Thursday, August 15, 2013

Once, Twice, Three Times an Outfit

Hiya Blogland!! The weather is GLORIOUS here!! 70's, low humidity, brilliant blue skies!!  My kind of summer!!

This week Spygirl's 52 Pick-me-up challenge was wear an item 3 times and see if anyone notices. I may have taken the "easy" way by choosing a black Tshirt. It's from Lane Bryant and I thrifted it last year. I "ruched" the sides to help make it fit better. I soon will have to alter it some more!!

Monday I paired it with my DIY Matrushka skirt and Amerimark sandals. I wore a bunch of bracelets-including the cool pink skull one Krista made for me.  I took the elastic in on the waist of the DIY skirts I made but I'm going to have to do a major altering job as there is too much fabric bunched up at the waist now. Or else I'll just deconstruct them and use the fabric for something else. Just ignore the doggie butt!!

Wednesday I paired the tshirt with a pair of old (had them at least 15 years) Lee jeans of mine that I CAN GET INTO AGAIN!!! It was a bit cool so I wore a thrifted cardigan and some thrifted bracelets and necklace. The sandal are new. I had to go bra shopping this weekend (UGH) at Kohl's and found these Croft&Barrow sandals on the clearance rack. I've been looking forever for wedge black sandals that are comfortable-which these are totally. They were marked down from$ 69.99 to $12.99!!!! I stopped at the Goodwill on the way home from work and a young girl commented on how cool she thought wearing a brooch on your pant cuff was. I scored something AMAZING that I'll share a bit later this week. Just think "Stevie Nicks Vibe"!!!

Today I wore the tshirt with my black swirly maxiskirt and the abstract art Chico's jacket I thrifted last spring. I'm glad it's cool enough to wear it again--I love the "jeans jacket" styling, the lightweight fabric and the awesome collagy print.  I decided at the last minute to wear my pink LizClaiborne loafers (thrifted spring 2012 UNWORN for $$!!). Added some bangles (including the Krista skull one) and a thrifted pink belt.

It was tough wearing the same thing-I actually had to wash the top Tuesday (menopause and pig-sweating).

It looks like it's gonna be a busy weekend ~~~ I'm taking the boys to visit a CAVE on the towpath tomorrow. I need to spend some quality time tonite or tomorrow nite with Manic Panic Pink as Saturday I have a photoshoot involving cows and something yellow!!

Everyone have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with the fruits of the photoshoot!!



Lynn Marsh said...

I really like the look with the jeans. You can really see your loss weight in that outfit. The closer fits look great on you. Keep up the good work.

thorne garnet said...

you're looking good. Can't wait to see your Stevie Nicks look.

Ariane Lasalle said...

These are fabulous outfits Tamera!
You made me laugh with your ignore the dog butt,you are funny!
I adore your skirt, oh wow i wish i could find one of those!

Have a nice weekend!


Krista Gassib said...

I just love that last outfit honey and please take Peetee and I out to the caves with you that sounds FUN FUN FUN! I'd say you did fab in this challenge and I can't wait to see what you and the yellow er um...thing get up too!

pastcaring said...

A photoshoot with cows and something yellow... How intriguing!
You did great with the challenge, the black t-shirt works well as a basic in all three outfits.Please find a way to keep the Russian doll skirt, I just love that fabric. You look really cool in the rolled-up jeans (a brooch on the turn up is a great idea!) and of course the swooshy maxi skirt is beautiful, brightened up with the jacket and extra pinkness!
Have a great weekend, Tamera! xxxx

Anne M Bray said...

It IS hard wearing the same thing three days -- out in public, anyway. By my garment day three, I was all "Nooooo. Not again!" Your three looks are all great and all look different. Brava!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

All great looks on you -LOVE the matryoshka skirt and candy jewels!

seƱora Allnut said...

fabulous outfits and so versatile style!!. You know how much I love your matryoshka skirt!, and that casual ensemble is cute and comfy, and of course, love that almost black outfit with a touch of pink!, gorgeous

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That girl was just confirming what we all knew, that you're a style diva! You look like you've lost loads of weight, that's brilliant! Always nice to fit in jeans again. I always love the Matryoshka skirt, you're great at making clothes! xxx