Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Three Muskateers

Hiya Blogland!!! This has been a pretty busy weekend dodging the raindrops. Got a couple of nice long walk in with Gracie.

Friday it was rainy all day so I decided to go to town and hit the thrifts. I haven't been to the mission ones in several weeks. I also headed up to Pennsylvania (I'm really close) to check out a health food store and discovered a NEW Goodwill!!

The racks are still a bit thin but I managed to find some more goodies.  I'm always on the hunt for vintage trims and doodads and craft stuff. The Salvation Army did not disappoint!
Some vintage cupcake toppers(FLAMINGOS!) Vintage ribbons & trim and a Martha Stewart paper punch all for $3!

Again I'm noticing I'm being drawn to black and black/white prints. Which do play well with all the rainbow brite colors (tops & cardi's ) I have. I had a B&W glen plaid skirt, a B&W tweek skirt and a shorter black gored skirt on my "need" list.
I found the glen plaid & black gored skirts for $2 each. I need to do a bit of easy altering on them before wearing. These will look cute with tights and the new booties!

I also found the striped cardigan for $3 and the salt & pepper tweed skirt with the original tags for $4!!

I also had a teal pullover sweater on my list and found one with the tag on it for $3.

Sunday I spent the afternoon with three very handsome young fellows. They are the sons of dear friends and I am their "Mimi"- honorary grandmother.  I've known these boys since they were infants. Due to some things in the family, they don't have involved grandparents.  Recently Lauren and I have been feeling that we should step into that role for them. They are just the sweetest guys but I've forgotten how active little boys are!!! LOLOLOL

I planned on taking more pictures but we were so busy!!! It was their first time to come to my house and meet the fur-kids. The cats hid (way too much excitement). They had brought gifts for each of the animals. MrBill was a bit shy and nervous but Gracie LOVED all the toys. She had a ball playing with the boys. MrBill preferred to sit and be petted.

We went to the playground at the town park and walked Gracie about town. Then we went down to Antietam Creek in the Battlefield Park. I managed to get everyone still for a moment to get a picture!
Left to right: Zeekie (5 yrs old ) Ezra (6 yrs old) Judah (8 yrs old) and Gracie!!
We found an place along the creek  with a bit of a beach so off went the shoes and we waded in the water. Crazy Gracie decided to go SWIMMING!!  She loved it!!
When we got back home they helped me pick tomatoes. Quite a few were split from all the rain we had this week and useless. I let the boys throw them at the pine trees in the back yard so they would explode. I'm a cool Mimi like that!!
I looked on the camera (took the above with the phone) and realized I forgot to take an outfit post today. You didn't miss anything--I sported a tshirt, denim capris and sneakers!!! I wore a maxi I've worn many times before when I ran my errands on Friday.
I'm linking up with crew at Visible Monday. Come check out the best style and fashion around!! 
The boys have headed home and MrBill and Gracie are sacked out snoozing! I'm off to relax in the recliner! Have a fabulous Monday!!!




Patti said...

LOL at Gracie taking a swim, just because she felt like it. Ah, that's the life! The boys are adorable and yes, you are a wonderful Mimi. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

Val Sparkle said...

Flamingo cupcake toppers! I'm sure there will be some fun crafts made with those.

I love that striped long cardigan - can't wait to see how you style that!

Megan Gann said...

Gracie looks like she's having a blast!

Meghan Edge said...


I'm wondering what Goodwill you were at in PA. Here are my favorites in your area: Thurmont MD, Hanover PA, and Waynesborough (is that PA or Md? I don't know!). There is also an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING chocolate shop (or was) in Waynesborough - something that starts with a Z.

Sheila said...

What a fun weekend! I laughed at the picture of Gracie diving into the water!

seƱora Allnut said...

fabulous purchases, ribbons, skirts, pullovers and pretty striped cardi!, everything looks full of possibilities!
And so cute Gracie going for a walk with your three musketeers and swimming!
You look always gorgeous in your colorful maxis, your smile is fabulous!!

thorne garnet said...

I love finding a new thrift shop. I just found out there's a Goodwill outlet (by the pound!!!!) store in Charlotte. My bff and I have already planned a trip next time I visit.

Jean at said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your adventures, but the rewards always come back tenfold, don't they? Your "grandsons" are adorable and I'm sure they love their Mimi. :-)

Maxis rule, now and forever. Love yours. XXOO

Vix said...

Those little boys are so cute I bet they absolutely loved visiting you and the menagerie!
Love the notions and your buys, that striped cardi is fab and you look gorgeous in your pretty maxi! xxx

Krista Gassib said...

I love that Gracie is so active and playful check her out there in that water!! You are the best Mimi ever I wanna huck tomatoes at a tree! SPLAT! I think this is my most favorite maxi of yours Tamera, it really suits you and the colors are delish!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm not sure Gracie could get any cuter! How sweet that she wants a swim, I wish my dogs liked swimming. It's lovely that the boys brought toys for the dogs, MrBill looks sad and sulky, but that's just his adorable face. I bet Gracie lapped up all the attention. You bought some great stuff for your crafting Aladdin's cave! and I love the teal jumper, I like the boxy shape, I bet you'll use it loads xxx

Paula Ruta said...

Love tbe dress and the boys are adorable xoxo

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Nothing like the young to keep you youthful! Or worn to a thread, either one!
You look summery and pretty in your reds and pinks ... good to see all in your fur and two-legged family thriving.

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Wow, you scored big time! I find myself gravitating towards black and white lately, too. I think it's just because I'm finding some great pieces in those colors.
I do like the pinky-pastely hues in your dress and I think they suit you very, very nicely. Of course, you already know I love Gracie! ;-)


Ariane Lasalle said...

Lovely maxi!
That striped cardi is an excellent find!

Ariane xo

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay - what a fun afternoon! You look FABULOUS in that lovely maxi!

Sarah xxx