Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some thrift rain in the drought.

We are all Kick-Ass Wonder Women!!!

Hiya Blogland!!  This will be a quick post today. I wanted to show some goodies I managed to thrift this week in what has been the thrift desert. Plus I have my outfit for Gracey's Literary Styling Challenge.

It really has been a famine in the thrifts--I mean like NOTHING--even the racks are getting a bit empty. I hit up the 1/2 price Goodwill outlet this week and FINALLY found something useful. I'm getting really selective in what I'm buying--trying to not bring home awesome wardrobe orphan's and thinking ahead to altering the stuff smaller.

I've been on the hunt for a charcoal grey and a red cardigan-simple v-neck or crew neck, flat light knit. As I was perusing the sweater rack I spied this FABULOUS grass-green Chico's lacy knit cardigan. Not what I was looking for but definitely workable in my wardrobe. Fit well and for $2-going home with me!! I found the top for $2, too. It's a nice ponte knit and I love the sleeves.

I've also been on the hunt for some more long sleeve T shirts for winter (I can alter these easily if when they get to big) Found this nice purple Talbots Tshirt with the $32 price tag still on it for $2!!  The aqua Lane Bryant tshirt was only $1.50!
Funny--purple, and pink for that matter, weren't colors I chose a year ago and now I really like jewel tones. Must be the silver hair!

I still really NEED a pair of cowboy boots but so far haven't found any I like that fit. I did spy these beauties on the rack. Buttery-soft leather, made in Italy (no brand name I can discern), super comfortable and $3?? MINE!!!  The other booties are barely worn leather Nine West booties. I like their somewhat rocker edge. These were all of $5!!!I would've totally worn either of these with my outfit today if it had been cooler. I can see both of these as big players this fall/winter with tights and socks.

Gracey at Fashion For Giants hosts a Literary Stylings Challenge the first of each month. You basically dress inspired by a book you've read the past month. My book this month was a Kindle freebie that turned out to be pretty awesome. The book is called "Aloha Wanderwell: Call to Adventure"

Starting at the age of 16, Aloha Wanderwell Baker became the first woman to travel around the globe in an automobile. "Aloha Wanderwell: Call to Adventure" is a new book published by the Nile Baker Estate and Boyd Production Group that journals those adventures.

In her own words, Aloha Wanderwell Baker recounts the true story of a fantastic seven-year journey around the world that took place in the 1920s in a Model-T Ford while traveling with the Wanderwell Expedition.

In some ways, Aloha could be considered the "Amelia Earhart of the Automobile." While Amelia circled the globe in the air, Aloha faced her dangers, trials and tribulations down on the ground...and she did it first.

The book contains Aloha's 1939 memoir, "Call to Adventure," in addition to exclusive essays, photos and supplemental materials from the author's estate.

Readers will travel with Aloha to Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan, China, the Soviet Union, the United States, Cuba and Africa. They will experience, firsthand, the details of her love affair with Captain Walter Wanderwell, a self-proclaimed adventurer, whom she married in 1925 during the American leg of the expedition.

Aloha recaptures pieces of history that include traveling through Italy while Mussolini and the Fascisti were consolidating their power; braving food riots and hostile mobs in Germany; and driving into Palestine, where the Jews were attempting to build a new nation; and more.

During her travels, Aloha disguised herself as a man and prayed in Mecca; she became a confidante of Chinese bandits; and was granted the title of "Honorary Colonel" in the Red Army of Siberia. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

My outfit inspiration incorporated some leopard, vintage ivory beads, wood and fake ivory bangles, a thick utilitarian black belt, and a chambray work shirt. Trying for a kind of tribal/safari gear look.

Shirt is thrifted-and I need to find another in a smaller size!! The skirt is a DIY--it started life as a thrifted strapless dress. Belt is thrifted and the sandals are old!!

Here's a picture of dinner tonite. I strive to eat 1 lb raw veggies per day, 1 lb steamed/lightly cooked veggies per day, 1 cup minimum beans per day, 3-4 raw fruits per day and 1 ounce raw seeds or nuts per day. I can also have 1 serving of rice/pasta daily if I choose and 4 ounces meat/fish per week.
On the left is a bowl of sliced bananas, strawberries and kiwi with walnuts. On the left is some gluten free veggie pasta (which ain't bad) sprinkled with soy cheese and a ragu of mushrooms, onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes and spinach.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! I'll be back on Sunday rather late in the evening!!



thorne garnet said...

score on the shoes.

Sheila said...

Great deals on the shoes - the thrift stores here are never that cheap! Wow!

Mmmm...your food looks delicious!

Vix said...

That's the joy of charity shopping, noting for weeks and then you're inundated with fabulous finds! Great boots and fabulously colourful tops, well done!
Your food looks gorgeous and so do you, I'm a sucker for the tribal look.
Liking the sound of that book!
Have a fab weekend! xxx

Krista Gassib said...

Sometimes it's feast or famine in the thrift stores, but my closet is still not for wanting:). Thanks for the food blog recommendation, I need to eat more like you. Although when you one pound of veggies a day I think wtf could I really do that? I think that I need to make some changes and I'm loving these food posts. Thanks honey. Peetee says hi to Gracie the bone collector and Mr. Bill too!

Tami Von Zalez said...

I know what you mean about thrift desert. I am tempted to pull all of the clothes out of my closet to discover some new combinations.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Same here Tamera with thrift shops it's famine or gargantuan!
This book sounds fantastic
Ah! butttery soft boots, the best!
I mailed the yellow skirt on Saturday and added a few goodies for you!

Ariane xo

Megan Gann said...

Oooh those boots rock! And I love that lime cardigan too. Great job scoring some excellent deals.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I love your new boots so much and goodness what amazing bargains!! I'm glad you're embracing jewel-like colours, they look wonderful on you and I especially love purple on you ... it's a colour I don't have much of in my wardrobe, even though I really like it. I love the sound of that literary challenge, it's right up my alley, I think I'll have to check it out! xoxox

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Aloha looks like a fascinating woman, must find out more. I'm rather jealous of all those boots, they look comfy and very cool indeed xxx

Rachel and Family said...

Yay! I'm so glad I found your new blog. I was getting your old blog posts emailed to me, and only just now took the time for your new one.
I just love your blog, writing style, and fashion :) Thanks for sharing!

Misfits Vintage said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!

Why are you eating gluten free - are you coeliac??

Sarah xxx