Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's getting like The Shining here.....

Hello Blogland!! Greetings from freezing and icy Western Maryland!!!! All of that lovely sub-zero crap in the middle of the country is heading our way this week.

I'm still stuck at home and I am s l o w l y losing my mind. I'm about ready to go all Jack Nicholson here from boredom.

I've been spending time pinning all sorts of random stuff on Pinterest. Some of this stuff NEEDS to be shared!!
Spring 2014 Fashion Trend-just pull your pants up over your boobs for a strapless onesie look.
How awesome is THIS??
I can add nothing to this.....
Magenta satin thong??
You know 60 year old hairy fat guys will be the only ones wearing this on the beach.
This must've been one AWESOME party!!
I had hoped to go to church today and be out amongst the human race again. Unfortunately we are having an ice storm so that nixed that.  This is what I would've worn(everything is thrifted):

DressBarn grey tweed cardigan
DressBarn charcoal trousers
August Silk tweed knit sweater
Lifestyles loafers
Sheila asked if cataloging my wardrobe helped with getting rid of stuff. I can say it definitely helped get rid of a few things that were duplicates like one of the two grey ponte pencil skirts I acquired.  The biggest benefit I've found is that I can open a category folder and see everything side by side. I can see what styles I seem to gravitate to and what just sticks out like a sore thumb.  Plus I can make up future outfits kind of like my own personal Polyvore.  Now on to cataloging my bling!!

On the dollhouse front it's all in pieces again after the dry fit being sanded. I changed a couple of window placements so I need to get the new holes cut out. I hope to get the shell glued together this week if I can have an hour or two without pain.

Well I'm reaching my limits of sitting in the chair. Everyone have a fabulous beginning of the week.



Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

You just scared the crap out of me... ;-P
I'm sick as a dog today, too. I truly hope you get better soon!


Patti said...

OMG, I think I spilled my wine! Those "bathing suits" really gave me a head cramp. You are too funny, T. Sorry you didn't get out today, and I hope tomorrow you feel much better. xoxo

Anne M Bray said...

Cat Lady Starter Kit!!!!
Where do I sign up?

Pink thong such a lovely idea. It's "almost" radiant orchid! I might suggest this style to the new mens underwear designer tomorrow, as well as the "manly" socks. Not.

Happpppy Pinnnnnning! Why, yes, another pain killer, please! Just don't start internet shopping. The things I purchased when I was on vicodin!

Hope you can get out and about soon!

pastcaring said...

OMG. I am speechless. And that doesn't happen very often!
I do hope you can get out and about soon, Tamera, or goodness only knows what you'll be finding to put on Pinterest next...! xxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Words fail me... and if I chanced upon the 'onsie' person in my local supermarket, I believe my knees might fail me.

The 'crazy cat lady starter kit' would make an excellent birthday card for several of my friends!

Central Indiana is also sub-Arctic this week: an excellent time to catch up on the blogs! (And all those Indian recipes involving 15 ingredients.)

pao said...

I'm just going to pretend I didn't see what I saw.

Love what you didn't wear to church. How exactly did you catalog your wardrobe so that you have it all in a folder? I thought you had meant in photos on your blog...

Yes, I'm catching up on blogs being snowed in. 3rd snow day with 40 below zero windchill. The combination of frigid weather conditions and continued back pain sounds just dreadful. Wishing you the best in creative distractions as you gain relief.

thorne garnet said...

Get out of the house soon. Those photos are a fright! Clothes, please!

I do like the cats. They all look so cute in that box.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Yep! I think It's time to get out of the house! Crazy stuff on the Web!
I can't get over that your catalogued your clothes - How long did it take you?
But good idea indeed, if you have the time to do it -

Take care Tamera



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

OMG! I need to bleach these images from my brain! They are going to cause nightmares. Seriously…WTF???

I hope your back starts feeling better soon.

Happy New Year!


Val Sparkle said...

These pictures are really unnecessary - you'll give us all nightmares! But I think I should send my sister-in-law the crazy cat lady starter kit.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Tamera
to answer your question about image transfer
I use medium mat
I put some on the canvas
Put the picture face down on the canvas, put so more mat medium, roll to remove bubbles and let dry for 24 hours
My first attempt was not perfect
How are you feeling Tamera


seƱora Allnut said...

dear lady, pinterest and random funny stuff are our best friends when we're ill and/or staying compulsory at home!, but anyway wish you recover quickly!, and glad to know that storms are letting up!
besos & abrazos

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Okay ... some things just can't be unseen once you see them.
You are bored, aren't you, darling?
You have my sympathy, Tamera. It's been the strangest winter ever. It was 13 degrees on my last post of the 6th, day following this one of yours. Today, Sunday the 12th, it's going to top out around 67 degrees.
I'll put a coat in the car and do the best I can.
I'm hoping your ice has melted and you can run around as necessary!
Your outfit would have been cute and cozy and understated if you had been able to wear it.
Thinking of you, and hope to see you at least out on VisMon tomorrow!

Jean at said...

It's a good thing I was sitting down. OMG. I hope I can clear my head of those images. :-)

Hopefully you are not quite as housebound and I hope you're feeling better!! You would-have-been outfit looks great; I like those colors together and I can see your smiling face in my mind. (Ahh..that's better!)


Anonymous said...

Now you getting it and so am I hope your feeling better XXXXXOOOOO