Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's amazing how creative a fever makes you!!

Puppy Love--snoozing together on their blankeys.
 Hiya Blogland!! Has everyone been having a fantastic weekend?? I am finally feeling human again. The cold I had a couple of weeks ago turned into a cruddy bronchitis this past week. I've been house-bound other than a couple of trips to the doctor.

Weirdly enough, being sick and feverish amped up my creative juices. SO MANY IDEAS!!!  Plus I had to use an inhaler so after a few days I was WIRED. I had lots of little projects that I could do whilst vegging in the recliner. Heaven knows I have enough craft stuff to outfit a store!!

I've been making all sorts of pastel ornaments for the pastel tree. Here again is my FREE picked off the curb pastel Christmas tree:

I teased everyone Thursday on what could I possibly be making out of this stuff:
Jello molds, elves, birds, shredded paper and pipe cleaners
 Here's the finished products. I made little bird nests with the vintage birds, a mold and the shredded paper. I added some vintage beads and greenery.

Close-up of the bird ornament

I had a few of these vintage elves from my childhood.  I stuck some floral foam from my stash in the molds, topped it with some bating and added the elf and a little bottle brush tree. A bit of glitter and now I have ornaments that really set off the elves.

Close-up of elf

I pulled some white and pastel pipe cleaners out and made candy canes for the white tree. It's SUPER easy. Just cut the pipe cleaners in half. Take a white and pastel and just twist together and form in cane.
I may glitter these with snow glitter when I find my spray glue.

I also re-furbished these tiny vintage porcelain bell ornaments. The silk ribbon hangers were dry-rotted. I added pipe cleaners to hold the clapper in and a bit of vintage ribbon.

I'm busy making other ornaments I'll be showing off later this week! Plus I have some new to vintage bottle brush tree make-overs to share.

Outfit-wise it's been a boring week. Friday I had to go back to the doctors for a lung check (make sure I didn't develop pneumonia) My outfit other than the boots (Kmart) is thrifted. I was going with comfort not style for sure.

Today we  met up with my mom, daughter and son-in-law for dinner. I dressed for comfort in thrifted WhiteStag skinny cords I DIY with stirrups, a Bentley (this used to be sold in Kmart) pale grey tweedy tunic sweater, Aerosole boots and a scarf I got at the craft store.

I'm linking up with all of the fabulous ladies at Visible Monday and Monday Mingle. Come check out REAL style!!
Daddy and his babies on Saturday morning. MrBill always hops in my spot when I get up.
 Everyone have a wonderful beginning of the week and I'll be back Tuesday with more crafty reveals!!




Patti said...

Oh your animals all live in harmony! That is so inspiring (my cats tolerate each other, that's all). I am amazed and delighted by your creativity, all the time, T. Feel better soon, and thanks so much for linking up xoxo.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Get outta here, you made those amazing Xmas ornaments? They show up the commercial guff for what it really is ... ABSOLUTE TRASH!!!! The white tree is in amazing condition and it's going to look wonderful in your lovely bedroom, look at all your babies taking over. SO CUTE!!! xoxoxoxo

Sacramento Amate said...

You are magic, just like Christmas, my dear friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

thorne garnet said...

awesome Christmas ornaments.

I was at a fancy department store yesterday and they were selling "boot straps" to keep your pants in your boots.....for $20! The package was cute.

Somewhere I have the same photo,but with 3 cats all in a line.

Vix said...

That photo of Lauren made both of us laugh, it's bad enough with just one cat sharing the bed, let alone all of them!
Looking very sleek in your skinnies and boots. The Xmas decs are amazing. xxx

pastcaring said...

Look at them all on the bed, that's so funny! Sorry you've been feeling ill, Tamera, but your creativity is in overdrive! And you look cosy and warm in your outfits - but not quite as snuggly as Mr B and Miss G! xxxxx

Lisa Philbeck said...

Love the ornaments!!! I really enjoy your outfit posts, but I think your crafts are my fav!

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

If you hadn't told me I never would've guessed you were sick! You look beautiful as ever and you've certainly used your downtime to a very creative advantage ;-)


Aya in Couturgatory said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! Bronchitis is scary in that when I have it I don't feel so bad as being regular sick, but I spend all that time being worried about pneumonia.

Man you are crafty. High five for inhaler high!

Rachel said...

Oh, I love those out-of-the-ordinary ornaments! And the free tree?? That's awesome!

seƱora Allnut said...

glad you're feeling better!, dear lady, your days at home have produced so many delightful pieces, love that little birds on their nests, so cute!!, that shredded paper is the perfect musical touch, such a great idea!
and you're looking really warm and comfy, love everything, particularly because your smile rocks!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I'm so sorry you've been feeling pukey ( or perhaps wheezy and clogged) but so glad you're better! I share your need for an inhaler when colds and flu attack ... nothing is scarier than not being able to breathe. Happy to see your smiling face!
(Have you had an pneumonia shot? Keeps me from getting there!)
You look grand! Skinny you. Feels good huh ... don't beat yourself if you put on a pound or two while recuperating. It will come off later.
Adorable crafties and furry babes.
Have a much better week, darling Tamera.

Beryl said...

So this is where you've gone. What a great shabby chic tree that is going to be - and free! Like your outfits. And the hair is really looking good.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love that last picture ... what a classic :0)

Lynn Marsh said...

Love th
e ornaments.