Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Inspired by Sheila

Isn't this the retro room of fabulosity?? LOVE it!!
Hiya Blogland!!! It's the beginning of another fabulous week!! I can't believe August is almost half-over!! I'm anxious for Fall--my favorite time of year!!

MrBill and Miss Gracie slept like LOGS Sunday nite after their busy day with the boys!!  It's not often we can wear Gracie out like that!!

Patti at Not Dead Yet Style blogged today about breaking up with Lady magazines. It's a great article so please click on the link and check it out.

I broke up years ago. Today  I read food mags such as Vegetarian Times and Clean Eats and Taste of Home. I also will pick up Women's World, Always or First. But fashion mags?? No way--because they don't represent ME. I can't afford 99% of what they show--even if I had any interest in wearing it in the first place.  Occasionally Always, First or Women's World will have a fashion feature--which honestly is more realistic as the clothing mostly comes from affordable stores like Penneys or Walmart or Target. Plus I must admit they choose things that are wearable in real life and on real bodies. The stuff in Vogue or Harpers or InStyle?? Not in this, or for that matter any, lifetime for me.

I find more inspiration and style in blogs-particularly the blogs of we "over 40's" and beyond. Maybe it's because we've all reached an age where wearing the latest and greatest trendy item just doesn't appeal to us anymore. We are far more secure and confident in who we are so we wear what we please!

I would totally LOVE to show up at work in an outfit like Desiree of Pull Up Your Socks rocks on a regular basis--if only to see my co-workers heads EXPLODE. (and they think I'm out there in my fashion choices as it is-LOL) Or sashay into work in a fabulous vintage maxi ala Vix. But...sigh...I must only dress like that in my fantasy life as I do have some restrictions on attire. I can dream.....

Even if I can't rock squalid glamour or vintage maxi's or Helga's  square dance dress I still glean ideas that I can incorporate into my "style".  Color combos, interesting print mixing, bastard jewelry-it all inspires me.

Today's outfit was inspired by my personal Queen of the Most Coolest Shoe Wardrobe on Earth- Sheila of Ephemera. She's the master of interesting color combos--and her outfits are business appropriate yet quirky and unique. She wore the outfit below last Friday and I knew I needed to "copy" it!!

Here's her "stuff":

I immediately thought of my floofy taupe JJill skirt and my teal blue ruffle front tank to replicate this outfit. Unfortunately no cool flies on my top or spiffy skull earrings but I did have an octopus necklace!!

Here's my take. The skirt and cardigan are thrifted. I wore the cardigan to  keep warm and pull in more black as I couldn't wear a belt or cumberbund/obi with this top. I added my black wedge sandals/retail, octopus necklace/DIY, Brass bangle/gift from Sheila! and my brass leaf earrings/DIY.

I had so much fun with this I think I'm going to try to do a blogger inspiration outfit weekly. I enjoy challenges as it makes me rethink my stuff and combine things in new ways. So next week who will be my inspiration?? Check in next Tuesday to see!!!

I'll be back on Thursday with my SpyGirl's 52 Pick-Me-Up Challenge post. This one was a bit tough--the challenge is to wear one item 3 times this week. I work Monday to Thursday this week so essentially I'm wearing the same thing all work week except

I'm off to meet up with a bunch of ladies for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Gotta get my tiara on straight!



Miss Simmonds Says said...

I didn't read Lady mags for years, then suddenly bought a subscription to Vogue. I like it because even though I can afford nothing in it. I like this lady's style and she's certainly inspired a great outfit in you! You always look great in blue! I want a room like that 60s one! xxx

Sue said...

I love gardening magazines the most. My lady mags are bought from op shops for 50 cents and I go for the big glossy ones that retail for silly amounts of money in the shops. I see a lot of the fashion as art because most of it I would not wear. I agree that us gals of a certain age in blog land all seem to be happily rocking our very own style!

pastcaring said...

I don't mind leafing through magazines at the hairdressers but I wouldn't waste my money buying them!
Sheila has great style, and I love your take on her outfit, teal is a fabulous colour on you. Hurray for bloggers as inspiration, who needs celebs or models?! xxxx

Meghan Edge said...

I loved that outfit on Sheila and I adore your take on it! You look wonderful!

I broke up with lady mags a while ago. I'll still read something like BUST from time to time, and Flea Market Style, but the ads in regular mags made me sick!

The Queens Table said...

You are such a Diva! Looking good! I saw this post and had to share it with you. I wonder why?


The Queens Table said...

I wonder if you follow this blog for inspiration?


Vix said...

Blogs are free and much more inspirational.
I used to enjoy a cool interiors magazine but it started featuring celebrities and became very London-centric so I stopped reading it. Fashion mags have never appealed, I've never had to urge to dress like everyone else and that's what fashion is, isn't it? Following a trend. Dull!
I can see why Sheila's outfit inspired you and you've created a fantastic homage to her!
Love that Fifties interior! Have a smashing night out! xxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I love that skirt on you Tamera, I can see you doing a wonderful twirl for Gracie and Mr Bill which will send their little darling eyeballs into the back of their heads for another few hours! Aaaaaaah squalid glamour ... yes, my favourite kind as we both know ... I think your workmates will get so used to your love of the beautiful and bizarre that one day they won't even notice when you wear a flower crown to work!! ;) . I'm a very discerning fash mag hag these days; I like Worn Journal, Pigeons & Peacocks, Another Magazine and Pop as they take me weeks to read thoroughly and I can pick them up again and again. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

thorne garnet said...

I have a subscription to American Vogue for one reason: Grace Coddington.

Sheila said...

I love your outfit, Tamera! It looks great. Thank you so much for the link-up - I'm honoured to be an inspiration to you!

Misfits Vintage said...

GORGEOUS colours on you, Tamera! I have never read 'fashion' mags - they just never spoke to me and I hate all the stupid 'rules'!

Sarah xxx

Laurie said...

I love your skirt!
I hardly ever read fashion magazines, in fact I bought my first (and last one) the other day.
Love your smile!

Megan Gann said...

This is totally a great inspired look. Sheila has been a long time top notch inspiration.

Also I adore your heels Tamera!

Anonymous said...

I love that retro room look. I can totally see going mid-century decor someday when I have the right house for it.

Women's mags? Aaacch. If I read glossies, it is "maybe" More, Romantic Homes, Victoria and France mags.

I miss you over on Wordpress. : )

Ariane Lasalle said...

Tamera i think i'm the exception, I love the Women's Mags and no ashamed to say it - i admit they refry the same subject over and over that gets on my nerves especially the 10 best positions for great sex - I hate that the models are so skinny and getting younger and younger -
I love the mags cause the inspire a lot of my outfits believe or not - I look at color combinations, proportions, trends and after that i do my own version but better -
I sincerely think those people should hire me, hahaha!

The quebec version of Elle magazine is pretty good
Genuinely good articles!

But my favs of favs are
Vogue - American, French and British
Company that's British
Modes et travaux
Elle Qu├ębec

Yes Girls i'm a magazine junkie!

Helga! said...

I only tend to buy food or interior magazines these days, preferably secondhand as they are ridiculously priced! Occasionally I'll pick up a secondhand fashion mag for lying about in the sun with, but never new. They are full of rubbish, but luckily I'm not of the mentality that gets affected by any of the bullshit-and bullshit is what they are mostly marketing!!!
I am totally with you, my inspiration comes mostly from my blog peers these days, and from film, or books......I love how you've been inspired by the awesome Sheila, and made the look your own darling!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX