Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clap Clap Clapboarding along

Love the cottage on this vintage card
Hiya Blogland!! Not much going on here.I did get out to the doctor's late last week so I wore something minimally interesting.

I am sporting a new accessory these days. The doctor ordered a cane for stability walking. There were loads to choose from at the medical equipment place. I chose something subtle and classy.
Here's a close-up. Metallic Rainbow Butterflies for the win!!!
I figure if I have to have a cane why not get something AWESOME!!! Bonus Gracie cuteness!!

Here's my picking up my geezer cane outfit. The pants are Gloria Vanderbilt and are actually glen plaid jeans. There's a bit of a blue stripe in it . Everything is thrifted except the deer necklace which was DIY.  I'm wearing the marbled silk knit August Silk sweater I recently thrifted.

Miraculously I have only gained 5 lbs being so inactive. I consider this a WIN. Here's a picture of my outerwear last week. I thrifted this Lord & Taylor cashmere car coat last year for $4. They retail fro $400+. It's a bit big this year but I'm still going to wear it. It's warm yet not "heavy".

I've been slogging along with the dollhouse. Since I can only manage maybe 1 hour per day it's been slow-going. I've gotten the two sides clapboarded this week. It's a lot of measuring and making guidelines as preparation. Each piece is individually glued on. Next up is the front-it gets straight clapboard half way up and then fish tail shingles on the top.

I also have to start painting all of the trim pieces white. At least it gives me something to look forward to-snerk!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!! I shall be back along next week if I don't die of boredom first!!



pastcaring said...

That coat does look so cosy, and a great colour too. That is a very fancy walking stick; as you say, if you have to have one, why not make it fabularse!
Nice to see Gracie getting in on the photo action, and well done on your patient house-building, I'm sure it will look amazing. xxxx

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Geezer cane indeed! It's spectacular, and very you! Please use it so you can start moving a little again. Your body will thank you in the long run.


Patti said...

You are no geezer, my dear Tamera, and that is one cool walking stick. Also congrats on that darling car coat - it looks great and what a steal! xoxo

Helga! said...

Ooo, snuggly coat in a gloriarse jewel colour! You must really need that right now!
I do hope you wack insubordinate people with that cane! With a cane comes great authority, I feel!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That cane must make you feel rather regal. In a "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat" way : )

That deer necklace seems very cool. Close-up please! Also what a score on the cashmere coat.

I'm sending healing vibes your way. I finally have some new meds and am starting to feel human again. I hope you start to soon as well.


Jan Graham-McMillen said...

You look fabulous. Really looking good, and of course, deserve a wonderful cane. If you have to use one for a while, you could have more than one, and decorate them up to match your outfits!
Lovely puppy pic! Naturally ...
The dollhouse looks like a great project. Hope your weather stays warm enough for you kids to get out and about a bit!

Ariane Lasalle said...

I would of love to see that deer necklace! Snazzy walking stick! and yes do use it, mobility is the key!
Love the color of your jacket! looks so comfortable and warm -

5pound gain bravo Tamera! I stopped smoking, no weight gain so far, but watching myself closely, not that i could put a few on, but you know what i mean!

Take care of yourself


seƱora Allnut said...

hurrah for your bright colored cane, you're always awesome!, and you're looking pretty and cozy wearing your fabulous coat!!
wish you some fun painting your dolls house!, it seems a very appealing project!

Sheila said...

Ooh, that cashmere coat is darling! I bet it's super-soft too. I love the dollhouse project - I have done some modelling and love working with miniatures.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

You are living my dream! Building a doll house. I'm looking forward to following along.

That cane is so you, and that cobalt blue sweater is the perfect backdrop. Ooooh, a cashmere coat. Would it be worth getting it altered so you can continue to enjoy such a fabo piece?