Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Visiting the Jazz Age in Fashion

Hiya Blogland!! Wednesday greetings from frigid and snow-covered Western Maryland!! We got about 7-8 inches of snow yesterday and today it's only 6 degrees F out. The skies are a gorgeous blue and with the snow it's absolutely beautiful outside.

Not that I'm going out in it--too icy and slippery for me. MrBill and Gracie have been taking advantage of their "indoor pee pads" as it's too brutal for them to go out.

How many of you are watching this season of Downton Abbey???? I LOVE this show!! The stories, the FASHION!!!  The dresses are just to die for. The story started in 1912 and is now taking place in 1922-23. It's the start of the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age.

 The end of World War One, the growing economy, the rise of the middle class, and the urbanization of America were signals that the world was changing. People wanted to change with the times. . .
Changing with the times is often first seen in what people wear.
Women wanted the ability to express themselves. The women's suffrage movement and prohibition marked the political power of united groups of people.
With these social changes coming so quickly, the 1920s is seen as "THE decade of change."
No longer were women willing to trade their mobility for the old stodgy customs of the Victorian era. Old-fashioned torture devices like the corset and the crinoline no longer served a purpose for young women who wanted to dance, go to work, hop into cars, and walk around town.
I would love to have some of these hats!!

Is there any other item of 1920s fashion that carries as much meaning as the cloche hat?
It's said that it was the invention of French milliner Caroline Reboux who introduced it in or around 1923 on the streets of Paris.
From there the cloche hat spread like wildfire.
Made of velvet, satin, horsehair, straw or felt, the cloche (means "bell" in French) hid a woman hair and allowed her to tuck it up into the hat.
Some variations of the standard cloche were the gigolo hat with it's wider brim and crease at the top. One side dipped lower than the other, giving women a "devil may care" nonchalance

These dresses would look fabulous today!
It is a myth that the dresses of the 1920s were short the entire decade, it wasn't until around 1925 that the hemlines of ladies dresses reached anywhere near the knee.
Even so, in 1920 dresses were a sharp contrast to those of the Victorian Era. The waistline began dropping in the late 1910s and kept going starting just below the bustline in 1920, between the breasts and natural waist in 1921, and at the hips in 1922.
The hemline was mid-calf at the end of the 1910s and stayed there all the way until 1922. And surprisingly, the hemline dropped in 1923 and 24. In 1925 it, famously, rose all the way to the knee.
Daytime dresses of the 1920s were shapeless affairs, they didn't hug a woman's curves, instead they hung loosely, often even the sleeves were worn loose as well.
Floral prints were the rage in womens 1920s clothing, soft pastel colors in "Nile Green" "Sunset Orange" "French Blue" and "Maze" were the most popular colors of 1920s fashion for women.
The plaid suit with the wrap top would work for the office today.
I want the pink & grey outfit on the right!
I would love to have any of these
The details on these are just amazing.

So elegant for a night out in the jazz club

Last summer's movie remake of The Great Gatsby also peaked interest in 20's fashion. Personally I prefer the 1974 version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow but I won't deny that this was costumed and staged beautifully.
The remake is a feast of gorgeous 20's style.
The absolutely AWESOME Australian series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is full of 20's eye-candy. I adore Phryne's flowing pants and tops.  And her velvet duster coats are to die for!!
Love the duster jacket!
This is just freaking fabulous!!

Our birthday girl Desiree of Pullyoursoxup is a dead ringer for Phryne!!!
Looking like she stepped out of The Great Gatsby!!

Designer's are showing the influence of Jazz Age style on the runway.
I'm thinking about finding or making some soft, flowy 20's style day dresses for this Spring/Summer.  Anyone else inspired by the Jazz Age?? I hope y'all enjoyed this little visit back in time.

HOPEFULLY I will get out of the house this week and will have an outfit to post!! Everyone have a wonderful rest of the week!



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

This also reminds me of Gabrielle from Style Higher.

I love this era and the fashion. I need to check out that Australian series.

I couldn't agree more, the movie with Redford was much better.

Hope you are starting to feel more like yourself!


señora Allnut said...

oohhh, cloché hats are my favorites and love that floating straight clothes, even though they were absolutely unflattering on me (because I've hips!)
Love the 20's vibe and would like to watch that Miss Fisher's series!

I've been watching some news about snow storms there, and I'm glad you're safe at home with your dogs!

Patti said...

Stay in and stay safe! xox

I love the 20's styles and especially the wonderful wavy bob hairstyles -- and the cloche hats. Haven't seen the Great Gatsby yet, but I plan to.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Awwww sweetie thank you, I can quite happily watch pre-code films, salivate over the frocks and faint over those gorgeous hats all day long! And when you're weathering a storm with your current health and those frigid temperatures, spending time in your happy place is the best place to be. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes my lovely, it was a sweltering 35 degrees C here and super humid!! xoxo

thorne garnet said...

we just started watching Miss Fisher, it so much fun. And the clothes are amazing!I love the 20's look, but not on me. I look like I'm wearing nightgowns.

Stay warm!

Megan Gann said...

This whole post is full of so much eye candy!

Sheila said...

Love this era of clothing! I have PVRed some of the Phrynne Fisher shows, on the recommendation of friends - can't wait to watch them!

Ariane Lasalle said...

What a nice post Tamera and wow you were inspired! I love that era too, i did a post last summer or summer before that which was 20s inspired -

Yes i watch Downton Abbey, so good! 2nd season should come up soon on the french channel, i can't wait!

I saw the the remake of the Great Gatbsy with DiCaprio, I prefer too Robert and Mia's version for the acting - But i prefer the new version for the special effects, music and amazing costumes, i was blown away!

Take care my dear

Are you feeling better?



Jodi H said...

What a great era of fashion and you do look like you just stepped out of the great Gatsby. Amazing!

Val S said...

Lots of eye candy here! Such beautiful clothes. And I must try to see the Miss Fisher series!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Awesome post! Love the fashions, love the show of course, love Desiree - and love you!

Anonymous said...

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