Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A friend will help you dumpster dive....

....or nab some treasures out of someone's curbside trash!!!  Hiya Blogland!!!  A real friend won't even think you are crazy to suggest stopping and rooting through someone's trash because you spied something FABULOUS!!!

I was on my way yesterday to meet Andrea for our thrift-a-palooza when I spied a bunch of Christmas stuff alongside trashcans on the curb near her home. There was a WHITE Christmas tree laying there!!! When I got to her house I asked her if she would mind if I stopped to check it out. MIND???  Heck she would help me look over the stuff!!

So we stopped and I nabbed a GORGEOUS 8FT high narrow white iridescent/opalescent tree--I just need to get a tree stand for it. We howled in laughter stuffing it in the back of my little Neon car!! Andrea and I agreed that our hubby's would've been rolling their eyes at us!!! Lauren just shook his head when I drug it into the basement. I needed another tree--LOL. I ONLY had 8--now with the one I got Saturday for my World War 2 era ornaments I'll have 10. SNERK!!!

I have PLANS for this white tree for the master bedroom. I've always wanted a pastel/shabby chic tree and this will be perfect. Pictures to come when I get it up!! I've been sorting through other ornaments to gather all the pastel ones together.

Andrea and I managed to hit up three Goodwills yesterday, including the half price outlet. Totally spaced taking any pictures as usual. We also stopped by  Burlington Coat Factory--they have the best jewelry for cheap. Plus they will discount anything broken. Andrea got an awesome black necklace that just needed a jump ring re-connected for like $3.

I joke with her that anytime we thrift together she finds all kinds of goodies and I find nothing!!! I did get a cute pullover sweater I'll be wearing next week. She cleaned up--pair of orchid skinny pants, a black silky tunic, a brown crochet cardigan, a leopard glittery tank, a lime green sweater tunic, a purple satin blouse and a pair of kick-ass black snake knee-high boots. All of this for under $25!!!

PLUS we shopped for the boys. I got my "grandsons" 6 long sleeve tshirts for like $5, and she got them 4 pair of pants and several shirts. The shirts are usually only 75 cents and the pants $1 at the Goodwill outlet.

I dressed for ease of trying on stuff--which I did but nothing really fit except that sweater I brought.
Everything I'm wearing except the boots is thrifted. The boots I got last year at Kohl's 90% off of $109!!!

In case you're wondering what's going on with the hair--I'm trying to let it grow out some. I was having some serious static head yesterday!! I trimmed my bangs last week and they are curling up too short.  I'm thinking about maybe going for something shoulder length-if it doesn't drive me crazy. (which for me it's a really short trip to crazy-LOL).

MrBill is really enjoying his sweaters these days. I guess he's finally realized they keep him warm. I just brought matching xmas ones for him and Gracie. This is his newest one. He still isn't much on having his picture taken. I tried to get one of Graciebut she was too busy running around.

This week is Citizen Rosebud's Shoe Shine!!! I'm showing off the lace-up kick-butt Guess boots of AWESOMENESS I thrifted for $5 this summer. Stop by and check out the best shoe show on the web!!

Well, I'm off to do some hand hemming. I scored a Black Watch tartan plaid pencil skirt I want to debut soon!! Everyone have a FABULOUS evening!!



pastcaring said...

The thought of you and Andrea rifling through the discarded pile of stuff is making me chuckle - but that's what friends are for, right?! I once helped my friend carry a door home which she nabbed out of a skip...
You're looking cosy in your stripes and bright green (great colour). Never mind, Andrea may have scored this time (Hi Andrea!) but it will be your turn next, Tamera, and you have those amazing boots to make you happy in the meantime!
Ohhhhh Mr Biiiiilll! He has the saddest face, so cute!
PS. HOW many Christmas trees? I'm shaking my head like Lauren, hahahaha! xxxxx

Vix said...

Yep, I'm in Lauren's camp with the Xmas stuff but i'm tittering to myself imagining you and Andrea peeing yourselves laughinmg whilst stowing all your loot in the car!
As long as one of you scores I reckon it's okay.
That green cardi and boots are fabularse and Mr Bill looks proper handsome in his Breton stripes! xxx

Patti said...

Oh Mr. Bill - so adorable and camera-shy! I am laughing as I write this, picturing you and Andrea snarfing up that tree. Can't wait to see it! xox

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That is too funny. My husband would be horrified doing that but I don't have one problem going through other people's trash LOL. What does that say about me I wonder?

Poor Mr. Bill looks sad or just plain pissed that he is being exploited on the internets again LOL. I need to start getting Zoe into some sweaters. She is not a fan of being dressed up.

Those boots were such a score!

Thanks for voting : )


Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Hoard much? ;-P
I'm kidding, of course. I would have to be, because we have a 6ft neon pink tree, a small purple tree, and a "normal" one! The normal one was purchased at the after-after X-mas clearance last year so this Christmas will be it's debut.


Tami Von Zalez said...

10 trees? Really? I don't even put up one full-sized tree anymore. I know, I know, just call me Mrs. Grinchmas.

Hope you are saving that plaid for Friday's Share in Style with Ms. Papelicos ....

Meghan Edge said...

THREE good wills!? Let me take a stab - Hanover, Westminster, Thurmont and/or Frederick? Am I close? That is one thing I miss about MD- there are NO goodwills up here! Not like down there! (Oh and Waynesborough. That's my favorite.) Lookin' good, lady! Good score on the tree!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a lucky girl you are to have a friend like that! I always want to stop at junk piles but don't usually do it alone.

The Queens Table said...

Love that story!!!! Love those kick butt boots!!!!!

Sheila said...

Ooh, white trees are pricey! Your tree is likely a 7.5' slender - they retailed for about $400 when I worked in the Xmas biz back in the 90s. You scored, girlfriend!

Lol, poor Bill, he looks so downtrodden and sad. Although very dashing in his stripey sweater!

Sacramento Amate said...

Fun a wonderful, that is you my dear Tamera.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Dumpster treasures are the best, i found in the past some great stuff!

Mr Bill is such a cutie with his sweater! I'm in love with this dog!

I love your green cardi Tamera! such a gorgeous color!

Keep warm and big hugs


OP SHOP MAMA said...

OK how come I keep missing your posts? I think you've changed your domain thingy have you? I shall look into this!
Congrats on the tree finding. Love a good kerbside haul! LOL

Van said...

LOVE the outfit and puppy sweater. And dumpster diving ;) Your blog is too fun, will be back to read more.

kate steeper said...

That is one unhappy pooch..lol

Shybiker said...

The green color of this sweater is very beautiful.

Tilda said...

I don't think twice about taking stuff off the curb---or even out of the dumpster if it presents itself. I am often shocked at what people just throw away...

Loving those Guess boots!

Megan Gann said...

major congrats on your haul! But I do want to send out a reminder that dumpster diving can be super fun and exciting, but bed bugs ARE on the rise and are hellishly hard to get rid of and a nightmare.

I know Nashville (my own closest major city) is on the rise for them, so I would be extra cautious about picking any piece of furniture or nook'n'cranny item off the side of the road!

I'm a dedicated thrifter and die hard cheapskate, but still get massive anxiety when I consider little buggies.

thorne garnet said...

DO I have tales of dumpster diving? Course I do! I once stood guard over a big coffee table while a friend went home and got some tools to take the legs off. Then it fit in her car. There's more, but I won't bore you

Mr. Bill looks a tad grumpy.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Tamera, it took sitting in a hospital with th' kiddo for most of today for me to figure out why I havn't seen your blog posts. It's because you moved but Bloglovin' didn't - at least not with you! Fixed now.

Mr. Bill is crackin' me up. I can't wait to see your tree. I balk at even putting up one, and this year, I'd probs just cry. I love your cardi.

I get the hair. The pixie was awesome for inpatient stage, but too high maintenance and difficult to style without constant hair cutting. So now I'm trying to get my bob back, and, and, and, and the growing out is AWFUL. I've turned to slouch caps to just cover the whole thing. I'm hoping one day I'll take one off, and my hair will all grown out!

Right :P

Helga! said...

I believe in Auckland they have a monthly curbside collection where you can find some goodies, but we don't do it in Christchurch. SAD! I'd love to go dumpster diving with you. I would pull up to a screeching halt if we came across one.......