Sunday, August 4, 2013

Doggies in the sunshine!!!

Hiya Blogland!! Everyone have a fantastic weekend???? Mine has been very busy!!! Gracie and I hit three different hiking trails this weekend and logged 10 miles!!! I am seriously in need of new walking shoes!!!

This will be a quick post as I am WHUPPED!!! Today after church I spent time with a friends three little boys, hiked with Gracie and did some serious gardening!!

I snapped this picture of Gracie snoozing on her poochie pouch in the sun this morning. MrBill was snoring away on the bed!!

I pulled out another faithful maxi dress for church this morning!! I spent a bit of time on Saturday (a lovely rainy day) sorting out my closet. I had two bags to go back to the thrift!!! Stuff I couldn't alter or just didn't work anymore. I paired the maxi with a teal sweater I thrifted last year. As you can see I'm being photobombed!!!

I'm linking up with all of the fabulous ladies for Visible Monday. I'll be catching up with everyone's blogs the next couple of days. I haven't had my computer on at all since Thursday!!

Have a wonderful Monday and I should be back around on Tuesday!!



Patti said...

Aww, Gracie is a doll, and a good sport, and a photo-bomber too. Good for you for closet-cleaning--you have inspired me. Thanks for sharing your lovely look with Visible Monday. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful maxi dress! I really like the print.

Wow, 2 bags of clothes?! That's incredible! That should make finding what you need and getting dressed so much easier!

Val Sparkle said...

Tamera, you're going to wear out your exclamation point key!!!!!!

I need to do a lot of cleaning and clearing, but the weather is still too good here. The craft dump can wait until winter.

Beautiful jacket, and it's a lovely color on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Yes, exclamation points are for exclaiming. And what better place for it than here?!
Gracie I'm afraid almost steals the show - almost. Fabulous maxi, you're gorgeous.

BeaJay said...

Cute dog. Love the dress.

seƱora Allnut said...

so cute pic of you being photobombed! and that's a pretty dress, love the teal cardi over it, such a fabulous color combo! and you look so elegant!
besos & nice week

Vix said...

You know what donating two bags of clothes to the charity shop does, don't you? It creates thifting karma and good things will come to you!
Love the photobombing Gracie and that fab maxi! x

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous maxi, those are YOUR colours, Tamera.
Ahhh, I just love little Gracie!
Well done on your clear out, I am in dire need of doing the same... xxxxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Sounds like a full weekend.

Gracie is such a ham.


Krista Gassib said...

Is it just me or is your smile getting bigger! Yeah for cute Gracie jumping on in and two bags to the thrift store!!!! Vix is right now you will find lots of good stuff in return! I love a beautiful maxi and this one doesn't disappoint!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Gorgeous maxi and your dog Gracie is soooo cute!
I'm mailing the yellow skirt today Tamera!


thorne garnet said...

Last fell I had the big closet clean out. My 2 assistants got new wardrobes and the Goodwill got 4 bags! I try to that ever 2 years. It feels good.

Good for you on the 10 miles. I've got to start walking again, when it ever cools off around here

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

My dogs are forever trying to photobomb me LOL! YAY you for doing all that hiking!I'm sure the little furbabies love it, too.
I love that dress on you and it looks terrific with that sweater ;-)


Megan Gann said...

Awww Gracie looks like such a sweetie!! Love the print on that maxi, teal is a perfect color for you.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

You look seriously amazing in the deep teal ... if I were you I'd wear it every day. Great, great print dress, in which you look amazing.
I'm exhausted thinking about all the walking. Good for you.
When I have trouble drifting off to sleep, I often project mental pictures of my four-legged kids in their napping state. No one does it with such confidence. Makes me sleepy fast ... oh, to sleep with such innocence!

Helga! said...

Photobombed with LOVE! Darling Gracie, she's such a happy baby! How swet is she snoozing in the sunshine?! SQUEEEEE!
I love this maxi, I reckon teal is a great colour on you!