Sunday, November 24, 2013

Has it reached critical mass yet??

Hope everyone else had a relaxing weekend!!

Hiya Blogland!!!  BBBBRRRRRRRR!!! It has gotten ridiculously COLD here. If it's this cold I want SNOW!!!

I've been busy getting ready for Christmas. I think I'm starting to reach critical mass in the amount of Christmas stuff I have.  These are the containers full of stuff I have YET to put out. This doesn't include the six I've already emptied, all the outside stuff or the decorations for the four large trees yet to go up.  and I live in a fairly small house LOLOL!!

I've also been busy making stuff from my stash!! Here's the kitten ornaments on their tree in the hall bathroom. The tree came from Hobby lobby and I stuck it in a milk glass vase I had. Added the little bells, some vintage balls and a vintage plastic topper.

Here's a picture of the angel variation I made of the kitty ornament. These are on the tree in the master bathroom.

I tried last week to bleach some bottle brush trees I had. I wanted to decorate them up shabby chic style like I've seen on Pinterest. Fro some reason the dumb things wouldn't bleach white!!! The small ones did--I'm going to glitter them up before I show them off. But the big ones didn't even get a shade paler!! I have a set of decorated bottle brush trees from my childhood that are green. I decided to do these up the same way. The vintage one is on the left.

I'm also going to DIY an ornament wreath from a thrifted wreath and some of my solid vintage bulbs. I need to do SOMETHING with them instead of stuffing them in a box as I don't have room for them on the tree.

And now on to the outfit portion of this post!! Wednesday I wore a thrifted LaneBryant pencil skirt, Sweater from Kmart(Jaclyn Smith on sale) Scarf from Kmart, tights and the kick-ass laced boots.

 Thursday I broke out some tartan. The sweater is Dressbarn/thrifted, the dark tartan skirt is Alfred Dunner/Thrifted, The wedge booties are HushPuppy/Thrifted, the bracelet is DIY and the scarf is thrifted.

Friday I wore a thrifted SagHarbor skirt that I need to alter a bit, Thrifted Cardigan made into pullover, black tights and thrifted Aerosole maryjanes.

Sunday I helped set-up for a Thanksgiving dinner for disadvantaged teenagers. I'm wearing a thrifted LaneBryant tunic,  thrifted WhiteStag mini-wale pants I made into stirrup pants and my Aerosole boots. Added a little bling with some vintage rhinestone pins. I bet you noticed the hair-cut. I was trying to grow it out but decided it was just too much aggravation. Based on the compliments I've gotten I really need to just rock the Jamie Lee Curtis hair and be done with it!!
Notice MrBill on the poochie pouch bed getting snuggly!! I made the Santa on the TV.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!! I'll be back later with more DIY reveals!! Safe traveling to all of you who will be traveling for the holiday!!



Beryl said...

That Santa on the TV is fabulous! And nice plaid bangle. I am such a fan of Christmas decorating that it's hard for me to believe it could be too much.

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

<---Waving the white flag...
I give up! I thought I went cra-cra with the Xmas bling but you have clearly out-Christmased me, and I daresay most other people! LOL
I like your hair shorter. If it bugs you so much to grow it out and it looks so good the way it is why resist? ;-)


seƱora Allnut said...

you're making some wonderful xmas decorations, so inspiring ideas!, and that santa on the tv is amazing!
you look warm and elegant, love your boots, and love your blue tunic with those shiny brooches!, cool!
besos & stay warm!

thorne garnet said...

I start putting stuff up for christmas in a couple of weeks. I like to wait until after thanksgiving and the end of the semester

Patti said...

Love the kitty-angel tree, T! I think you should have as much Christmas fun as you possibly can, no limits. I love the tartan scarf with the red tights, btw - that's a great look. xox

Larissa Stretton said...

I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts!!

Love your Christmas decorating, especially the vintage kitty tree in the bathroom. You are so clever!! (Love the vintage mold turned basket idea too):)

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Did anyone ever tell you that might be slightly obsessed with Christmas decorating? LOL
Your house must be like a museum at Christmas time. I had an Aunt like that. I used to love to visit her house for the holidays. It took her over a month to put it all out too.

BTW I'd seen someone else try to bleach those trees on Pinterest and it was a total fail since they too had a problem with them not bleaching out so they left them in the tub overnight and in the end it looked like something the cat coughed up. LOL


Sheila said...

Love the fleur de lis sweater and that cobalt blue on you - smashing! Ugh, so much Christmas stuff... I miss mine, but Vizzini would eat it all!

Vix said...

You do make me laugh, as you know I don't even think about the "C" word to a week before but I still love your obsession.
The bed photo is hilarious and you look so trim and slim in your cosy outfits.
We were threatened with the white stuff last week but i think the danger's passed. Hate it! xxxx

pastcaring said...

So much Christmas - and it's still November, you're bonkers, darling! I try to put our tree up as late as possible, trial a bit of ivy around and put the cards up, and that's me done. Christmas is a serious business in your house!
Love the warm and cosy outfits, you're rocking the bright tights, and looking fabulous in cobalt. xxxx

Donna said...

You have enough energy and creativity for ten women! I'm lovin' your outfits. The JLC cut suits you. And of course, the babies are adorable.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Sorry Tamera, I didn't comment lately!
But i looked at all your recent posts-
You are so crafty! where do you get all your ideas? you are so creative, amazing! you make such fun stuff too!
I'm into crochet these days, i'm learning on youtube - So much fun and i have to be creative somehow -

I love your pics with the dog, the one you have there today is so priceless -

Love your lacy boots and red tights

It has been cold here too - You are right might as well to have snow!
Take care


The Goodwill Fangirl said...

You are so creative, Tamera! You make me wish I'd gotten any kind of DIY gene. I do have ideas, I just like time :P

You are getting more fabo all the time. I especially love the brilliant cobalt sweater, one of my fave colors to wear.

Jean at said...

I'm a secret Christmas fanatic. Every one around me goes all Scroogey and it drives me crazy. I love it all, from the elegant/classic to the truly kitsch. I love the music, the Santas, the decorations, the smells. I'm so, so happy to see all your Christmas joy!!!! Finally I can indulge without apology. It's about magic, not "stuff". You look fab in your outfits BTW. The cobalt blue is stunning. Happy Thanksgiving!! I have a houseful this year but that won't stop me from starting my Christmas decorating the day after. Xxxooo

Krista Gassib said...

I love that you are fanatical about Christmas! I've just caught up and I love all these crafty projects and I'd love to come over with Peetee for an afternoon with you and the doggies and all that Christmas bling! You really do look good with that rocking short hair! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving darling! Peetee and I send you love!