Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hey it's the Hamburgler!!!

Daddy and Gracie taking a nap!!!
Hiya Blogland!!!  It's the start of another fabulous week!! First up I want to share some of the goodies I found thrifting over the weekend. Things are starting to look up as far as thrift store stock!

This is actually a sweater knit. I thought it would be great with jeans and it was only $4!!! Funny story, my friend Andrea was thrifting this weekend also--we missed each other by an hour or two at the Goodwill!! She picked this sweater up but as it was too big she put it back. I realized I could alter it to fit me so I snapped it up!!

Charcoal plaid skirt with a bit of teal in it for $3. I just had to take it in a little bit at the waist.

 White cotton ribknit turtleneck by LizCaliborne for $2.75.  I'm still hunting for a black one like this.

Jessica London trapeze pearl grey thin knit sweater for $2.75. This is very similar to the striped T I wore a couple of weeks ago. I like that it's a traditional fabric/color in a unique style.

I've been on the hunt for a tartan blouse that isn't flannel. I spied this plaid knit tunic and decided why not try it on?? It's White Stag-probably late 80's and fits like a dream. Another great top for jeans.  AND it was $2.75!!!

Charcoal Grey and White button-down. I've been skipping the button-downs as they are more difficult to alter--but this fit well and was only $1.50!!
I've been buying black, white or grey bottoms--yeah I know Ms. Skittles buying neutrals-but I still have my rainbow of cardigans and tops so don't worry!!

I'm wearing the striped cardigan I recently thrifted. It's not a sweater but a ribbed cotton knit. I decided to take it in a bit more and shorten it. I'm wearing a thrifted red shell and a thrifted black with white mini-dots gored skirt. The bangles are thrifted and the pin & earrings are vintage. A co-worker said I looked like the Hamburgler!!!
This weeks Spygirl 52 Pick-Me-Up challenge is Yikes Stripes!!!! This outfit is perfect for the challenge!!
Sorry for the picture quality--I'm trying out different settings on my phone!!! One day I'll figure the stupid thing out!!
Everyone have a wonderful week and I'll be back around on Thursday!!


Jane George said...

what a fantastic stash! x

Patti said...

Great shopping, you! Love the pic of Gracie and her dad.

thorne garnet said...

I love the first top, the colors are my faves.

Ms. Skittles, haha

Megan Gann said...

excellent finds! I love that grey top. I've started looking across the bottom of the thrift racks for 'tails' sticking out to find more draped style shirts. They're my favorite!

pastcaring said...

Ahhh, Gracie snuggled up with Lauren, soooo cute!
You did well at the thrift shops, Tamera, love that first tunic, and your red, white and blue outfit is wonderful. xxxx

Sheila said...

Great loot! I especially like the grey top - very nice cut.

Aw, I love the picture of Gracie and "dad" sleeping together. Vizzini and L have those moments too.

Vix said...

Oh look at Gracie and Daddy snuggled up, it's like Jon and the cats!
Love your Hamburgler outfit and that snazzy top is gorgeous. How mad that your friend saw it first and didn't buy it! xxxx

Ariane Lasalle said...

isn't cute Gracie and Daddy snuggled up - Leo our cat sleeps in Mr D knees so funny -
Nice loot girl! i know about the thrift shops, not much at the moment either but it will get better!
Lots of sales around here and darn good ones so it's makes up for the thrift shops not being interesting these days

Join my blog hop tomorrow and link a pic of the yellow skirt, your poses were hilarious!

Ariane xo

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love the nautical feel of your stripe outfit but I can really see that it looks like you are living in the land of green...LOL. Camera and phone settings are a pain.

Thanks for the hugs : ) I needed that.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

oooh I love the plaid!! The top and skirt are both fantastic, I'd be fighting you for them... ooh they're going to look great with boots this Autumn xxxx

Anonymous said...

You do these posts from your phone? aaargh, I'm even more of a dinosaur than I thought! Love the new skirt and I want to see a photo of you in it, twirling! And I would love to have found the gray top myself!

Sacramento Amate said...

Soooooooooooooooo good to see you again, dear friend.

Anne M Bray said...

Fun stripes!
Looking forward to seeing how you wear your new finds. I especially like the Jessica London piece.
Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!