better on someone taller. I felt rather dumpy and squatty in it so into the donation bag it went. Everything is thrifted--the boots are Guess and are the awesome!!!

Friday's outfit was a huge hit--got tons of compliments. All but the tights are thrifted. The sweater is Casual Corner, skirt SagHarbor and the booties are HushPuppy--got them for $4 unworn!!!
It was cold enough  Friday top break out the leopard reversible coat I thrifted.

Friday evening after work I babysat my three "grandsons". Mom and Dad had tickets to a benefit masquerade ball and jazz concert. The boys were perfect angels and I learned things about professional wrestling I never wanted to know!!! LOLOL Here's a picture of Andrea in her outfit-she made her mask!!

Saturday I went to five church Christmas Bazaars. I love these for their rummage/white elephant tables. I got lots of Christmas decor which y'all be seeing very soon. Next week there are several more bazaars locally. I dressed for comfort in a thrifted Coldwater Creek sweater, thrifted Lee Jeans and boots I got last year at Kmart.

Sunday was an extra busy day. After church hubby and I went to Andrea's for lunch and football.  Andrea and I made jewelry for a bit and then we left to meet up with a group of ladies at Red Lobster for dinner. Our hubbies hung out together.

I dressed for comfort in a thrifted threads:  Jessica London skirt, DressBarn mock turtle sweater, LaneBryant Cardigan and Guess Booties.

Tomorrow I am off for Veteran's Day and the kids are in school so Andrea and I are off to play. We are going thrifting in a nearby town. hoping to find lot's of fabulous goodies!!!

Everyone have a wonderful week and I'll be back later this week!!



Vix said...

You and Andrea are both looking fab! Love you in that brilliant shade of blue, those incredible lace up boots and the rock star leopard coat! Have a fantastic day off! xxx

Melanie said...

I totally agree with Vix. I'd have to wear that leopard coat even in the summer heat and I could lose myself in that fabulous blue. Good luck with your treasure hunt tomorrow. Andrea is gorgeous - her mask is awesome.

Patti said...

Oh, jealous of you two having a thrifting day today! Have a great one. You look wonderful in all your outfits - I esp love that "new" leopard coat and those lace-up boots. xoxo

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

You've got some amazing boots. Those lace-ups are so sexy and the Hush Puppy's for $4 is such a steal.

Love you in the cobalt too.


Sheila said...

Oh, I love that coat! What a fabulous piece! You look stunning in blue too - I'm not surprised you got compliments!

Meghan Edge said...

Oh gosh you look fabulous in everything! I actually REALLY like that first outfit on you- I feel like you look kind of bad ass in it. :-D I LOVE your hair. So much. It makes me so happy. THOSE. BOOTS!!!!!

The Style Crone said...

Great fashion review! I'm especially enthralled with your leopard reversible coat paired with royal blue, which is one of my favorite color combos.

Diane said...

Hi Tamera,I agree that the royal blue/leopard coat is very flattering on you. But my favorite outfit of the ones you posted is actually your church bazaar-going one (Coldwater Creek green turtleneck/Lee jeans/boots).:)
(I've been reading your blog for months but have never previously posted. Love your energy, enthusiasm and good humor that shines through every post.)


Sacramento Amate said...

Looking fabulous in every ensemble, dear Tamera.
have you streaks of blue in your hair?

pastcaring said...

You are rocking the sweaters and boots, Tamera! Royal blue is a fabulous colour on you, and you can't beat a bit of leopard print for keeping warm and looking hot!
PS. Tell Andrea she looked amazing in her masquerade outfit. xxxx

popcosmo said...

Ok, I agree... I like that first outfit on you too :) But it's all about what YOU like. Maybe it just needed a scarf for balance or color? The other outfits are amazing and the blue color is fabulous on you. I adore the leopard coat - so chic!
xo ~kim & chloe

Val Sparkle said...

Bunches of delight! That blue color is gorgeous, and I love the necklace you're wearing with the turquoise sweater. I do not think you look frumpy in the first top, but you have to feel good yourself. It's worth the experiment.

You know, after you posted about your amazing technileopard transformer coat, I saw a similar one at a consignment store here. I didn't try it on because it was pretty big and I was on my bike - what a dumb excuse, huh?

thorne garnet said...

Totally agree about the first sweater, goodby! Love all the other looks. If you can't find that coat, I didn't steal it. Promise, I didn't.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I think you look rather sexy and chic in your first sweater. I have a similar-looking blouse (thrifted) and I'm short, but it worked with a flowy skirt and comfy wedges.

Those brown boots are the bomb!