Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In a Nyquil haze....

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone doing?? I'm glad it's "hump day"!!1 I've got a craptastic cold and have been buzzing around in a Nyquil haze. Man that is some NASTY tasting stuff!!

This week is Fashion for Giants Literary Stylings #5. This month I polished off the first two books in the Miss Fisher Mysteries by Kerry Greenwood. We FINALLY got the TV series here and I have just LOVED every minute of it!! The clothes, the homes, the cars....swoon. The books are fantastic!

I read the first book: Cocaine Blues: A Phryne Fisher Mystery.
 The first classic Phryne Fisher mystery, featuring our delectable heroine, cocaine, communism and adventure. Phryne leaves the tedium of English high society for Melbourne, Australia, and never looks back.

The London season is in full fling at the end of the 1920s, but the Honorable Phryne Fisher--she of the green-grey eyes, diamant garters and outfits that should not be sprung suddenly on those of nervous dispositions--is rapidly tiring of the tedium of arranging flowers, making polite conversations with retired colonels, and dancing with weak-chinned men. Instead, Phryne decides it might be rather amusing to try her hand at being a lady detective in Melbourne, Australia.

Almost immediately from the time she books into the Windsor Hotel, Phryne is embroiled in mystery: poisoned wives, cocaine smuggling rings, corrupt cops and communism--not to mention erotic encounters with the beautiful Russian dancer, Sasha de Lisse--until her adventure reaches its steamy end in the Turkish baths of Little Lonsdale Street.

I also read book 2 (I'm reading book 3 now)  Flying Too high: A Phryne Fisher Mystery
The second in the classic Phryne Fisher series from Kerry Greenwood, featuring the irresistible heroine Phryne. Whether shes foiling kidnappers, seducing beautiful young men or simply deciding what to wear for dinner, Phryne handles everything with her inimitable panache and flair.
Danger, excitement and love--this is how the glamorous Phryne Fisher is determined to live her life in her second enticing adventure.
Walking the wings of a Tiger Moth plane in full flight ought to be enough excitement for most people, but not Phryne Fisher, amateur detective, woman of mystery, as delectable as the finest chocolate and as sharp as razor blades.
In this, the second Phryne Fisher mystery, the 1920s' most talented and glamorous detective flies even higher, handling a murder, a kidnapping and the usual array of beautiful young men with style and consummate ease--and all before it's time to adjourn to the Queenscliff Hotel for breakfast. Whether she's flying planes, clearing a friend of homicide charges or saving a child from kidnapping, she handles everything with the same dash and elan with which she drives her red Hispano-Suiza.

I didn't have anything that was  flapper-like. I decided to semi-recreate an outfit she wore:wide-legged pants and a silk blouse left untucked. Of course I had to add some rhinestone bling!! Everything is thrifted.

This week's Spy Girl 52 Pick-Me-Up theme is Graphic T with a Girly Bottom.  I pulled out my swirly, crinkly maxi skirt. I paired it with a graphic top I got with a gift card at Lane Bryant. It's supposed to be a pajama top but we won't tell anyone <grin>!!! I added some thrifted bling and my new-to-me Hushpuppy wedge booties. This outfit got lots of compliments!!! That's the fun of these challenges--they make you think outside the box!!

Today I was dressed in an all thrifted outfit. The sweater is a cardigan I've had for a while. I slip-stitched the front closed so I can wear it as a pullover top to get more wear out of it this winter. The pants are LaneBryant--it's a mini houndstooth with little silver glittery flecks in it. 

Here's s closer look at the bling. The bracelets are thrifted, neckalce off the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory and the earrings are vintage clip-ons I converted to pierced.

I've been annoying my co-workers by playing Christmas music in my office. Yes I'm one of those people-LOLOLOL.  Seriously I LOVE Christmas--except the shopping part which I no longer do. I've got several church Christmas Bazaars lined up to go to this Saturday. I always make a bee-line for the rummage sale table!!! Awesome goodies to be found!

Everyone have a fantastic end of the week!!



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love that cross necklace and the top/cardigan you're wearing it with. You're looking slimmer and slimmer!


Jean at said...

Great outfits!! I especially love the yellow-T one. As aways, your smile makes me feel so good!! Sending love!! XXOO

Val Sparkle said...

Fun, fun, and fun! I love the dots - I used to have a dress with dots on black like that. And I love the graphic tee and the paisley shirt. Great stuff!

I've never heard of the Miss Fisher series, but it sounds fun (my word for the day). I'm sure I'll suddenly hear about Miss Fisher everywhere now.

Vix said...

I agree with Val, I've never heard of Miss Fisher but it'll probably be the first book I spot when I next go to a charity shop!
Love the spots and the ingenious repurposing of the cardi and of course, the PJ top!
Feel better soon! x

Vix said...

I agree with Val, I've never heard of Miss Fisher but it'll probably be the first book I spot when I next go to a charity shop!
Love the spots and the ingenious repurposing of the cardi and of course, the PJ top!
Feel better soon! x

Sacramento Amate said...

Love and WANT that gorgeous polka dot top, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Patti said...

Sorry for your rotten cold! You look fab, despite your cold, and that polka dot top is my new favorite. I have to try one of the books, I love an English mystery.

Beth Waltz said...

Shall definitely look for Miss Fisher! She sounds like a Louise Brooks character with money and brains...

You scored a direct hit with the 20s lounging pyjamas. Once upon a vacation I found it necessary to slide into my nightgown-cum-caftan, pile on every bit of jewelry I had with me, and strut into the hotel restaurant mentally muttering: "This is not a nightgown, this is not..."

It was that or cotton, and it wasn't that sort of restaurant!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I love the yellow "Don't Kiss and Tell" sweater and the bling. And I'm like you -- I'm the 1st to irritate people with my Xmas music; I'll start on Nov 12th. And thank you so much for telling me about the Phryne Fisher series! I've never heard of her here in Canada, but I'm going to head to my local library to check her out. Sounds like my kind of girl.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Tamera i love your polka dots shirt!
But my fav outfit is the tee and the skirt -
This french person (me)knows Mrs Fisher, pretty cool, i always loved murder mysteries and Mrs Fisher is on my fav!

X-mas, not crazy about it - But Mr. D puts a great three up with the grand kids - That i like about X-mas

Have a great day Tamera


Ariane xo

seƱora Allnut said...

love your flapper inspiring outfit, you really caught the spirit!, love your polka dot blouse, you look so elegant and comfy!
and also love your colorful tshirt and your printed cardi with the houndstooth pants, really cool!

Lynn Marsh said...

You are looking slimmer and healthier in every post. So hsppy for you. But sorry about your cold. I am going to check out these books, look interesting.

Anne M Bray said...

You are too cute! Love your interpretation of my challenge.

Krista Gassib said...

I have missed so many cute outfits and doggie pictures! I'm loving the polka shirt and the I don't kiss and tell outfit was stupendous! I love that you are playing Xmas music it just shows how happy you are! I have never been to a Christmas bazaar but I bet there are tons of cool crafty things too!

Sheila said...

I've heard good things about the Phrynne Fisher books, and will check them out. Love your fun looks - you are looking so SLIM, my dear!

I hope you are feeling better and enjoying some football today. :)