Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Kitty DIY

Hiya Blogland!!! Everyone having a wonderful start to the  week??  I received a surprise in the mail yesterday from the always colorful and fabulous Senora Allnut. She sent the most gorgeous pleated ivory maxi skirt. I have pictured several outfits with this for next spring/summer. It will be very versatile!! She also sent a lovely bracelet and copper heart. I'm planning an outfit for the bracelet for later this week!! I love black and white!!

Here are some kitty ballerina ornaments I just made from stuff in my stash. Below is a quick DIY on how to make Santa ones. They go together really quickly. I'm also using this DIY to make angel ones. You can also make them into regular Santa's by substituting Santa faces for the kittens.

Pipe Cleaner Kitty Ornament DIY

Your supplies: 1 regular pipe cleaner, 1 bumpy pipe cleaner, 1/4 extra fuzzy pipe cleaner, face cut from old card,  tiny wreath and tree, also 4 small beads and a piece of string for hanging.

 Cut the bumpy pipe cleaner in half. Fold the bumpy and fuzzy pipe cleaners in half.
Loop the bumpy pipe cleaners together. Twist the bottom piece to make a star like below.

 Lay the fuzzy piece on top and wrap the untwisted (arm) pieces around it to hold it. It should look like below:
 Wrap the other pipe cleaner around the middle covering the white "ends" to form a body. don't make it too tight.
 Leave a piece loose for the tail. Secure by passing it under the loop above.

 Stick the beads on the ends. Bend a tiny bit of the pipe cleaner end up to secure the bead.

 Pass the string through the fuzzy loop and make a hanging loop by tying off.

Hot glue the face on the front and add tree and wreath. You can also add some glitter. The pink kitty's skirt was made by putting glue along the back of the ribbon and ruffling the crepe paper onto it. Then it's just hot glued on.
Santa Kitty!!!!
On the fashion front Monday's outfit was a big hit at work. The sweater is Basic Editions(Kmart)/Thrifted. The trousers DressBarn/Thrifted, shoes are Clarks/Thrifted and the necklace came from the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory. It was broken but easily fixed. I started out with a grey pinstripe shirt under the sweater but the shirt was too big and bunched up weird.

Tuesday outfit is for SpyGirl's 52 Pick-Me-Up: Trend Salad. We are supposed to wear as many trends as possible. I really don't follow the trends but here's my take on it. I'm covering pattern matching, menswear, colored tights,  and booties. Oh, and like Val Sparkle- silvery foxy grey hair!!
Everything except the tights is thrifted. Skirt is SagHarbor, Shawl/Vest is CJBanks, Turtleneck is Dressbarn, and the booties are Nine & Co that I got for $6 brand new unworn!!

I am also thrilled and honored to be SpyGirls' Digital Catwalk Model this week!! She even caught the purple in my hair!!!

Wait to see what happens when you mix some bleach, cheapo bottle brush trees, glitter and vintage beads. Stay tuned for the reveal!!



Beryl said...

Those kitten ornaments are so cute!

Patti said...

Wow - Anne has captured you, what a fabulous portrait. Love your trend-salad too, that is a great-looking wrap. xox

Anne M Bray said...

Yes, a most excellent trend salad!
Glad you like your portrait. :-)

Penny-Rose said...

The kitten ornaments are so cute, thank you for the tutorial. Your portrait is lovely.

Vix said...

Those kittens are fab, you'd make a killing if you sold those, people go mental over vintage looking Xmas stuff!
Looking very trim in the blue jumper and Anne's sketch is fab. Mrs Allnut has the best taste, I bet that skirt is gorgeous. xxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What a fun portrait!

That kitten ornaments is so cute. Very retro.


Meghan Edge said...

All of your outfits look amazing! I'm going to have to try this DIY - Ally sends me the most amazing cards and I never know what to do with them - the ones with faces I could make these and keep them up all year long!!

The Style Crone said...

Your creativity is limitless! Both the ornaments and outfits.

Congratulations on the Digital Catwalk! SpyGirl captured the essence of you to perfection.

pastcaring said...

Such cute kitties! Love Anne's portrait of you, and you are getting slimmer by the day, Tamera! xxxx

Helga! said...

YAY, you got Spygirled!!!
O, my, the things one can do with a pipe cleaner!!! Clever sausage, kitty is really rather cute!

Sacramento Amate said...

Love your kitty and you.
happy Sunday, dear Tamera.