Sunday, January 12, 2014

8pm on a Saturday Night

My winter tree

Hiya Blogland!!! I survived the POLAR VORTEX OF DOOM!!!! I need to get a t-shirt now I guess!!! It got down to -4 degrees F here. not as bad as the poor folks in the Midwest but miserable enough.

Not that I was going anywhere out in it. I'm still housebound and such. Ugh. Anyway--I have found a benefit of being stuck indoors. I've discovered that MeTv channel is showing reruns of my absolute favorite TV show when I was a teen.
Every Saturday night in the early 70's I had a regular babysitting gig with the little boys next door.  The tv was tuned at 8pm to NBC for Emergency!('72-'79). Here's a little blurb about it:

The show focuses on paramedics John Gage and Roy DeSoto (played by Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe respectively) of the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Squad 51 based out of Station 51 in Carson (Actually LACoFD Station 127), and Rampart General Hospital emergency room headed by chief staff physician/surgeon Dr. Kelly Brackett and Head Nurse Dixie McCall, worked with physician/surgeon Dr. Joe Early and young intern Dr. Mike Morton (played by Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup and Ron Pinkard) with whom the paramedics work to save lives. The Squad crew was stationed with LACoFD Engine Company 51 who often responded with them. The show, which portrayed dedicated civil servants who handled two or three varied and unrelated incidents during a typical shift, often showed real-life medical and firefighting procedures. It was also the first show to show paramedics who help rescue people injured or in peril.
Emergency! was created and produced by Jack Webb and Robert A. Cinader, both of whom were also responsible for the police dramas Adam-12 and Dragnet.
Emergency! was created and produced by Jack Webb and Robert A. Cinader, both of whom were also responsible for the police dramas Adam-12 and Dragnet.
While my  friends were all a-gaga over the likes of Donny Osmond or David Cassidy, my heart belonged to Randolph Mantooth, who played paramedic John Gage.  Sigh.... who needed a dippy teenybopper singer when there was this:

And he's STILL mighty fine looking.

I actually have an outfit to share. Nothing exciting but I did have to get out of the yoga pants and fleece tops to go to the doctors this past week.
LandsEnd Knit pullover/thrifted, DIY thrifted stirrup jeans, guess boots/thrifted and scarf from Curtise.
The dogs have been enjoying all of the mommy lap-time. They will be very unhappy when I finally can go back to work.

Found this in my files. The BEST wedding cake EVER!!  Nothing says "love" like dead rodents!!
I've managed ( in the hour increments I can be up and about) to get the shell of the dollhouse done and primed. Next up is putting on the clapboards.
I'm linking up with all of the fab ladies over at Visible Monday this week. Even though I'm not as visible as I'd like--I am enjoying seeing everyone else!

Well--time to trundle off to the recliner!! Have a fantastic week everyone!!!



Sheila said...

Oh man, Randolph Mantooth - he looks a little like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, doesn't he? When I was a kid, "Emergency" was THE show!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I remember that show! LOL

OMG that cake is sick.

Hope you are feeling better soon. I've been taken down by a brutal flu bug and massive Fibromyalgia flare so I join you in your misery.


Patti said...

Oh that cake! I hurt myself laughing. The beer cans are such a nice touch. Yes, Randolph has aged very well - like us! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Nothing wrong with a little nostalgia to keep you warm...I hope there is a thaw soon...enjoy your Me TV and keep working that smile, Tamera!

Val Sparkle said...

Thank you for the image of the dead rodents on a cake! You always supply the stuff of nightmares. I just need to remind myself about Randolph Mantooth. That'll help with the sweet dreams.

Way to add some oomph to a casual outfit - the boots and the purple scarf certainly do add some visibility. That and your smile!

Ariane Lasalle said...

I say like Suzanne, this cake is sick Tamera!
Little French me remembers emergency and Randolph! I think my Mom liked him a lot too!

Take care
Big hugs


The Style Crone said...

Happy to hear that you have survived the frigid weather and came went out with those killer thrifted boots. Accented by your beautiful gifted scarf. You can make any outfit shine!

thorne garnet said...

Mr. Mantooth did a quest role on Sons of Anarchy a couple of seasons ago. It's fun the watch MeTV to see what LA and SF looked liked in the 70's.

pastcaring said...

No idea about the show, but I can't read the name Randy Mantooth without laughing! Good to know you are keeping your spirits up and surviving the cold spell in your kickass boots! xxxx

pao said...

Oh your little dollhouse already looks charming. I don't recall Emergency!, but then I think we tossed the TV when I was young. Here's to better and better rest and relaxation!

Cathy Mallory said...

Oh, my goodness do I just love Randolph Mantooth. Had a crush on him since I was 10. I watch Emergency on Netflix and MeTv.

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

That cake is an abomination! That's an image I won't soon forget LOL.
I do hope you're starting to feel better. I know how tedious physical limitations can be.


Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Hello, Darling Tamera. You look lovely for a woman who has been shut in for so long! Lovely for any circumstances, actually. Happy to see your smile! Sorry the cold is still haunting you! I wish you the weather you want right now! It's still unseasonably "okay" here, and it looks like rain, but in the 50s. I can go with that!
Mantooth? He's ageing well ... one of those men who looks better the older he gets. Damn them, anyway.
Yikes to the cake! Funny, sweet, scary! How Duck Dynasty. That's a disturbing trend for men around here. Dan and I had to stop at the grocery the other morning, and there was a gaggle of them, hairy faced, wader wearing, camo sporting old farts, taking up the whole sidewalk. Ew.
Snuggle the pups for me!

Sacramento Amate said...

I cannot imagen what all the snow would be like. I love the thought.
It would be nice to swap places for a few days.

Anonymous said...

A sons of anarchy jumper should keep you warm and jeans are always good