Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We need a bit of whimsy this week

Hiya Blogland!!  It's the start of another strange and wonderful week!! We are supposed to have some much needed rain all week-which will probably cut down on Miss Gracie and my walks a bit. We will have to expend that energy indoors with some fetch and sock-wrestling!

I just feel like this week needs some weird and whimsical to brighten us up! And what could be more weird and whimsical than The Munsters as a rock band?? Dig Grandpa on the guitar!!

So I've raided my stash of strange to share with y'all for some giggles!! Anyone who's checked out my Pinterest can see I have eclectic tastes in pinning stuff. Which is a nice way of saying I pin weird stuff.
As creepy as the picture of dolls in suitcases at the airport  Anne of Spygirl posted this week is,  I think this vintage picture is WAY creepier. Nightmare-inducing material here folks!!

I could totally see Sarah Misfit or Vix rocking this fabulous jumpsuit!!  What a fantastic print!

You can be fashion-forward when your attempting your next bank robbery!!  FREAKY!!

This must've been one awesome party!! That one poodle is a bit possessive  of the human!

What's not to love with styling lizards?? And what happened to their TAILS?? Wait... are they DEAD??

This is just one STUNNING vintage advertisement -the colors are FABULOUS!!

This picture says it all!!
And now to outfits!! Monday's outfit was built for comfort!! Everything but the shoes are thrifted. I recently got the Lane Bryant cardigan for $4. The total of this outfit was $9!!! New this outfit (Lane Bryant Cardi-$59, Denim & Co Tshirt-$39, Jessica London Maxi-$59) would have retailed for $160!! The bracelets are thrifted and the necklace is a gift from the always wonderful Vix!
 I had planned on wearing my 52 Pick-me-up outfit today but it was too cold, rainy and dreary!! I pulled out some thrifted Lee boyfriend jeans, blingy jewelry, my peep toe platforms and this new Jessica London trapeze T shirt I just thrifted for $2!! I feel a bit tres chic and French-LOL. I've really been drawn to black and white print tops lately for some reason. Almost ALL of the print tops I currently have are black & white.
Miss Gracie and I met up with our buddies Smokey & Dragon on our walk. We walk by the barn they live in a couple of times a week or more and they always come out to greet Gracie!! They are two adorable boys!! Their momma abandoned them as kittens and the people who own the barn took them in!! Gracie managed to find a groundhog skull while she was there!

Here's a picture of MrBill and Gracie this morning trying to catch a few more ZZZZZZ!!
I've been altering clothes like a crazy person lately- I think I can see the bottom of the pile finally!
I'll be back later this week with my Spygirl 52 Pick-Me-Up outfit, my Fashion for Giants Literary Stylings outfit and I believe this week might be Bella's Shoe shine!!  i enjoy these challenges because they force me to think outside my box!


Megan Gann said...

Oooh love the stripey top. I'm a sucker for stripes, especially varied ones.

Also omg how cute Miss Gracie and the kitties!! Such handsome fellas. I miss kitties so much. I saw my guys today, but they were all in a mood because of the heat.

pastcaring said...

Ooh yes, that jumpsuit is amazing! The weird pics... Err, yep, they're weird alright!
Love the bright colours on your cardigan, and the striped top.
How beautiful are Smokey and Dragon? Gorgeous boys, look at them saying hello to Gracie. And how cute to see Gracie and Bill snoozing together, although it looks as though Mr Bill doesn't want to be disturbed by having his photo taken! xxxxxx

BeaJay said...

Now those are just too weird - scary weird. I have no words.. except..... great thrifted outfits and cute animals

Vix said...

I have that catsuit advert, I drool over it constantly!
I love your colourful top and I'm admiring how slim and shapely your ankles are in the cropped jeans (does that sound a bit weird?)
That picture of Smokey, Dragon and Gracie checking each other out is adorable! x

Krista Gassib said...

Ok I think I would start a painted skull collection if I owned Gracie;). I love the picture of her and Mr Bill snoozing! I love the kitties coming out to give her some love, precious! You are looking adorable in your bargains and here's to seeing the bottom of that sewing pile!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That photo with the balaclavas is just hilarious and deranged.

The one of the lizards...well I think I might have nightmares now. Taxidermy mixed with dress-up dolls? Ewww.

I love those jeans on you.


thorne garnet said...

Gracie scores another bone, yeah!

OMG! Those weird dolls are freaking ME out! LOL!!!!!!

I'm at a lose for words about the knitting. Wrong on many levels, but the pie looks good. If it doesn't have poison in it.

Love the jeans and stripes.

Lynn Marsh said...

You do have a gift at finding "unique" pics. Shades of Chucky with those dolls....I too like the striped top and jeans. Looks comfortable without looking frumpy. I am busty and sometimes loose tops can look matrony for some reason, but this one dose'nt(spelling brain fart).

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I might have to look on youtube to see if those Munsters actually played anything in their band. I have no words for the rest of the strangeness, but I love it all. Gracie and those kittens are just so sweet! I see she's bonded with MrBill too! Love all your outfits of course, especially the turn ups and flowing top! xxxx